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  1. King Kutter Plow Coulter Kit 903001

    King Kutter Plow Coulter Kit 903001


    This King Kutter Plow Coulter Kit is designed to fit all one and two bottom King Kutter Plows.

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  2. Red Brand Mesh 60"x100' (2"x2") 16 Gauge 70348

    Red Brand Mesh 60"x100' (2"x2") 16 Gauge 70348

    • 2”x 2” mesh safeguards yards, gardens, toddlers and pets
    • Ideal for kennel fencing
    • Economical alternative to chain-link fencing
    • Strong yet lightweight makes fence easy to install
    • Smooth side of Square Deal® Knot prevents injury to animal
    • Tough 16-gauge wire has a bright galvanized finish that resists rust
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  3. K&M Mfg John Deere Soundgard Mirror 3127

    K&M Mfg John Deere Soundgard Mirror 3127


    Put safety first and get total visibility with Extendable Mirrors from K&M Manufacturing. Features a 8" x 11" wide-angle convex mirror head. Mirror is extendable with easy adjustments. Collapsible mirror bracket helps reduce mirror and light breakage. Collapsible both forward and backward. Mirror length from cab frame to mirror head is 22" - 36".

    Fits left-hand or right-hand side on all Soundguard cabs of John Deere 1030, 1040, 1050, 1130, 1140, 1250, 1450, 1530, 1630, 1640, 1650, 1830, 1840, 2030, 2040, 2130, 2140, 2150, 2155, 2240, 2255, 2350, 2355, 2440, 2550, 2555, 2630, 2640, 2750, 2755, 2840, 2940, 2950, 2955, 3040, 3055, 3130, 3140, 3150, 3155, 3255, 4030, 4040, 4050, 4055, 4230, 4240, 4250, 4255, 4430, 4440, 4450, 4455, 4555, 4630, 4640, 4650, 4755, 4840, 4850, 4955, 8430, 8440, 8450, 8630, 8640, 8650 and 8850.

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  4. GQF Manufacturing 3 Section Quail Breeding Pen 0303

    GQF Manufacturing 3 Section Quail Breeding Pen 0303

    GQF has worked closely over the years with science departments at leading universities to produce the best quail breeding pens. Our latest improvement is the use of rubber coated wire. This wire is easier on the birds’ feet, allows the pens to withstand repeated cleaning with cage washers, power washers, or just a garden hose, and increases durability. Each section measures 10” x 24” and is adequate for up to 2 pair of Bobwhite or one cock and three hens. These pens have a large feed trough with a water trough on the back for easy filling and may be equipped with an automatic watering system. Correct slope of the floor permits eggs to roll out under feed trough for production of cleaner eggs with less damage and easier gathering. Intended for use with Bobwhite and Cortunix size birds. Galvanized steel section walls can be removed for colony breeding. Drop Pan, item 0317, and stand, item 0316, sold separately. Learn More
  5. Patriot SolarGuard 50 Portable Solar Fence Energizer 819951

    Patriot SolarGuard 50 Portable Solar Fence Energizer 819951


    Product Features:

    • Fully portable, ‘All in One’ compact design - The light, compact design with carry handle makes it ideal for portability. The unit includes internal battery and solar panel, providing a convenient all‑in‑one energizer.
    • Solar powered - Energy efficient solar panel charges the internal battery to power the fence line.
    • Internal rechargeable battery - Solar power recharges the battery as required to support long battery life.
    • Flashing red light - Indicates at a glance that the energizer is working and powering the fence.
    • Battery - Battery saving mode maximizes battery life.
    • Low impedance energizer - Designed to deliver power to the end of the fence even under heavy load e.g. foliage, undergrowth.
    • Multiple mounting options - T-post and wood post mounting option.
    • Large storage capacity - Enables up to 14 days operation without sunlight.
    • 2 year manufacturer warranty (includes lightning)

    Suitable For:

    • Cattle
    • Horses
    • Pigs
    • Dogs
    • Rabbits
    • Squirrels
    • Chickens


    Distance Range (miles) 3 miles
    Distance Range (acres) 12 acres
    Peak Output Energy (up to) 0.05 J
    Peak Stored Energy (up to) 0.07 J
    Output Voltage (up to) 8.5 kV max, 3.4 kV @ 1,000 Ω
    Internal Rechargeable Battery  6 V
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  6. 12 in. Auger Replacement for Post Hole Digger

    12 in. Auger Replacement for Post Hole Digger


    The model 500 post hole digger handles 6", 9", or 12" standard or heavy duty augers with 2" inside diameter opening (see below). The three position boom allows the operator to maximize the auger digging depth. The model 500 mounts on tractors with category 1 or 2 rear three-point hitches. A lever is provided for the operator to adjust the digging angle from the driver seat. The gearbox is protected by the shear-pin PTO drive.

