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Shop for electric fence supplies, farm tractor parts, livestock feeders, livestock gates, chemical sprayers and more.

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  1. Country Way 5 Gallon Rechargeable Sprayer LG 05 SS

    Country Way 5 Gallon Rechargeable Sprayer LG 05 SS


    Rechargeable 5 Gallon Spot Sprayer - Perfect for home watering: flowers, plants and small gardens!

    • 1.0 GPM demand pump
    • 5 gallon polyethylene tank
    • Lever handgun
    • Telescoping handle
    • Rechargeable 12 volt battery & AC charger with built- in storage compartment
    • Weatherproof components: automotive grade wiring harness & fuse
    • Handgun sprays up to 12 ft. vertical & 25 ft. horizontal
    • Coil hose
    • Large 8 inch wheels
    • Sprays 30 gallons on one charge
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  2. Country Way 25 Gallon Spot Sprayer with 1 GPM Delavan Pump SSN-01-025A-RK

    Country Way 25 Gallon Spot Sprayer with 1 GPM Delavan Pump SSN-01-025A-RK


    Product Features

    • Ideal for Applying Insecticides & Herbicides
    • Chemical Resistant Polyethylene Tank
    • 12 Volt Connection Cables
    • Adjustable Cone Spray Nozzle
    • 18” Handgun with 10ft Coiled Hose
    • Includes Attachment Straps
    • Round-up® Ready
    • 36" x 18" x 17" (L x W x H).
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  3. Double Door Hog Feeder HGFD

    Double Door Hog Feeder HGFD


    Made of heavy-duty steel. The top door flips open from back for easy loading. Ships completely assembled.

    • Holds 100 lbs. of feed
    • Made with 15 gauge steel
    • W 19 3/4"
    • L 24 1/4"
    • H 35 3/4"
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  4. Tarter Small Bull Mineral Feeder SBMF

    Tarter Small Bull Mineral Feeder SBMF


    These heavy-duty, 3-compartment poly feeders stand up to the most difficult environmental conditions.

    Each compartment holds approximately 6 gallons of water or feed depending on the size.

    Total wet volume is 108-120 lbs. for the small and 240 lbs. for the large feeder.

    Total dry volume is approximately 144 lbs. for the small and 180-200 lbs. for the large.

    Standing 7" high, with a 30" diameter tub, making this feeder heavy enough to withstand animals and the elements but light enough to move to nearly any location.

    Convenient anchoring holes make it easy to secure these Mineral Feeders to the ground, preventing animals from moving it.

    The weatherproof poly lid measuring 36" protects the contents of the entire feeder.

    Resistant to impact as well as heat and cold, these feeders present smooth edges for safety to both people and animals.

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  5. Tuthill/Fill-Rite, 1" Auto-Diesel Ultra Hi Flow Nozzle  300F7801

    Tuthill/Fill-Rite, 1" Auto-Diesel Ultra Hi Flow Nozzle 300F7801


    Product Description

    Automatic Shut Off Fuel Nozzle, For Diesel Fuel, Nozzle Material Aluminum, Plastic Hand Protector, Inlet 1 Inch FNPT, Diesel Fuel Spout Outlet, Maximum Inlet Pressure 50 PSI, For Use with 4RP93/4FY25/4FY26 And Other Fuel Transfer Pumps, Meets UL Standards, Includes Hang Up Hook

    Product Features

    • Efficient nozzles maximize output of small fuel transfer pumps.
    • Auto shutoff reduces fuel spills.
    • Automatic shutoff is not guaranteed when operating pressure is less than 5 psi.
    • Nozzle lever can be set for hands-free operation.
    • Aluminum nozzle, plastic hand protector.
    • UL Listed.
    • Max. Inlet Pressure: 50 psi
    • Include hang-up hook
    • Min. Operating Pressure: 5 psi.
    • Automatic Shut Off Fuel Nozzle
    • For Diesel Fuel, Nozzle Material Aluminum
    • Inlet 1 Inch FNPT
    • Diesel Fuel Spout Outlet
    • For Use with 4RP93, 4FY25, 4FY26 and Other Fuel Transfer Pumps

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  6. Iowa Export-Import Compact Tractor Seat, Black 53000-BK

    Iowa Export-Import Compact Tractor Seat, Black 53000-BK



    • Drop in Fit for Kubota
    • Steel Pan
    • Heavy Duty Black Vinyl
    • Drain Holes
    • Weight - 9.00 Lbs
    • Accepts #940 Flip Type Bracket
    • Accepts #900 Slides


    Bolt Patterns (width x depth):

    • Adjustable Widths
    • 6"x2"
    • 6"x4"
    • 7"x1.625"
    • 7.5"x2"
    • 7.5"x4"
    • 7.5"x6"
    • 7.5"x7"

     Fits the following models:

