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  1. Priefert Headgate HG10

    Priefert Headgate HG10


    The Model 10 Headgate is Priefert’s newest headgate offering.  Designed to be “Easy on the Cow, Easy on the Cowboy,” the HG10 works in manual or automatic mode and features contoured yokes that allow it to safely and securely fit the shape of an animal’s neck.  The patented Infinite Locks effectively control the cattle and are guaranteed for life.  Switch the headgate into automatic mode by engaging a simple slide lock and then setting the self-catch lever on the front of the headgate to select one of 4 opening widths.  


    • Overall Height: 68.5”
    • Overall Width (including handle): 59”
    • Inside Height: 59.5”
    • Maximum Opening Width: 27.5”
    • Weight: 240 lbs (All weights approximate)
    • Lubricate infinite locks with light oil (i.e. WD-40).  DO NOT use heavy oil.
    • Dip painted Priefert Blue
    • Designed to mount to Priefert Headgate Stand (sold separately)
    • HG10 comes standard with Priefert’s Model SC13 Squeeze Chute
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  2. King Kutter Compact Disc ATV Notched Blades 14-10-CD-Y

    King Kutter Compact Disc ATV Notched Blades 14-10-CD-Y


    KING KUTTER'S COMPACT DISC has many features found only on the larger models. Strong square tube frame, 1” high carbon steel axles, maintenance free sealed bearings, 14” notched disc blades, and a unique pull tongue design that allows down pressure to be applied without the need for weights. The wheeled design is engineered for smooth transition from off-road transport to cutting position with just the turn of a handle. The 33” cutting width allows for easy transport to hard to reach areas and smaller patches of ground. Perfect for deep woods, wildlife food plots, small gardens, row cultivating, and yard prep work. This compact disc is easily pulled by 4-wheelers, garden tractors, and subcompact tractors using a 1-7/8” ball.


    • Width: 33"
    • Number of Blades: 10
    • Blade Diameter: 1/4"
    • Ball Hitch: 1-7/8"
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  3. Sonar One 20lb L00371

    Sonar One 20lb L00371


    Sonar, the world’s leading brand of aquatic herbicide, now brings you SonarOne. Just one treatment is often all you need to treat your pond, lake, drainage canal, or reservoir. This pelleted formula treats all three forms of problematic aquatic weeds: floating, emergent, and submersed. Whether you’re combating duckweed, paragrass, bladderwort, water milfoil, or a host of others, SonarOne is the only herbicide you need.

    SonarOne restricts the formation of carotene in the targeted plants. When carotene is absent, chlorophyll is quickly destroyed by the sunlight. Within days, you will see results. For optimal outcome, apply early in the season before or soon after difficult weeds start to appear. Applying early ensures the best season-long control.

    SonarOne carries no restrictions on the recreational use of waterways following treatment. Fourteen to 30 days restriction applies to using treated water for irrigational purposes following application. See manufacturer’s instructions for details. Application rates vary based on plant species. SonarOne is non-corrosive to application equipment.

    Key Features:

    • 20lb container
    • Pelleted formula
    • 5% fluridone
    • Effective against various aquatic weeds, including bladderwort, hydrilla, pondweed, water milfoil, duckweed, mosquito fern, and paragrass

    Cannot sell to the following states: California, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington

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  4. Howse Implement 4' Economy Cutter No Chains 400-R

    Howse Implement 4' Economy Cutter No Chains 400-R


    Product Features

    • Heavy angle iron frame.
    • Saucer shaped blade carrier w/ a 10 gauge pan and 1/2" x 4" bar.
    • Cast wheel hub w/ 1 1/4" fork shaft.
    • slotted top link hole on 3 point hitch.
    • 12 gauge deck w/ 7 1/2 " sides.
    • Laminated rubber tire.
    • 1/2" x 3" blades.

    Product Specifications

    • Cutting Width: 48"
    • Recommended Tractor HP: 15-30
    • Blade Tip Speed: 148 mph/ 13,087 feet
    • Hitch: 3-Point/ Drag/ Super A/1 point
    • Lift Pins: Category I
    • Driveshaft: #4 metric
    • Driveline Protection: 1/2" shearpin
    • Gearbox HP: 55 hp
    • Gearbox Ratio: 1:93
    • Frame Composition: Heavy Angle Iron
    • Blade Carrier Pan: Round, Saucer Shaped
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  5. Ace Roto Mold 1,035 Gallon Free Standing  Elliptical Tank No Supm FS1035-78

    Ace Roto Mold 1,035 Gallon Free Standing Elliptical Tank No Supm FS1035-78


    Free Standing Leg Tanks are selected when transportable (non DOT approved)containment is required for indoor or outdoor applications.

