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Shop for electric fence supplies, farm tractor parts, livestock feeders, livestock gates, chemical sprayers and more.

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  1. Tarter 16' 6 Bar Heavy Duty Standard Corral Panel Red RRC16

    Tarter 16' 6 Bar Heavy Duty Standard Corral Panel Red RRC16


    Our 6-Bar Heavy-Duty Standard Corral Panels are built with the same quality and strength as our Heavy-Duty Standard Bull Gate. This corral panel is ideal for the light-to-medium confinement of livestock in round pens and working areas. 60" high with vertical ā€œZā€ Braces, this panel features high-tensile strength steel tubing with superior continuous-welded saddle joints. A superior E-Coat finish ensures a longer life in the field while custom loop legs prevent sinking into the ground. It hooks easily to our Walk-Thru Arch Gate as well as other panels, thanks to its quick pin-latch system.

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  2. Delavan Roller Pro Cast Iron 8 Roller Sprayer Pump  8900C/8800C

    Delavan Roller Pro Cast Iron 8 Roller Sprayer Pump 8900C/8800C


    Delavan designs, engineers and manufactures a wide range of roller pumps to meet the widest ranges of low-volume, moderate-pressure pumping applications. To ensure the best performance for your investment.


    • The 8900C/8800C are Cast Iron units
    • Max Flow: 24 GPM (91.2 LPM)
    • Max Operating Speed: 1000 RPM
    • Type: 8-Roller design
    • Max Pressure: 300 PSI (21 bar)
    • Max Recommended Temperature: 140°F (60° C)
    • Port Size: 1” NPT (female)
    • Mounting: Base Mounted: 3⁄8 -18 UNC-2B (2 holes)
    • PTO: Use torque bar and chain
    • Shaft Size: 15⁄16” solid shaft
    • Rotation: CCW (standard)(Shaft rotation is determined when looking at shaft end of pump)
    • Weight: 14 lbs (30.8 kg)


    Materials of Construction

    • Housing: Cast Iron or Diamond Series™ Stainless Steel
    • Rollers: 3⁄4” Ultra rollers (standard) Polypropylene (optional)
    • Shaft Seals: Viton cartridge type lip seals
    • Seal Ring: Viton
    • Shaft & Rotor: Cast Iron: Extra-fine finish 404 SST Diamond Series™ Stainless Steel: Extra-fine finish 416 SST
    • Bearings: Permanently-lubricated, heavy-duty sealed bearings
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  3. Master Manufacturing 25 Gallon Spot Sprayer with 2 GPM Everflo Pump SSO-01-025A-MM

    Master Manufacturing 25 Gallon Spot Sprayer with 2 GPM Everflo Pump SSO-01-025A-MM


    Product Features

    • Ideal for Applying Insecticides & Herbicides
    • Chemical Resistant Polyethylene Tank
    • 12 Volt Connection Cables
    • Adjustable Cone Spray Nozzle
    • 18” Handgun with 15ft Coiled Hose
    • Round-up® Ready"
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  4. K&M Mfg KM #30 Toolbox W/ Brackets 1520

    K&M Mfg KM #30 Toolbox W/ Brackets 1520


    Tough universal steel tool box that can fit most tractors. Mounting brackets are optional to mount to tractor or implement. Easily removes from brackets if needed. Available in black only. Box size is 23" wide X 10" deep X 7" high. Bracket mounting pattern from 4" to 14" apart.

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  5. Tarter, 18' 6 Bar Economy Tube Gate (Blue), 6EB18

    Tarter, 18' 6 Bar Economy Tube Gate (Blue), 6EB18


    Our 6-Bar Economy Galvanized Tube Gate has the quality, features, and durable value you’ve come to expect from Tarter. This gate is perfect for placement at construction sites, for crowd control, or for fencing pastures, orchards, and gardens. 50" high with vertical “Z” Braces, this gate is made from 1-3/4" round high-tensile strength galvanized tubing with superior continuous welded saddle joints. Gates come with hinges, hinge pins and 22" snap chain.


    Note: All gates are 3" shorter than listed length to allow for gate hardware and proper clearance. Recommended for light confinement only. 18' and 20' gates have 3863 hinges and 3 hinge pins.

