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  1. Snap Lock Formex Regular Plastic Chicken Coop

    Snap Lock Formex Regular Plastic Chicken Coop


    This plastic coop from Snap Lock goes together quickly, is long lasting and easy to clean.  With plenty of space for your flock and easy access to your eggs, this chicken coop is for you! Easily houses 4 to 6 average size birds. 

    • Long lasting with no repainting
    • Impervious to rotting
    • Easily cleaned by pressure washing
    • Water and impact resistant
    • Ultraviolet and chemical resistant
    • Lightweight for multiple locations
    • No tools required for assembly
    • Removable litter tray
    • Easy access for egg collection
    • Predator resistant with lockable access points
    • Dual wall construction provides insulation and strength
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  2. King Kutter 8' Drag Harrow DH-96-Z

    King Kutter 8' Drag Harrow DH-96-Z


    KING KUTTER'S DRAG HARROWS are ideal for pasture renovation and maintenance. The Drag Harrow spreads and incorporates manure, thatches dead growth, aerates soil, increases moisture penetration, renovates pastures by preparing the soil for seeding while stimulating existing growth. The Drag Harrow will incorporate lime and fertilizer and will cover broadcast seed to help enhance germination. King Kutter's Drag Harrows are also ideal for tillage applications. It prepares firm, level seedbeds in combination with drills, cultivators and discs. It can be used to break up crusts and clods and will incorporate herbicides evenly because its flexible design assures uniform growth. King Kutter's Drag Harrows are a must for the progressive farmer, rancher, horse owner, and landscaper or grounds keeper.


    • Width: 96"
    • Length: 48"
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  3. Country Way 25 Gallon Boomless 3 GPM ATV Sprayer SSP-A1-025A-RK

    Country Way 25 Gallon Boomless 3 GPM ATV Sprayer SSP-A1-025A-RK


    Product Features

    • 2 Nozzle Boomless Sprayer
    • 3 GPM Pump
    • 25 Gallon Tank
    • Ideal for applying Insecticides & Herbicides
    • Round-up® Ready

    36.5” = Length 18” = Width 16” = Height

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  4. Tarter Wire Fence Stretcher and Unroller WFSY

    Tarter Wire Fence Stretcher and Unroller WFSY


    Product Details

    • 3-point rear attach stretcher lets one person handle the wire and fencing work of a crew
    • Stretcher holds spools of heavy wire fencing and unrolls as well as stretches
    • Handles field fence rolls up to 65” tall
    • Stretch field fence without kinking or tangling
    • Fence can be stretched to desired tightness and held in place for nailing
    • Category I quick-hitch hookup (Cat. I pins included)
    • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
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  5. King Kutter 5' Rotary Kutter PTO Shaft w/ Slip Clutch 147129

    King Kutter 5' Rotary Kutter PTO Shaft w/ Slip Clutch 147129

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  6. K&M Mfg KM 236 Uni Pro Seat & Suspension Assembly - Gray 7936

    K&M Mfg KM 236 Uni Pro Seat & Suspension Assembly - Gray 7936


    Comfortable quality-made vinyl seat is suitable for industrial and construction applications. Available in black vinyl or gray vinyl. Seat width is 18.5". Features a mechanical suspension with 2.36" suspension travel, and slides with 6" travel. Has manual weight adjustments with a max allowable weight of 270 lbs. Backrest can tilt 5 degrees forward and 15 degrees backward and has lumbar control. Includes operator presence switch. Conforms to ISO 796-EM9; Flammability -FMVSS302; SAE J1194. Optional armrests and seatbelt sold separately.


    • Mechanical suspension with 2.36" suspension travel
    • Seat width is 18.5"
    • Contoured foam cushions covered in black or gray vinyl
    • Drain hole prevents water build-up
    • Backrest angle adjustment from 5 degrees forward to 15 degrees backward
    • Adjustable lumbar support
    • Durable document pouch
    • Seat belt fixation points
    • Manual weight adjustment with a maximum allowable weight of 270 lbs
    • Slide rails with 6" travel
    • Operator presence switch meets OEM safety standards
    • Black vinyl or gray vinyl; gray vinyl comes standard wtih fold-up armrests

    Fits Kubota M9000 without cab; Caterpillar skidsteer 247, Ford-New Holland LS120, LS125, LS140, LS150, LS160, LS170, LS180, LS190, LX485, LX885 skidsteers. Also fits JLG Sky Trac Telehandler model 6036, 6042.

