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Shop for electric fence supplies, farm tractor parts, livestock feeders, livestock gates, chemical sprayers and more.

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  1. Priefert Limbinator LimbSaw LIMSAW1

    Priefert Limbinator LimbSaw LIMSAW1



    Drastically reduces the risk of injury by eliminating the need for ladders and buckets to stand on when using hand-held chainsaws, bow saws or pole saws.


    Constructed of heavy duty square tubing that is double walled at the cutting edge with a single piece hardened alloy steel chainbar.


    Eliminates the need to hire a costly professional to come and trim your trees.


    • Mounts directly to front end loader of your tractor, skid loader or backhoe and easily attaches by one person.
    • Trims limbs up to 8 feet higher than your loader can reach.
    • Chain bar is built from a single piece of hardened alloy steel.
    • Equipped with a self-oiling system.
    • Reversible motor helps back the saw out of a pinch.
    • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • 5,000 RPM
    • Chain: 81 drive link, .325-inch pitch, .063-inch gauge.
    • Chainsaw Bar Length: 20"
    • Folded Length: 101"
    • Standard male fitting (1-1/2" pipe thread) included for easy attachment to your tractor's quick connect system.
    Length: 102 in.
    Width: 11 in.
    Height: 9 in.
    Weight: 86 lbs.


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  2. King Kutter 7.5' Professional Box Frame Disc Harrow 20-24-G-CBF

    King Kutter 7.5' Professional Box Frame Disc Harrow 20-24-G-CBF


    KING KUTTERS PROFESSIONAL BOX FRAME DISC HARROWS are constructed of heavy steel square tubing. It connects to Category 1 Quick Hitch. The disc gang axles are made of 1" square high carbon steel rods mounted on double thrust sealed steel bearings. These disc harrows have four angle adjustments of 16 degrees, 30 degrees, 44 degrees, and 57 degrees with an easy single bolt adjustment.


    • Width: 90"
    • Number of Blades: 24
    • Blade Diameter: 20"
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  3. Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way 5' Reverse Tine Gear Driven Tiller 972-RGDT-60

    Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way 5' Reverse Tine Gear Driven Tiller 972-RGDT-60


    Taylor-Way Gear-Driven Rotary Tillers have a rugged, reinforced main frame for years of dependable service. Available in 4’, 5’, 6’, or 7’ widths.

    The heavy duty gear drive operates in an oil bath for dependable performance and reduced maintenance.

    6-tines per flange requires less horsepower yet operates smoothly, especially in tough conditions.

    Standard slip clutch 540 RPM drive line provides protection for drive components…a feature that’s optional on most other brands.

    Tilling depth controlled by adjustable skid shoes – to a maximum 8” depth.

    Standard heavy-duty rear deflector provides improved leveling and soil finish.

    Reinforced main frame.

    Recommended for tractors up to 65 HP

    • 540 RPM Slipclutch drive line standard on Taylor-Way tillers, optional on most other brands
    • Tilling depth is controlled by adjustable skid shoes – to a maximum of 8” depth
    • Heavy duty gear drive gives smooth reliable performance. Oil bath operation provides constant lubrication for long life
    • 6-tines per flange require less horsepower
    • Heavy-duty steel rotor shaft
    • Heavy-duty flanges built for years of hard work
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  4. Hydra Fold Gravity Wagon Auger 6" x 14' With Adjustable Hopper HF-614

    Hydra Fold Gravity Wagon Auger 6" x 14' With Adjustable Hopper HF-614


    Ruggedly constructed with 6 or 8 inch diameter seamless tubing, the Hydra Fold Auger is designed to fit most farmers' needs. The big 8 inch auger will deliver up to 40 bushels of corn per minute, and the 6 inch auger will handle 8 bushel of seed per minute.

    Product Features
    • Powered by tractor hydraulic system ...eliminates belts, chains, and gears.
    • Finger-tip flow control at both discharge end and tractor seat.
    • Variable delivery speed auger swings 180° and folds for narrow or low clearances...available in 11, 14 and 16 foot lengths.
    • Easily mounted ...on and off in minutes
    Saves Labor, Time and Money

    Let your tractor power fill your planter with fertilizer and seed or livestock feeder with grains from your gravity flow wagon quickly and easily with the patented Hydra Fold Auger. The self-centering, free swinging design won't bind because it has no gears, belts, or chains to cause trouble. It saves your back while it speeds the jobs you want done in a hurry.

    Quickly Installed

    Adaptable to single or double action hydraulic systems, the complete unit can be installed the first time on almost any make gravity flow wagon in less than an hour. Because it is mounted on just two pins, it is on or off in two minutes or less.

    Easy to Operate

    Finger-tip controls at both the discharge end and the tractor, plus variable delivery speed makes it easy for the operator to fill grain drill or planter boxes without waste or spillage. The hopper is practically self-emptying and the auger (available in 11, 14 or 16 foot lengths) swings 180 degrees to allow discharging from ground level up to 13 feet. The auger folds out of the way when not in use for easy transport.

