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Shop for electric fence supplies, farm tractor parts, livestock feeders, livestock gates, chemical sprayers and more.

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  1. Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way 8' 4500 Series Landscape Rake with Gauge Wheels 4500-LSR-96-GW

    Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way 8' 4500 Series Landscape Rake with Gauge Wheels 4500-LSR-96-GW


    The 4500 Series Landscape Rake is designed to produce a flat, even grade while removing large debris. Perfect for grading soil beds, livestock arenas, gravel driveways, cleaning up construction sites, and pasture renovation. It features 15” height with 5/16”x 1” high carbon spring steel teeth on 2” centers, and 7 forward and 5 reverse angle settings. The Category I hitch is Quick Hitch compatible and complete with standard parking stand. They are recommended for tractors up to 50 HP.

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  2. Taylor Pittsburgh Field General 7' Hinge Back Box Blade 233-H-BB-84

    Taylor Pittsburgh Field General 7' Hinge Back Box Blade 233-H-BB-84


    Field's General Hinged Back Box Blades has the same features as the standard box blade, In addition, the rear cutting edge is hinged to allow deeper penetration and to eliminate the build up of soil between the cutting edges. It also features 3/8" end plates and 1/2" front to back bracing.

    • Accommodates Category I quick Hitch
    • Heavy all Welded Category I A Frame
    • 4"x4" Shank Beam
    • Clevis Style Lower Hitch Brackets
    • Adjustable, Heat Treated, Scarifier Shanks with Replaceable points
    • 20" High Self Cleaning Moldboard
    • 1/2" x 6" Reversible Cutting Edges Front and Rear
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  3. Tarter 1000lb. Creep Feeder with Feed Control Band  C10F

    Tarter 1000lb. Creep Feeder with Feed Control Band C10F


    Our Calf Creep Feeder in 1,000-lb. feed capacity, is ideal for small to medium sized calf herds.

    This rugged feeder is E-Coated for weatherproof durability and is available with or without cages.

    The creep cage, constructed from 1-3/8" square tubing, features an adjustable gate bar for growing calves.

    The feeder features a 1-3/8" square frame reinforced with 1-1/4" angle iron for added strength and is constructed with sheet metal and a rounded 1/8" thick poly back and bottom trough for complete feeding.

    Feed trough measures 9" W x 76" L x 6" D

    Cage measures 92" x 43"

    6 calf stall openings each measuring 17"

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  4. Tuthill/Fill-Rite 12VDC Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF Pump Kit with Meter FRSD120801MA

    Tuthill/Fill-Rite 12VDC Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF Pump Kit with Meter FRSD120801MA


    12VDC Stainless Steel Rotary Vane Pump in a small compact design. Superior Suction Lift capabilities and Internal Bypass protects the pump from over-pressure, providing continuous duty operation. Pump has short-term dry run capabilities to handle entrained gases, allows self priming, completely emptying totes. Pump is available with ¾" BSPP connections to prevent the weeping of tough fluids.

    Package offered with 12' discharge hose, Stainless Steel Automatic Nozzle, and Digital Meter.

    • 12Volt DC Motor
    • 8gpm
    • 29psi
    • 3/4" x 12' Discharge Hose
    • Hose has 3/4" BSPP Stainless hardware
    • Stainless Steel Automatic Nozzle
    • 825D075BSPP Digital Meter
    • Stainless Steel Pipe Union
    • Pump has 3/4" BSPP connections
    • 1/2hp, 3450rpm Motor
    • Pump is 304SS construction
    • Actetal Vanes
    • Fluorocarbon Seals
    • Built-in Strainer
    • Internal Bypass
    • Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled Motor
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  5. GQF Manufacturing Digital Sportsman Egg Cabinet Incubator 1502

    GQF Manufacturing Digital Sportsman Egg Cabinet Incubator 1502


    The No. 1502 “SPORTSMAN” incubator offers an accurate digital thermostat with LCD display of Temperature and Humidity. An on-board computer monitors systems and the environment every second to keep itself updated and to share this data with you. Electronic egg turning control, audio/visual indicators and a standard easy view door highlight a number of standard features. This is a complete incubator and hatcher. In addition to having three automatically turned racks, it has a hatching tray in the bottom of the incubator. So if you are just getting started with a small flock, all you need is this one incubator. Set the eggs each week or so and then hatch the oldest setting eggs at the same time. Settings are rotated among the three turning trays so that the hatching tray can accept the eggs from one of the setting trays each cycle. Constructed from high strength plastic board making it well insulated, quieter, and easier to clean. Each unit is hand assembled by our skilled craftsmen and tested for a full 24 hours for proper operation and calibration. Thermostat operating range between 60 and 103 degrees F. depending on room temperature. 110-120VAC, 50/60 Hz, 325 Watts. TUV Listed.

    This incubator includes:

    • 1 #3258 Digital Command Center thermostat  
    • 3 turning racks
    • 1 plastic hatching tray (no cover)
    • 1 moisture pan with 2 wick pads
    • Instruction booklet.