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  7. Prevue Red Barn Chicken Coop 465

    Prevue Red Barn Chicken Coop 465


    Prevue Pet Products Chicken Coop 465 - inspired by the traditional Red Barn found on many farms, our Chicken Coop offers lots of living space while remaining compact enough to fit in an urban farm environment. Our thoroughly constructed design combines safety and security for your hens with modern and convenient features for you. There's plenty of room to roam in the protected chicken run while still allowing your flock access to the grass, ground and outdoors. Leave the front access door open for come & go activity or secure with the attached bolt-lock to protect from predators. A ventilated roosting area provides air circulation and light and includes roosting bars plus removable floors for interior cleaning. The large side-access door gives you full entrance to the roosting area and is secured with two bolt-lock closures. Adjacent to the roosting area, the nest box contains three nesting slots with each slot measuring 9" – 10" in width. Nest box lid lifts easily for egg removal but can also be locked for additional security, while the nest box itself can be removed completely for cleaning. Spacious enough for 4 – 6 hens, a traditional barn red, non-toxic, stain is complimented by a green asphalt roof to keep the coop's interior cozy and dry. Heavy enough to prevent predators from lifting it, but easy enough for two people to reposition. Prevue Pet Products Chicken Coop 465 is easily assembled and includes step-by-step instructions.

    • Can easily accommodate 4 – 6 hens
    • Lots of living space yet compact enough for the urban farm
    • Protected chicken run gives your flock room to roam
    • Ventilated roosting area with roosting bars and nest box
    • Exterior dimensions: 71" L x 30" W x 36" H
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  8. Outdoor Water Solutions Lake & Pond Muck Pellets 25lb. PSP0151

    Outdoor Water Solutions Lake & Pond Muck Pellets 25lb. PSP0151


    This is a Professional Grade pellet that controls muck and sludge build up on the bottom of your pond or lake. Great for swimming areas, around boat docks, beaches, etc.

    These pellets were designed for lagoons, lakes and ponds as a low-maintenance solution for sludge and muck build up. The Professional Grade pellets are fortified with specialized bacterial strains that are high volume waste consumers. They also have a trace mineral base and organic catalyst to increase the productivity of each pellet.

    Features Inclued:

    • Specially designed pellet that drives the active ingredient down to the muck and organic matter where it can do the most good.
    • Contains sludge eating bacteria, enzymes and trace minerals.
    • Eliminates odor causing muck in swimming areas, around docks and on beaches.
    • No gypsum fillers


    Application Rate:

    To use as a spot treatment around a dock, pier, beach or other problem area. Use 4 lbs. per week for 4 weeks, then 1 lb. every other week as needed. At this rate, 25 lbs. will treat up to 2,000 sq. ft for a five month season.

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  9. GPI Light Duty M-1115S-AU Aluminum Gear Pump w/ Automatic Nozzle 110000-82

    GPI Light Duty M-1115S-AU Aluminum Gear Pump w/ Automatic Nozzle 110000-82


    The 115 volt AC Light Duty Aluminum Gear Pump with UL Listed automatic unleaded nozzle is for use with fuel. It pumps up to 12 GPM / 45 LPM. The pump and motor are Listed and CSA Certified, and the motor is Overload Protected and explosion proof.

    Model M-1115S-AU
    Design Type Gear
    Voltage 115 Volts AC
    Flowrate Up to 12 GPM, Up to 45 LPM
    Nozzle Automatic
    Mechanical Connection   1 in. Inlet, 3/4 in. Outlet
    Duty Cycle 30 minutes on / 30 minutes off
    Power Cord None
    Hose 12 ft., 3.7 m, 3/4 in. diameter
    Motor Protection Internal auxiliary temperature-limiting device & circuit breaker
    Suction Pipe Adjustable 40 in.
    To Use With Diesel fuel, Up to 20% biodiesel blends such as B20, Gasoline, Up to 15% alcohol blends such as E15, Kerosene  
    Unique Features Designed for stationary locations in fleet, agriculture or light industrial applications
    Approvals U.L. Listed, CSA Certified
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  10. Rugged Ranch 5ft Pasture Feeder GV5PF

    Rugged Ranch 5ft Pasture Feeder GV5PF


    The 5' Pasture Feeder is constructed completely of galvanized steel. Made with 1 5/8" 15 ga. Galvanized pipe this feeder weighs in at 207#'s. The built dimensions are 4'Wx5'Lx5'4"H. Great for horses, cattle, Llamas, alpacas and other large livestock. 

    • Ideal for horses, cattle, llamas, alpacas and other large livestock 
    • Wide base for stability 
    • 1-5/8" - 15 gauge galvanized tubing 
    • Pre-galvanized catch basin 
    • Hot galvanized hay rack 
    • Easy 8 bolt assembly
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