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GQF Manufacturing Universal Pop Bottle Waterers - 12 Pack 4449

GQF Manufacturing Universal Pop Bottle Waterers - 12 Pack 4449

Product Review (submitted on September 25, 2013):

I purchased these for my Japanese Quail that I have been raising for the past 7 months. Previously, I was using a water base that screws to a quart size mason jar. I have 4 cages, each with 3 waterers, and they are a breeze to maintain.
The first thing that I liked about the Pop Bottle Waterers was that I could raise the height of the waterer to where my quail could not poo in the water. I also liked that I can have 2 or 3 soft drink bottles filled and ready to replace as needed. I also like the ease of cleaning… I could use a wet rag to wipe out any food particles that were in the bottom.
One of the things I didn’t like about the waterer was that only certain soft drink bottles would work. Soft drink bottles that were long and narrow worked much better than the typical Coke Bottle: they would not allow the waterer to sit “level”, and the water would leak. Regular 20 ounce water bottles (that you can pick up at WalMart or Sams Club) would not seat properly as the top is shorter and doesn’t fully seat into the watererer.
Will I buy more? Yes, as my covey increases.