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Shop for electric fence supplies, farm tractor parts, livestock feeders, livestock gates, chemical sprayers and more.

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  1. CJJ Skid Steer Attachments 2 Tined Round Bale Spear 9000200

    CJJ Skid Steer Attachments 2 Tined Round Bale Spear 9000200


    Every well-run farm needs a well-built bale spear. All bale spears are designed to attach quickly to skid-steers. Each model comes with a universal mount plate that fits to most skid loaders, and the bale spear's tapered tines bolt into place for ease of shipment.

    Product Specifications
    • Height: 19"
    • Width: 46"
    • Spear overall lengths: 23.6” & 49.2”
    • Spear usable lengths: 19” & 45”
    • Tine diameter: 1.4375"
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  2. Hydra Fold Gravity Wagon Auger 6x16' with Hopper HF-616

    Hydra Fold Gravity Wagon Auger 6x16' with Hopper HF-616


    Ruggedly constructed with 6 or 8 inch diameter seamless tubing, the Hydra Fold Auger is designed to fit most farmers' needs. The big 8 inch auger will deliver up to 40 bushels of corn per minute, and the 6 inch auger will handle 8 bushel of seed per minute.

    Product Features
    • Powered by tractor hydraulic system ...eliminates belts, chains, and gears.
    • Finger-tip flow control at both discharge end and tractor seat.
    • Variable delivery speed auger swings 180° and folds for narrow or low clearances...available in 11, 14 and 16 foot lengths.
    • Easily mounted ...on and off in minutes
    Saves Labor, Time and Money

    Let your tractor power fill your planter with fertilizer and seed or livestock feeder with grains from your gravity flow wagon quickly and easily with the patented Hydra Fold Auger. The self-centering, free swinging design won't bind because it has no gears, belts, or chains to cause trouble. It saves your back while it speeds the jobs you want done in a hurry.

    Quickly Installed

    Adaptable to single or double action hydraulic systems, the complete unit can be installed the first time on almost any make gravity flow wagon in less than an hour. Because it is mounted on just two pins, it is on or off in two minutes or less.

    Easy to Operate

    Finger-tip controls at both the discharge end and the tractor, plus variable delivery speed makes it easy for the operator to fill grain drill or planter boxes without waste or spillage. The hopper is practically self-emptying and the auger (available in 11, 14 or 16 foot lengths) swings 180 degrees to allow discharging from ground level up to 13 feet. The auger folds out of the way when not in use for easy transport.

    Filling Planter with Fertilizer

    Use Model HF-11 for 4 row wide or 6 row narrow; Model HF-14 for IHC air planters. Auger does not have to be cleaned out between fillings.

    Filling Drill With Seed

    Auger discharge height is adjustable, and swings easily to fill drill hopper. Flow is controlled at the discharge end of the auger. Note Hydra-Fold's patented way of mounting auger below the hopper; no spilling and no waste. This results in nearly complete clean-out of the hopper. It also elminates the churning action of an auger operating in an open container.

    Filling Planter With Seed

    HF-14 Auger filling seed hoppers on 12 row IHC planter with soybeans. Wagon does not have to be moved to fill both hoppers.

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  3. Loyal-Roth Multi-Use Tine Harrow MUDH

    Loyal-Roth Multi-Use Tine Harrow MUDH


    Use alone... or behind farm implements for 1-pass coverage with your ATV, lawn tractor, tractor or pickup (only requires 1 HP per ft. of width for the mini-harrow... 2 HP per ft. for other models). Raking action removes dead residue...providing better air, water and nitrogen penetration to roots...recycles rich, organic materials evenly back into soil...for vigorous, full growth. Cover more acres per hour - “multi-position” tines permit higher operating speeds (up to 8 mph vs 4 mph)... without skipping, jumping or skimming surface...unlike “fixed-position” tines. 

    Available in 3 sizes: 4'W x 4'L, 4'W x 8'L 8W' x 4'L

    • Scatter manure droppings
    • Aerate & dethatch pastures and lawns
    • Loosen & smooth paths and driveways
    • Fluff, dry & level tracks, ball diamonds, etc
    • Break up & level heavy soil
    • Prepare nicer seed beds
    • Work-in fertilizer & seed
    • Incorporate herbicides
    • Gentile, "first" cultivation
    • Minimum till - stalks, crusts & ridge
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  4. Ware Mfg. Bag-O-Chews 03035

    Ware Mfg. Bag-O-Chews 03035

    Product Features
    • Perfectly sized for small pets
    • Pre-drilled to fit on Treat-K-Bob dispenser
    • 12 piece value pack
    • USDA approved food colors
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  5. Outdoor Water Solutions Dual Disc 9" Rubber Membrane Diffuser w/ Base ARS0194

    Outdoor Water Solutions Dual Disc 9" Rubber Membrane Diffuser w/ Base ARS0194


    This one really circulates your pond or lake!

