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  1. Taylor Pittsburgh Field General 8' Drag Harrow 233-DH-96

    Taylor Pittsburgh Field General 8' Drag Harrow 233-DH-96


    Field General's Drag Harrows are ideal tool for pasture renovation and maintenance. The drag harrows spread and incorporate manure thatch dead growth, areate soil, increase moisture penetration, and renovate pastures by preparing soil for seeding while stimulating existing growth. Field General's Drag Harrows are a must for the progressive farmer, rancher, horse owner, landscaper, or grounds keeper.

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  2. Tuthill/Fill-Rite 115 volt Manual Nozzle Fuel Pump SD602G

    Tuthill/Fill-Rite 115 volt Manual Nozzle Fuel Pump SD602G


    The Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pump is designed to provide safer, more efficient transfer of diesel, gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirits, Stoddard solvent (white spirit) and heptane. Thermally protected, explosion-proof UL/cUL listed motor. Two ball bearings. Adjustable suction pipe. 2in. NPT bung adapter and clamp assembly. 4-bolt flange mount. Motor is hardwired to circuit breaker. U.S.A.

    • 13 GPM for fast, dependable transfer
    • 115 Volt AC with a dependable 1/4 HP motor Motor has sealed bearings, heavy-duty switch and thermal overload protection to ensure years of dependable operation.
    • Built-in junction box for easy wiring and installation.
    • Cast iron pump housing with iron rotor and carbon vanes is stronger and more durable than aluminum pumps with rotary gears
    • Check valve, pressure relief valve and strainer assembly provides consistent flow.
    • Automatic bypass valve
    • 2in. threaded base for tank openings
    • 3/4in. x 12ft. hose with static wire
    • UL listed hose is abrasion resistant which protects against corrosion, UV rays, ozone and harsh weather
    • Static wire prevents sparking and ensures safety.
    • Manual dispensing nozzle.
    • Tank Adapter (Bung Adapter): 2in. O.D. x 1.5in. I.D.
    • UL/cUL listed.
    • Rain proof
    • HP: 1/4
    • Volts: 115
    • Watts: 10
    • Amps: 2
    • Speed (RPM): 2,600
    • Flow (GPM): 13
    • Max. Total Head (ft.): 37
    • Max. Suction Lift (ft.): 7
    • Inlet Port (in.): 1
    • Outlet Port (in.): 3/4
    • Discharge (ft.): 37
    • Duty Cycle: 30 min.
    • Self-Priming: Yes
    • Bypass Valve: Yes
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  3. Taylor Pittsburgh Field General 6' Landscape Rake 233-YR-G-72

    Taylor Pittsburgh Field General 6' Landscape Rake 233-YR-G-72


    Field General's Landscape Rake are engineered for versatility by having 5 forward and 5 reverse angle settings. These rakes feature a uniquely designed, adjustable stabilizer bar that allows the heat treated spring steel tines to be more or less rigid by raising or lowering the stabilizer bar. You will find these rakes a handy tool for spreading top soil, distributing gravel, removing stones and debris, preparing for seeding and general grading work.

    • Accommodates category I quick Hitch
    • Industrial Tubing Frame with reinforced formed upper frame
    • 3" x 3" Main Beam
    • Angle Beam Tine Frame
    • 5 forward and 5 Reverse angle settings
    • 5/16" x 1" Heat Tread Spring Steel Tines
    • 1" Spacing between tines
    • Tines Individually Mounted for Durability
    • Adjustable Tine Stabilizer Bars
    • Optional Gauge Wheel Available
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  4. Outdoor Water Solutions Large Bronze Backyard Windmill BYW0004

    Outdoor Water Solutions Large Bronze Backyard Windmill BYW0004


    A backyard version of an Outdoor Water Solutions windmill has been designed and created with the same high standards in quality workmanship the company has been recognized for. This unit is built for ease of assembly and to last decades as with all other Outdoor Water Solutions products.

    Main Features of The Backyard Galvanized Windmill:
    • Sturdy 4 leg tower design
    • 1 piece 27” rotor head for ease of assembly
    • Simple, fast and safe anchoring system using ground stakes (provided in package).
    • Structurally strong tower for strong winds
    • Windmill is sold for ornamental purposes
    • There is a One-year manufacturer’s warranty
    • The Backyard windmill weighs only 65 lbs. for the Large version and is shipped all in one box throughout North America
    • The Backyard Windmill is available in a number of powder coated finishes - traditional galvanized steel or Bronze, Red & White, Green & Yellow or Red, White & Blue powder coat colors
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  5. King Kutter 6' Professional Rear Blade PRB-72

    King Kutter 6' Professional Rear Blade PRB-72


    KING KUTTERS PROFESSIONAL PRB SERIES REAR BLADES are designed for dependable performance on tough jobs. They are great for dirt work, road maintenance, and ditching, landscaping, snow removal, cleaning livestock pens plus much more. The PRB Series features a specially molded moldboard, with reinforced back bracing for extra strength and performance. All moldboards are equipped with a reversible, high carbon, heat-treated steel edge. The PRB has 7 forward and 5 reverse settings, plus they will tilt left or right and off set.


