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Shop for electric fence supplies, farm tractor parts, livestock feeders, livestock gates, chemical sprayers and more.

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  1. Lowe Manufacturing 2175 CLH-001HK-100FEO-Hex 289

    Lowe Manufacturing 2175 CLH-001HK-100FEO-Hex 289


    The Classic Series has the traditional trademarked Lowe look while incorporating the latest in performance and durablity features. All of this at a lower price than the previous models.

    NOTE: Lowe chain-reduction auger drive units come standard with a 2 9/16" diameter through- hardened round drive shaft. A 2" (51 mm) diameter hex drive shaft is optional.

    Ideal for 16-25 gpm range. With a large-displacement hydraulic motor, this drive is ideal for large skid-steer loaders , backhoe loaders, and larger mini-excavators. This unit will handle auger bits up to 36 inch diameter in many conditions.

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  2. Priefert, 12' D-Gate (Brown), DG12BN

    Priefert, 12' D-Gate (Brown), DG12BN


    Product Features

    • Also Available in Forest Green (GN), and Wheel White (WE).
    • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • Attractive gate for driveways, pastures, or other non crowding applications.
    • Lag bolt post attachment, chain latch.
    • Mitered corners.
    • Unique "D" shaped tubing offers maximum rigidity in a lightweight gate.

    Product Specifications

    • 1.050" OD Single Piece Vertical Stay Through Drilled 1.66" Rails
    • All gates are 5" shorter than stated length.
    • Number Of Rails: 6
    • Number of Stays: 1
    • Product prices may vary based on color.
    • Length: 139"
    • Width: 1.5"
    • Height: 47.5"
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  3. Tarter Hay & Grain Wall Manger Hay & Grain Feeder GFP

    Tarter Hay & Grain Wall Manger Hay & Grain Feeder GFP


    These sturdy, wall- or corner-mounted Poly Hay and Grain Feeders hold 3 flakes of hay in the 3/8" galvanized rod manger and up to 4 gallons of grain in the lower poly feeder. The galvanized sheet metal back version is available as a corner-mount only. Easy to clean, fill and maintain, these feeders work for a variety of feeding applications.


    • 32 inches High
    • 24 inches Wide
    • 18 inches Deep
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  4. GQF Manufacturing Grow Off & Holding Pen 0701

    GQF Manufacturing Grow Off & Holding Pen 0701

    Three clear plastic panels allow full and easy viewing of the brooder’s interior. Each brooder comes with three 28.5' troughs which maybe used for either feed or water. Ample feed and water space is necessary to allow weaker chicks access in the presence of more dominant chicks. Any trough may be equipped with optional automatic watering to provide the large quantity of water necessary. Failure to provide proper feed and water space can result in slower weight gain and perhaps higher chick mortality. The troughs are mounted on the outside of the brooder so that the chicks do not mix droppings into the food or water. The vented plastic side panels help to keep out drafts. The floor is a thin wire ½” mesh which will allow droppings to easily pass through. For small chicks like quail this floor requires that a layer of No 1628 DACB paper or paper towels be laid down on the wire for the first 4 to 7 days after which quail may stand on the ½” wire floor. Day old poultry and ducks can be placed directly on the wire. Drop pans are made of lightweight aluminum for long life. Drop pans can be easily pulled out even when brooders are stacked and the wire floor is heavy with birds. This box brooder is universal as each side panel comes with an adjustable gate to regulate openings for chick size. 32” X 38” X 12” Approx. capacity to 4th week - 100 quail - 50 Chukar or Pheasants. Poultry Chick capacity - 100 chicks through 2 weeks. (Needs #5001 Feeder & Waterer for game) Learn More
  5. Fertilizer Winterizer 28-5-10 40lb

    Fertilizer Winterizer 28-5-10 40lb

    Will cover 12,000-15,000 square feet Learn More
  6. GQF Manufacturing Drink Cup Kit for 30'' Breeding Pens 4082

    GQF Manufacturing Drink Cup Kit for 30'' Breeding Pens 4082

    (for use with Pen No. 0303 and No. 0001. Includes 2 cups completely assembled with tubing). Must have pressure reducing Valve No. 4090. Not included. The following three rink Cup Kits are complete except for the No. 4090 Pressure Reducing Valve, which must be purchased separately. The pressure Reducing Valve can handle up to 210 Drink Cups. (Several Kits) Drink cup kits are mounted on back of pen above trough, permitting trough to be used for feed. Learn More
  7. Ace Roto Mold 1,000 Gallon Box Sump Tank CM1000-58B

    Ace Roto Mold 1,000 Gallon Box Sump Tank CM1000-58B


    Crop Care Tanks are designed for OEM sprayer applications that contain chemicals rated for contact with polyethylene. Hoop recesses are provided around the tank to facilitate installation and anchoring. Wide bottom tanks are available with either a box-style or sloped-style sump on the bottom for withdrawal. Narrow bottom tanks are cut out on each side to facilitate narrow track widths and are only available with a sloped-style sump. Larger tanks are furnished with polyethylene baffles for fluid control and a five-gallon rinse tank. The tanks are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with U.V. stabilizers and are designed for liquids of up to 1.9 specific gravity. Tanks are shipped on returnable pallets. Fittings are shipped loose.

    • Capacity - 1,000 Gallons
    • Weight - 345 Pounds
    • Dimensions - 58 x 115 x 51
    • Lid - 16"
    • Fitting - 2"
  8. Stanley Muffler John Deere Manifold Pipe DRE-9

    Stanley Muffler John Deere Manifold Pipe DRE-9


    Fits Model B-(Unstyled) (s/n B1000-B42199 ).

    • Note: Use this pipe with the following manifolds: B73R - all fuel (For muffler- see DR-4)
    • Replaces OEM AB322R


    • Inlet Type (A): 2-Bolt
    • Vertical Length (B): 21"
    • Horiz. Length (C): 19"
    • Outlet O.D. (D): 1-7/8"
    • Weight in LBS: 3
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  9. CJJ Skid Steer Attachments Hopper Bucket 9000197

    CJJ Skid Steer Attachments Hopper Bucket 9000197


    Want to carry and dump more without buying a larger skid steer/loader. Take a look at the hopper bucket. The hopper bucket has it's own set of wheels to help carry the additional weight that this bucket holds.

    Product Specifications
    • Width overall: 84"
    • Height overall: 39"
    • Length overall: 85"
    • Approx. weight 1100 lbs.
    • Capacity heaped: 89 Cu. Ft.
    • Capacity leveled: 68 Cu. Ft.
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  10. SpeeCo 7/8" Stabilizer Pins (2 pack) P781YBU

    SpeeCo 7/8" Stabilizer Pins (2 pack) P781YBU


    Stabilizer stub pins for SpeeCo, Farmex, Ford, Ferguson and other stabilizer kits. Yellow zinc dichromate plated.

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