    • Kubota: 4650 Backhoe, B1550, B1700, B1750, B20, B2100, B2150, B2400, B2410, B2710, B2910, B4200, B5100, B6100, B7100, B7300, B7500, B8200, G1800, G1900, G2000, GF1800 Mower, K008 Backhoe, L175, L185, L200,L225, L2050, L210, L225, L2250, L235, L2350, L245, L2550, L260, L2650,L285, L275, L2850, L285, L2900,L2950, L295, L3000-DT, L3000-F, L305, L3250, L3300. L3350, L3410, L345, L3450, L35, L355, L3600, L3650, L3710, L3750, L4150, L4200, L4350, L4610, L4850, L5450, M4000, M4050, M4500, M5500, M7500, MX5000, B9200
    • Kumiai: ST2020
    • Mahindra: 2810, 3510, 4110
    • Massey Ferguson: 210, 220, 220-4, 1020, 1030, 1040, 1140, 1145
    • Massey Ferguson Windrowers: 35, 1010, 1125, 1150, 1205
    • Mitsubishi: D1300, MT210, MT2501, MT372, MT3720, MT4501, S370, S373, S3730
    • Rhino: 344, 3125
    • Satoh: Beaver, Beaver3/Buck S650G, ST1820, ST1840, ST2020
    • White: FIELD #8200; BOSS MODELS (16, 21, 31 & 37), 2-30, 2-32, 2-35
    • Yanmar: 155, 155D, 240, 1300D, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1720D, 1900, 2000, 2220, 2310, 2310D, K016, YM250, YM1100, YM2200
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  7. Delavan Ag Pumps Hydraulic Cylinder 3" X 16" ASAE  PML3016-150ASA

    Delavan Ag Pumps Hydraulic Cylinder 3" X 16" ASAE PML3016-150ASA


    From Agriculture to Automotive and every industry in between, Delavan PowerMax Hydraulic Cylinders are designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding requirements. The PowerMax line was developed because we understand the need for professional performance and durability. All PowerMax Cylinders are hydraulically tested at twice their working pressure.

    • Chromed, polished and individually heat-treated shaft provides extended cylinder life.
    • Working pressure 2500 PSI and 3000 PSI.
    • All cylinders are 100% hydraulically tested up to two times working pressure.
    • Series PML – 2500 PSI (5,000 PSI proof pressure).
    • Series PMH – 3000 PSI (6,000 PSI proof pressure).
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  8. Zareba 50 Mile Low Impedance Electric Fencer EAC50M-BL

    Zareba 50 Mile Low Impedance Electric Fencer EAC50M-BL

    • 50 mile range
    • 2.8 stored joules of power; 2 joule output at 75 ohms
    • Heavy weed conditions
    • 115 volt, 60 cycle; pulsed output ( 1-second intervals)
    • Digital timing
    • Fuseless design
    • Fence lamp flashes when operating
    • Vented weather-resistant nonconductive cabinet
    • Moisture-resistant internal components
    • Repairs in minutes
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  9. B & W Manufacturing Grain Aeration Tube

    B & W Manufacturing Grain Aeration Tube


    The B & W Grain Aerator System is a 6 foot Tube. The top 36 inches is a solid pipe and the bottom 36 inches is a perforation pipe. The Aeration Tube is easy to use, just plug it in to any 115 volt outlet and it pulls out large volumes of hot, damp air to keep grain cool up to a depth of 18 feet.

    Product Features:

    • Harvest your grain earlier
    • Remove moisture from your grain
    • Remove heat and moisture when grain is heating
    • Eliminate top crusting and sweating
    • Stop condensation
    • Cool your grain down to 45° during the winter months

    ****Head Sold Separately!!

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  10. Brinsea Mini Eco Manual Turn Egg Incubator USA015C

    Brinsea Mini Eco Manual Turn Egg Incubator USA015C


    The Brinsea® Mini incubator is a small, high quality, low cost, egg incubator combining ease of use, performance and exceptional value.

    The three versions of the Mini give a wide choice of convenience, sophistication and price
    but all provide the essential environmental control necessary for successful egg hatching.
    The clear walls of the egg chamber mean fantastic visibility of the hatching eggs without lifting the lid and the fan-assisted design coupled with detailed airflow analysis results exceptionally even heating of the eggs.

    The Mini Eco holds 10 hens eggs (or equivalent) and provides the fine temperature control to ensure consistent and reliable hatches. Temperature is monitored on a purpose built liquid-in-glass thermometer and although factory set, the electronic temperature control allows fine tuning of the temperature setting if required.

    Humidity is provided for with central water reservoirs in both models and both operate at low voltage (from mains adapters supplied) for safety.

    Smallest egg incubator available with precise proportional electronic temperature control.

    This new 10 chicken egg incubator is a simple but high quality egg incubator which gives reliable hatching results of a wide range of species.

    • Economic to buy, extremely simple to use - ideal for beginners or children. Great incubator for hatching eggs in the classroom or for a science project:
    • Temperature factory preset at 99.5 F with easy tamper-proof adjustment
    • Flashing temperature indicator and conventional but accurate liquid in glass thermometer
    • Fan assisted air circulation
    • Humidity provided by water trays; not suitable for automatic humidity control.
    • Robust hygienic ABS construction for easy cleaning
    • Excellent visibility
    • Good reptile incubator too - (no turning necessary for reptile eggs)
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