    We've searched far and wide to come up with a rubber membrane diffuser that can generate a ton of air! What's even better is that this is a low psi design, which means your windmill or electric aerator doesn't have to struggle to open up the perforated slits like it would with some rubber membranes on the market.

    This Dual Disc 9" membrane is used in the water treatment industry to really move the water through it's precision perforated slits. Unit comes with a backflow valve and 1/2" fittings to plug into your 1/2" airline. Rated for up to 8.5 CFM and perfect for lakes or ponds, especially where you're only running one diffuser.

    This diffuser also comes with a base that can be filled with sand or gravel so it sinks to the bottom of your pond.

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  6. Priefert, 14' Premier Panel (Wheel White), PP14WE

    Priefert, 14' Premier Panel (Wheel White), PP14WE


    Product Features

    • 1.66" O.D. Quadraform 16 gauge tubing
    • Chain connectors around oval end frames maximize tight Priefert "Horse Safe" connections.
    • Chain connectors offer increased versatility and safety by eliminating foot traps.
    • Common uses include: crowding pens, round pens, arenas, paddocks, and stalls
    • Connects to any other brand of panel with no special connectors or wire needed.
    • Easier to set up on uneven ground
    • Eliminates the need for special connectors at 3 and 4 way unions.
    • Fishhook top corners for added safety
    • Horizontal Rails made from Priefert's unique 16 gauge Quadraform(TM) tubing give extra strength.
    • Ideal for confinement of uncooperative animals
    • J-Legs increase portability & keep panel on top of ground in wet or boggy conditions.
    • POWDER COATED with architectural grade power containing UV inhibitors.
    • Single-piece vertical stay through drilled horizontal rails for extra strength.

    Product Specifications

    • Number Of Rails: 6
    • Number Of Stays: 2
    • Product prices may vary based on color.
    • Length: 168"
    • Width: 2"
    • Height: 64"
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  7. Priefert, 6' D-Gate (Brown), DG06BN

    Priefert, 6' D-Gate (Brown), DG06BN


    Product Features

    • Also Available in Forest Green (GN), and Wheel White (WE).
    • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • Attractive gate for driveways, pastures, or other non crowding applications.
    • Lag bolt post attachment, chain latch.
    • Mitered corners
    • Unique "D" shaped tubing offers maximum rigidity in a lightweight gate.

    Product Specifications

    • All gates are 5" shorter than stated length.
    • Number Of Rails: 6
    • Number of Stays: 0
    • Product prices may vary based on color.
    • Length: 67"
    • Width: 1.5"
    • Height: 47.5"
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  8. Ace Roto Mold 1 1/4" Ace Bulkhaed 10918

    Ace Roto Mold 1 1/4" Ace Bulkhaed 10918


    Bulkhead fittings and syphon tubes are available for Ace Roto-Mold tanks in the following sizes. Standard fittings that come included with each tank are listed in each tank table. A syphon tube is included with the purchase of all Pick Up Tanks and all Vertical Tanks 300 gallons or greater. Fittings listed below are available as additions to tanks ordered with multiple fittings. Both fittings and syphon tubes are available as replacement parts.

    • Description - 1 1/4" Ace BulkHead
    • Hole Requirement - 2 1/4""
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  9. Farnam White 'n Brite

    Farnam White 'n Brite

    • Brightens light-colored coats
    • Optical brighteners enhance highlights on dark-colored coats
    • Removes even the worst yellow stains
    • Great for dogs, too!
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  10. Red Brand Field Fence 1047-6-9 47"x330' Monarch Knot 70003

    Red Brand Field Fence 1047-6-9 47"x330' Monarch Knot 70003

    • Protect your investment with our most reliable confinement for cattle, hogs and other large animals
    • Able to withstand the demands of corralling large animal herds
    • Ideal for all terrains, as well as corrals and pastures
    • Special wire crimps withstand even the most severe weather by allowing the fence to expand and contract
    • Galvanized wire resists weathering as well as wear and tear

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Items 1-10 of 7482

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