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Shop for electric fence supplies, farm tractor parts, livestock feeders, livestock gates, chemical sprayers and more.

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  1. Ace Roto Mold 36" Hinged Lid for Vertical Batch Tanks 19505

    Ace Roto Mold 36" Hinged Lid for Vertical Batch Tanks 19505


    These batch tanks are designed for indoor applications. Perfect for batch chemical/mixer mounting systems. Both polyethylene and metal stands designed for all styles make these tanks very versatile. The Cone Bottom tanks require the use of a stand for support. All tanks feature 8” lids and one standard fitting. Gallon/liter indicators are included on one side of the tanks. Open Top tanks include bolt-on lid for access. Optional polyethylene hinged lid is available for open top tanks. Tanks are designed for the containment of chemicals with a specific gravity of 2.0 or less. Tanks are manufactured from medium-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors. 55 and 100 gallon tanks include 1-1/2" standard fitting, 145-325 gallon tanks include 2" standard fitting.

    • 36" Hinged
    • Weight - 14 lbs
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  2. Dare Products 820 Feet Stainless Polywire 2343

    Dare Products 820 Feet Stainless Polywire 2343


    White polyethylene cord woven of UV-resistant polyethylene with 3 strands of strong stainless steel. 110 lb. average breaking strength. No. 2343: 250 meters - 820' No. 2347: 400 meters - 1312'

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  3. Roundup Pump Sprayer Repair Kit 181538

    Roundup Pump Sprayer Repair Kit 181538


    Parts can be confusing, so we make parts simple and easy. This universal repair kit fits both styles of sprayers we sell (-inchml-inch and -incho-inch styles), and comes with two sets of gaskets and o-rings for the pumps used on these sprayers.

    It also contains an extra o-ring for the sprayer wand and one adjustable nozzle. This kit will meet your needs regardless of which sprayer you own. The roundup parts repair kit fits the following brands of sprayers from the fountainhead group: roundup, ortho, grab and go, lawn and garden, farm and garden, home and garden.

    • Sprayer parts repair kit
    • Fits all roundup and ortho brand sprayers with ml and o style tanks
    • Includes two sets of gaskets
    • Includes two sets of o-rings
    • Includes and extra o-ring for the extension plus one adjustable brass nozzle
    Dimensions: 4.2 x 1 x 7.5 inches

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  4. BriskHeat Silicone Drum Warmer 15 Gallon 700 Watt DHCS11R

    BriskHeat Silicone Drum Warmer 15 Gallon 700 Watt DHCS11R


    BriskHeat’s Drum / Pail Warmer is a great solution to prevent drum and pail contents from freezing. The warmer helps maintain elevated temperatures, enabling contents to flow even when ambient temperatures drop as low as 0°F. The built-in thermostat keeps the materials in the drum warm between 67° to 85°F. BriskHeat Corporation has been producing high quality and industrial grade drum and pail warmers for the past 64 years, providing users with unmatchable durability
    and reliability.


    • Portable plug-and-play design
    • Can be used on metal or plastic drums and pails
    • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor uses
    • Moisture and chemical resistant
    • Effective in ambient temperature as low as 0°F
    • Extra-wide 4” heater coverage with stretchable spring fastener
    • Available in variety of sizes: 5, 15, 30 and 55 gallons
    Voltage: 120VAC
    Thermostat: Built-in, self-regulates between 67° (+/-9°F) to 85°F (+/-5°F)
    Power cord: 6-foot power cord with standard 3-prong wall plug
    Grounded for safety: Patented 360°grounded heating element
    Watt density: 4 watts/sq in
    Wattage: 700
    Drum Diameter: 14 in.
    Warmer Length: 44 in.
    Warmer Width: 4 in.