    Total Capacity with plastic trays: 1368 Quail Eggs (set and hatch 250 per week), 354 pheasant eggs, 270 chicken eggs, 198 turkey or duck eggs, and 36-45 larger eggs such as goose, peafowl, and emu.

    Actual capacity may depend on egg size.

    IMENSIONS: 30 1/4” Front to Back, 15 3/4” Wide, 31 3/4” High.


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  6. King Kutter 6' Professional Dual Edge Land Grader DEG-72

    King Kutter 6' Professional Dual Edge Land Grader DEG-72


    KING KUTTERS PROFESSIONAL DUAL EDGE LAND GRADER is the perfect tool for driveway and gravel road maintenance and construction. It fills pot holes and low spots, while removing the high spots and redistributing the material to achieve a perfectly finished roadway surface. It uses 1/4" thick side plates and 1/2" thick wear plates, along with 3" X 3" heavy tubing to make up the main frame that ensures that your new land plane will perform well on farms and ranches as well as in landscaping and contractor applications.


    • Width: 72"
    • Hitch Category: Cat 1
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  7. Sensor-1 24 Row Population Monitor PM2005-DJ

    Sensor-1 24 Row Population Monitor PM2005-DJ


    Monitor up to 24 Rows with the Sensor-1 Fully Digital Population Monitor. See at a glance your Total or Average Population, Speed, Total or Field Acres, Seed Spacing, and Travel Distance. Has an Easy to Read Bar Graph and Backlit Digital Display. This Monitor is Die-Cast Aluminum and Comes with Sunshield, Mounting Bracket, Monitor Cable & Power Cord. Pinned for DICKEY-john.

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  8. Outdoor Water Solutions AerMaster Pro 1 Electric Aerator EAU0185

    Outdoor Water Solutions AerMaster Pro 1 Electric Aerator EAU0185

    NEW AerMaster Pro 1 - 1/4 hp Electric Aerator

    Great for ponds up to 1 acre, this system includes the following:

    • 1/4 hp Rocking Piston Compressor producing 3.5 CFM of air at up to 50 psi
    • 110 CFM Circulating Fan to keep your Compressor cool
    • 100' of 1/2" Polytubing
    • 1 Airstone Diffuser
    • 1 Pressure Relief Valve
    • Powder Coated Steel cabinet manufactered in the USA
    • Energy Efficient Compressor only draws 2.7 amps at 10 psi (115v)

    This is a great system for the money and includes a 2 year warranty. Compare our performance specs and price to others out there and you'll see our AerMaster Pro Series electric aerators deliver! This system works great in almost any pond or lake, even those that are up to 20', 30' or even 40' deep. This is a great electric pond aerator for pond or lake aeration.

    Most people add some weighted airline so that it sinks to the bottom of their pond. You can also add an airstone housing bucket and a duck decoy marker if you want for ease of checking or moving the airstone.

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  9. Tarter Right Hand Roping Box RHRB

    Tarter Right Hand Roping Box RHRB


    The Tarter right hand Roping Box provides a positive location for the horse and rider creating a consistent start every time. With horse safety in mind, Tarter has designed the boxes with a large smooth contact surface and angled legs away from the horse to prevent hock injuries. Each leg comes equipped with plate and anchor holes for a secure hold.

    • Stands 3' 6" tall
    • 12' 9" long
    • 6' 8" wide
    • 14-gauge sheet metal for horse safety
    • Features a durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
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  10. Priefert Roping Chute Add-on Section RCS98

    Priefert Roping Chute Add-on Section RCS98


    Priefert’s Roping Chute Add-on Section helps lend speed and efficiency to any roping competition by allowing producers to keep steers staged and ready for the next run.  Like our roping chutes, the add-on section features contoured sides that narrow at the bottom to discourage animals from turning around in the section.  These contoured sides are made to the same specifications as our roping chutes to create a seamless flow from section to chute.  Our sections also include a split tailgate at the rear that opens from either side.  Cross bars over the top of the add-on section prevent animals from being able to jump out of the section.  An Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish with UV inhibitors adds years of life to your investment by helping the product resist rust, scratches, and fading.

    The Priefert name has become synonymous with today’s roping industry.  Priefert Roping Chutes and accessories are the number one choice of professional ropers and top organizations. The innovation behind every Priefert Roping Chute combined with their legendary durability, has changed the look and feel of the growing roping industry.  Our chutes are the Official Chute of the PRCA, the National Finals Rodeo, the USTRC, the Priefert World Series of Team Roping, the NTRL, the George Strait Team Roping Classic, the BFI, and many more major roping organizations and events, making Priefert the chute of choice when big money is on the line!  


    • Overall Height: 64”
    • Overall Width: 35”
    • Inside Width at Top: 30”
    • Inside Width at Bottom: 14”
    • Overall Length: 73”
    • Weight: 325 lbs (All weights approximate)
    • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • Color: Priefert Blue
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