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  7. Tuthill/Fill-Rite Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump with Hoses 12 Volt, 10 GPM FR1614

    Tuthill/Fill-Rite Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump with Hoses 12 Volt, 10 GPM FR1614


    Product Description

    The Fill-Rite diesel fuel transfer pump delivers diesel fuel or light oils. Not to be used for dispensing gasoline, alcohol, or waste vegetable oil to be used for biodiesel fuel. This light duty rotary vane transfer pump is portable and self priming. The pump is cast iron and produces a flow rate of 10 GPM. It is powered by DC voltage. Battery cable with clips is included. As a complete pump kit it also has 8” of 3/4” hose, pick up strainer, for the inlet and outlet, and a plastic 3/4” plastic nozzle. The pump is compatible with diesel and antifreeze fluids.

    Product Features

    • Compact, high flow, 12 Volt design delivers up to 10 GPM Flow, at 20 Amps & maximum suction lift of 6.5ft.
    • Includes suction hose with strainer to prevent contaminants from entering pump
    • Cast iron body makes it durable through all types of weather.
    • Uses a 1/5 HP, 2800 RPM motor that delivers high performance.
    • Has a 30 minute duty cycle & is self-priming so the motor will not burn out when running dry
    • Includes a bypass valve & lip seal for leak protection.
    • Includes a 6.5ft. power cable with battery clips & a 30 Amp inline fuse
    • Features a 3/4in. NPT inlet & outlet ports

    Product Specs

    Flow (GPM)
    Speed (RPM)
    Max. Total Head (ft.)
    Max. Suction Lift (ft.)
    Inlet Port (in.)
    Outlet Port (in.)
    Discharge (ft.)
    Duty Cycle
    Bypass Valve
    Seal Type
    Nozzle Type
    Hose (in. x ft.)
    3/4 x 8
    Dimensions L x W x H (in.)
    7 1/8 x 3 3/4 x 5 1/8
    Manufacturer Warranty
    NTE 1 year RA/Exchange Policy
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  8. GPI 3/4" Mechanical Fuel Meter 126300-01

    GPI 3/4" Mechanical Fuel Meter 126300-01


    Mechanical Fuel Meter calibrated in gallons with 3/4 inch NPT thread inlet/outlet. C UL US Listed. 5 to 30 GPM (19 to 114 LPM). Large 4-digit display. Turn knob reset.

    • Model MR 5-30-G6N
    • Design Type Nutating Disc
    • Fitting Size 3/4 Inch
    • Fitting Type NPT
    • Flow Range 5 to 30 GPM 19 to 114 LPM
    • Accuracy ±2 %
    • Pressure Rating 3.4 bar 50 psig
    • Reads Gallons
    • Use with Diesel Gasoline Gasoline/Ethanol blends at levels designated as "gasohol" (E10 maximum) Kerosene
    • Do not use with Water or chemicals
    • Construction Aluminum
    • Display Type Mechanical
    • Max Batch Digits 4
    • Max Cumulative Digits 7
    • Powered By N/A
    • Standard C UL US Listed
    • Unique Feature Large, easy to read display with turn knob reset.
    • Warranty 2 Years
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  9. Priefert Wood Kit for 12' Stall WOOD12

    Priefert Wood Kit for 12' Stall WOOD12


    Priefert’s Premier Stalls offer horse owners practical solutions for creating a safe, functional, and attractive environment for their valued animals.  Our pre-cut Wood Kits are specially designed to work with our Premier Stall Line.  It is easy to install each Wood Kit, just unwrap and insert, cutting down the last board for a tight fit.  Each Wood Kit is made from #1 quality Pine and features tongue & grooved, front beveled board that are stained with a medium color stain.  Each Wood Kit comes in shrink-wrapped packaging and includes detailed installation instructions.  


    • Wood Kits use #1 Pine
    • Wood is beveled and stained with a medium color stain
    • Wood fist together with tongue & groove
    • Stall Bottom Wood Kits are cut to 47.5” length
    • Stall Top Wood Kits are cut to 33.5” length
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  10. Tuthill/Fill-Rite FR31 w/ Steel Suction Pipe  FR31X612

    Tuthill/Fill-Rite FR31 w/ Steel Suction Pipe FR31X612


    Product Description

    Fill-Rite's Quart stroke hand pump with 2in. Bung Adapter, 1/2in. Steel Suction Pipe and 1/4in. Swing Drain Tube.

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