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  6. King Kutter 1310 Self Aligning Bearing 902019

    King Kutter 1310 Self Aligning Bearing 902019

    • 1310 Self Aligning Bearing
    • Fits model 184070 TG Series Side Gearbox
    • Genuine King Kutter Replacement Part

    View all of our King Kutter rotary tiller parts along with an exploded diagram for easy identification and ordering. Learn More
  7. Prevue Pet Small Rabbit Hutch 460

    Prevue Pet Small Rabbit Hutch 460



    • Assembled: 36'' Long, 24'' Wide, 35 1/2'' High
    • Interior: 31 1/2'' Long, 20'' Wide, 20'' High
    • Weight: 40 lbs.

    The Small hutch is recommended for multiple small rabbits or one large rabbit. Ensure your rabbit is safe with a secure hutch they will be excited to call their home! The rabbit hutch is elevated, and includes a ramp to make it easy for your rabbit to hop into their hutch. Rubber feet are installed on the bottom legs to prevent splintering when outside, or marking your inside floors. Our cage is crated from a fine weather-resistant variety of fir tree lumber and is coated with a protective, non-toxic stain. The water-resistant top is made of asphalt shingles and is designed to protect your pet from inclement weather.


    • Lid fully opens and features a locking lid hinge that supports the top for hands-free access to your pet and cleaning.
    • Front Wire Cage Door opens allowing access to the main living space.
    • Entry Ramp folds down to allow your pet to come and go as they please
    • Removable Interior
    • Divider Walls to accommodate a roomier living space.
    • Removable Bottom Grille is a foot-friendly design that provides comfort to your pet by allowing liquid and solid waste to drop to the bottom into the removable tray. The grille can be easily removed for cleaning.
    • Removable Bottom Tray when the bottom grille is in place, the bottom tray can be removed for easy cleaning - without having to remove your pet. Cage Door is positioned to one side so that a rabbit sized water bottle can be easily placed on the other side (water bottle not included).
    • Lid latches to keep pets safe from other animals and weather conditions.
    • Cage door features a double lock to provide extra security.
    • Steel slide lock feature on the entry ramp.
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  8. Tarter 14' Galvanized Wire Filled Tube Gate WG14

    Tarter 14' Galvanized Wire Filled Tube Gate WG14


    Our Galvanized Wire-filled Tube Gate is ideal for confinement of hogs, sheep, or any small animal. It is also recommended for use as an entry gate. 50" high with vertical pipe braces, this gate features 1-3/4" round high-tensile galvanized tubing with 6-gauge galvanized wire. It comes complete with hinges, hinge pins, and 22" snap chain.

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  9. Red Brand Welded Wire 30"x100' (1x2) 14 Gauge 77464

    Red Brand Welded Wire 30"x100' (1x2) 14 Gauge 77464

    • Provides a versatile, low-cost material for fencing needs
    • Suitable for a wide variety of animal cage applications
    • Quality galvanized wire resists weathering
    • Standard 100’ rolls are available in a wide variety of styles and gauges to meet the needs of the job
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  10. Copper Sulfate  (Fine30) 50 LB L00095

    Copper Sulfate (Fine30) 50 LB L00095


    Get that crystal clear pond or lake you have always dreamed of by using Copper Sulfate as an algaecide to control the Filamentous and Planktonic algae in your water.  Finally get rid of that nasty swimmers itch and enjoy the water once more.

    Discovered in the early 1900's Copper Sulfate has been used for effective algae control in lakes, ponds, ditches, pools, golf course water hazards and irrigation routes. Its blue colored granules broadcast evenly or you can dilute it in water for even distribution.

    Copper Sulfate crystals work by binding to the proteins in fungi and algae causing them to leak and die off.  It is most effective when used on the bottom mats and first application should be performed as early in the season as possible to kill off existing shoots and prevent others from sprouting.

    Copper Sulfate is not as effective in hard water as chelated products and is also toxic to fish in soft water areas.  It is corrosive to metal equipment, thus it should be used with caution. Apply 2.7 lbs. per acre foot of water. There are no restrictions on immediate water usage.


    • 25% Copper Compound
    • Effective against Filamentous, Branched and Planktonic Algae
    • Easy to Spread Blue Crystals
    • NSF Certified Algaecide Product
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