    Common Uses:

    • Freeze Protection
    • Warming contents of drums and pails
    • Preventing Chemical Separation or Crystallization
    • Keeping paint warm
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  5. Ace Roto Mold 8" Dia Riser & Lid - Black AST19257

    Ace Roto Mold 8" Dia Riser & Lid - Black AST19257


    Access Extensions and Covers are custom roto-molded using high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors. They feature a stop-bead and backup dam along with a custom Nitrile rubber gasket to ensure a water-tight seal. Secure seals prevent contents from escaping tank and prevent excess rainwater from entering and flooding tank. This protects both your drinking water and your property!

    Locking Design All covers and extensions lock onto the tank body and to each other using three bayonet keys. Nylon ties can be used to lock covers through the locking ears without using metal fasteners that can corrode and fail. Locking your tank prevents unauthorized access and accidents. Ace Roto-Mold’s Secure-Seal accessories keep your family, health, property, and investment safe and secure.

    Functions Two different sizes of Access Extensions can raise the height of your cover in combinations of 7″ and 16″, up to a maximum burial depth of 36″. Extensions feature a flat round boss on two sides to facilitate fitting installation or pump-mounting. Risers are 8″ in diameter and almost 24″ high from the top of the access cover. Risers provide convenient access for inspectors and the cap can be secured with a nylon tie. Access covers are large enough for easy pump-out and are available in black, white, or green.

    Internal Accessories Ace Roto-Mold’s heavy-duty divider panels include three sections and can easily convert a one-compartment tank into a two-compartment tank by being inserted into any rib of the tank. The exclusive tank baffle system slows the flow of wastewater and directs it to the middle of the tank so wastewater can separate from solids. An outlet baffle allows the partially treated liquids to flow out for further treatment. State-specific internal plumbing kits are available to meet local requirements.

    • Description - 8″ Riser and Lid – Black
    • Weight - 20 Pounds
    • Dimensions - 32.5 x 29
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  6. Ace Roto Mold 200 Gallon Cut-A-Way Cradle CAW0200-C

    Ace Roto Mold 200 Gallon Cut-A-Way Cradle CAW0200-C

    • Captivity -200 Gallons
    • Weight - 135 Pounds
    • Dimensions - 3 60;3 x 40
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  7. Ace Roto Mold 3,200 Gallon Skid FS3200-SK

    Ace Roto Mold 3,200 Gallon Skid FS3200-SK

    • Capacity - 3,200 Gallons
    • Weight - 1,163 Pounds
    • Dimensions - 90 x 168
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  8. Priedert Gate Wheels (Gunmetal Grey) RGWGY

    Priedert Gate Wheels (Gunmetal Grey) RGWGY

  9. Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
  10. Fits 2" or 1 5/8" Priefert Economy gates
  11. Wheel swedges inside gate to prevent end from dragging the ground
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  • Red Brand Field Fence 948-16-9 3/4 48"x330' Cross Lock Knot 78202

    Red Brand Field Fence 948-16-9 3/4 48"x330' Cross Lock Knot 78202

    • Protect your investment with our most reliable confinement for cattle, hogs and other large animals
    • Able to withstand the demands of corralling large animal herds
    • Ideal for all terrains, as well as corrals and pastures
    • Special wire crimps withstand even the most severe weather by allowing the fence to expand and contract
    • Galvanized wire resists weathering as well as wear and tear
    • Red Brand Extended Life - Class 3 galvanized wire.

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  • Stanley Muffler John Deere Manifold Pipe DRE-8

    Stanley Muffler John Deere Manifold Pipe DRE-8


    Fits Model B-(styled)-(B, BN, BW, BNH)- (1939-1947) (s/n B96000-B200999).

    • Note: Use this pipe with the following manifolds: B2179R-(casting number B2179R)-all fuel. AB3980-(casting number B2803R)-gasoline. (For muffler, see DR-4)
    • Replaces OEM AB3427R


    • Inlet Type (A): 2-Bolt
    • Vertical Length (B): 21"
    • Horiz. Length (C): 19"
    • Outlet O.D. (D): 1-7/8"
    • Weight in LBS: 3
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