    Leg Tanks are equipped with molded-in legs to support the tank and band locators for tie down. Tanks are manufactured from medium- or high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and designed for containment of liquids of up to 1.7 specific gravity. Tank walls are translucent for level viewing and equipped with gallon indicators

    Ace Roto-Mold’s unique baffle system is easy to install and clean. These baffles help to reduce fluid sloshing. Baffles come standard in some tanks and offered as an option in others.

    • Capacity - 1,035 Gallons
    • Weight - 290 Pounds
    • Lid - 16"
    • Fitting - 2"
    • Dimensions - 78 x 90 x 52
    • Requirements - Hoops
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  6. K&M Manufacturing Early John Deere 30 Series Air Seat For Mechanical Suspension 6711

    K&M Manufacturing Early John Deere 30 Series Air Seat For Mechanical Suspension 6711


    Product Features

    Complete seat and suspension kit for John Deere Early 30 series Row Crop tractors with Sound-Guard cab.

    The KM 401 Uni Pro is a deluxe seat and air suspension assembly that replaces the original deluxe mechanical suspension seat and provides a smoother, more comfortable ride. The air suspension has a self-contained 12-volt compressor which wires directly to the tractor's electrical system.

    • Durable brown fabric covering
    • Plush and spacious cushions for operator comfort
    • Adjustable backrest adds comfort and versatility: reclines or folds flat
    • Adjustable fold-up armrests with armrest height adjustment
    • Fore/aft isolator absorbs jarring for extra comfort
    • Adjustable slide rails provide 6" fore/aft adjustment
    • 5" suspension travel
    • Weight indicator with adjustment of 100-286 lbs
    • 20 degree swivel adjustment
    • Durable suspension cover to keep components free of dirt and dust


    John Deere models: 3030, 3130, 4030, 4230, 4430, 4630 with Original Deluxe Mechanical Suspension (7" seat well cavity)

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  7. Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way 8' 4500 Series Landscape Rake with Gauge Wheels 4500-LSR-96-GW

    Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way 8' 4500 Series Landscape Rake with Gauge Wheels 4500-LSR-96-GW


    The 4500 Series Landscape Rake is designed to produce a flat, even grade while removing large debris. Perfect for grading soil beds, livestock arenas, gravel driveways, cleaning up construction sites, and pasture renovation. It features 15” height with 5/16”x 1” high carbon spring steel teeth on 2” centers, and 7 forward and 5 reverse angle settings. The Category I hitch is Quick Hitch compatible and complete with standard parking stand. They are recommended for tractors up to 50 HP.

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  8. King Kutter Two Bottom Plow 14" MBP-2-14-Y

    King Kutter Two Bottom Plow 14" MBP-2-14-Y


    KING KUTTER'S ONE & TWO BOTTOM PLOWS are ideal for small acreage farms. Plows are great when deep tillage is required. The plow is equipped with replaceable shares, shins, and landsides for easy maintenance. Optional 14" diameter coulter blades are available for cutting through sod and hard ground.


    • Number of Bottoms: 2
    • Bottom Size: 14"
    • Hitch Category Cat 1
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  9. Precision Manufacturing Mini Grapple 11155

    Precision Manufacturing Mini Grapple 11155


    The Mini Add-A-Grapple is designed for converting buckets 36″ to 55″ in width to grapple buckets.  This is an especially good application for the compact tractor with a pinned bucket.  It is also a good application for mini skid steers.  The grapple is easily removed to convert back to bucket only – the mount stays in place. 


    • 28″ Grapple Opening
    • Fits Buckets 36″ to 55″ in Width
    • Converts Existing Bucket into a Grapple Bucket
    • Curved Teeth for Wider Grip and Easy Release of Material
    • Easy Removal of Grapple to Convert Back to Bucket Only

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  10. King Kutter 5' Rotary Pull Kutter 40HP P-60-40-P-Y

    King Kutter 5' Rotary Pull Kutter 40HP P-60-40-P-Y


    KING KUTTER'S PULL TYPE ROTARY KUTTER is a quality constructed, durable Kutter that's built to last. Constructed with rigged I-beam side rails, and a single sheet top deck that is fully reinforced with cross and spider bracing. Standard features include cast iron gearbox, stump jumper, adjustable laminated tires and shielded PTO with shear pin (slip clutch optional on most models).

    • Cutting Width: 60"
    • Gearbox Rating: 40HP
    • Deck Thickness: 12 GA
    • Blade Size: 1/2 x 3 x 24"
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