    • Width: 6'
    • Hitch Category: CAT 1
    • Adjustments: 7 Front and 5 Rear
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  6. Priefert Model 64 Manual Headgate HG64

    Priefert Model 64 Manual Headgate HG64


    Since 1964, Priefert’s headgates have revolutionized the way that cattle are worked. The Model 64 Headgate is based on Marvin Priefert’s original full front-opening design. This manual headgate is a great option for the economically-minded rancher and is proof positive that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or durability to save money. Like all Priefert headgates, the HG97 self-adjusts to the correct locking width to fit any size animal. Cattle are controlled by our friction lock, rather than by the strength of the operator. These locks are Guaranteed for Life.

    Product Features:

    • The HG64’s smooth action catch lever allows the operator to catch cattle with confidence and ease.
    • Headgate lock is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! This friction locking system allows a perfect fit for every size animal. DO NOT oil or lubricate friction locks.
    • Headgate is reversible for left or right-handed operation.
    • Head Restraint Chain can easily be secured around an animal’s head to provide easy access for doctoring eyes or reading ear tags/tattoos (Head Chain sold separately).
    • 5 year limited manufacturer warranty on workmanship and materials.


    Overall Height  73"
    Overall Width (including handle)  48"
    Maximum Opening Width 24"
    Weight Approx. 166 lbs. 
    Color Dip Painted Priefert Blue 
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  7. Taylor Pittsburgh Field General Universal Bale Spear 233-F-602

    Taylor Pittsburgh Field General Universal Bale Spear 233-F-602


    Field General's Universal Bale Spear is designed as a front loader mount for a 3-Point category I or II hitch Mount this mover is rated for bales up to 2000 pounds. The frame is designed for strength and operator safety. The tapered forged penetrator spear allows easier access for quicker bale moving

    • Rated for Bales up to 2000lbs
    • Attaches to front loader hydraulic arms (bucket must be removed) using supplied pins and sliding bracket
    • High Quality Forged Tapered Penetrator Spear
    • Stabilizer Rods are designed to steady bales
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  8. K&M Mfg KM 52 Uni Pro Seat 8001

    K&M Mfg KM 52 Uni Pro Seat 8001


    Black vinyl forklift seat with 60 degree adjustable backrest. It features a universal mounting design, retractable safety belt, durable document bag, operator presence switch. The fore and aft slide rail included has 5.9" adjustment.

    Fits Komatsu forklift models 15T 15, DF40, FB15, BF15M-3, FB15SHT-7, FB20M-3, FB25SH-4, FB25SH-5, FB25SH-6, FD25-11, FD25H-11, FD25T-14, FD30T,12, FD30T-14, FD30T-16, FD40Z, FD40ZT-7, FD45T-5, FD45T-8, FD50AT-7, FD60-3, FD70T-6, FD80, FD80-6, FD80T-7, FD100, FD115-5, FD115-6, FG10T-16, FG15C-15, FG15ST-16, FG18, FG18ST-16, FG18, FG18ST-16, FG20C-11, FG20ST-12, FG25, FG25SC, FG25C-11, FG25C-12, FG25S-3, FG25ST, FG25ST-2, FG25ST-12, FG25ST-14, FG25T, FG25T-12, FG25T-14, FG30-2, FG30H-11, FG30HT-16, FG30SHT-12, FG30SHT-16, FG35, FG35ST-3, FG25ST-8, FG40, FG40C, FG40C-6, FG40T-6, FG40ZT-7, FG40ZT-8, FG45BCS-7, FG45T-6, FG45ST-7, FG45ST-8, FG45BCS-8H, FG70, FG70-6, FG70-7, FG70T-7, FS20SH-1, GC25.

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  9. Lowe Manufacturing Round Auger SQ-12

    Lowe Manufacturing Round Auger SQ-12


    SQ-Series Auger Bits

    • Description - 12-inch (305 mm) auger with 2 9/16-inch (65 mm) round hub
    • Weight - 110Lbs. 50Kg.
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  10. Ace Roto Mold 345 or 500 Gallons Stand CB052-45ST

    Ace Roto Mold 345 or 500 Gallons Stand CB052-45ST

    • Capacity - 345 or 500 - 45 Deg
    • Weight - 174 Pounds
    • Clearance - 13"
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