    Filling Planter with Fertilizer

    Use Model HF-11 for 4 row wide or 6 row narrow; Model HF-14 for IHC air planters. Auger does not have to be cleaned out between fillings.

    Filling Drill With Seed

    Auger discharge height is adjustable, and swings easily to fill drill hopper. Flow is controlled at the discharge end of the auger. Note Hydra-Fold's patented way of mounting auger below the hopper; no spilling and no waste. This results in nearly complete clean-out of the hopper. It also elminates the churning action of an auger operating in an open container.

    Filling Planter With Seed

    HF-14 Auger filling seed hoppers on 12 row IHC planter with soybeans. Wagon does not have to be moved to fill both hoppers.

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  5. Fimco 200 Gal 3 Point Sprayer With 28' Boom  5300439

    Fimco 200 Gal 3 Point Sprayer With 28' Boom 5300439


    Product Description

    3 Point Carrier, Category 1 & 2, Saddle and Straps, Roller Pump Kit w/Strainer & 8 Way Selector Valve or PTO Centrifugal Pump Kit w/1-1/4” Suction Hose, 8-Way Selector Valve, Strainer, Hoses. 
    (Less Pump) Agitator Kit, 8 or 10 Row Boom Assy. w/Vari-Spacing Nylon Nozzles w/Tips, 
    200 or 300 gallon Polyethylene Tank, w/(1) 3/4” & (1) 1-1/4” Bottom Fittings

    • Complete 200 Gallon Sprayer
    • (1) BB-32 3 Point Carrier 
    • (1) 38-200SB Saddle and Strap Assembly 
    • (1) 5169004 200 Gallon Poly Tank
    • (1) 715-LP Pump & Hose Kit Less Pump
    • (1) 814 Agitator, Kit 
    • (1) 257-8 Boom Assembly
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  6. Tarter 6' Arena Worker AWGR6

    Tarter 6' Arena Worker AWGR6


    The Tarter Arena Worker is a must have piece of 3-point equipment when grooming any size arena. A well groomed arena can reduce injuries and boost performance. This durable piece of equipment rips tough soil leaving a smooth uniform look to the arena. When conditioning the soil, use our optional 100 gallon water tank to add moisture to improve soil condition. This quick-hitch compatible, hydraulic free Arena Worker is protected with our durable, corrosion resistant powder coat gray finish.

    • 2-stage quick-hitch Category I and Category II pin hookups to fit both medium and larger size tractors (2-stage Cat. I & Cat. II pin included)
    • Works efficiently for 40-70 HP on 540 RPM tractors
    • Quick-hitch compatible
    • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
    • Height: 45″
    • Approx. Weight: 720 lbs.
    • Width: 75″
    • Length: 84″
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  7. Ace Roto Mold 3,000 Gallon - 15 Deg. Cone Bottom, Dome Top CB3000-90

    Ace Roto Mold 3,000 Gallon - 15 Deg. Cone Bottom, Dome Top CB3000-90


    Cone Bottom Tanks are selected when a more complete drain out of stored chemical is required in indoor or outdoor installations. Tanks require stands to support the conical bottoms. Tanks are manufactured from medium- or high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors. Tank walls are translucent for level viewing and equipped with gallon indicators.

    • Capacity -3,00 Gallons
    • Weight - 550 Pounds
    • Dimensions - 90 x 128
    • Overall Height - 136"
    • Lid - 16"
    • Fitting -2"
    • Specific Gravity - 1.7
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  8. Tarter 6' Rotary Tiller RTGR6

    Tarter 6' Rotary Tiller RTGR6


    This stout Rotary Tiller will allow you to work the toughest ground with ease. This solid tiller features a cast iron center gearbox that requires a 25-60 HP tractor. The gear driven side gearbox with heavy-duty slip clutch driveline allows this tiller to rip through any type of soil surface. Six self sharpening heat treated tines per flange with adjustable runners makes even the toughest job seem simple. This product is quick-hitch compatible and features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat gray finish.

    • Heavy-duty, all gear driven, drive line
    • Oil bath lubrication
    • Self sharpening heat treated cutting tines
    • Adjustable runners
    • Working depths from 1" to 4"
    • Category I hookup
    • Comes with heavy-duty PTO shaft and slip clutch
    • Easily remove tine shaft
    • 25-60 HP required
    • Measures 38" H x 79" W x 28" L
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  9. King Kutter 6' Professional Lawn Plugger LP-72

    King Kutter 6' Professional Lawn Plugger LP-72


    KING KUTTERS PROFESSIONAL LAWN PLUGGER is designed to help control compaction and thatch build up on grassy surfaces such as lawns and athletic fields. The 15/16" beveled spoon easily penetrates the ground producing a clean hole which increases the soil's ability to intake water, nutrients, and oxygen. Water, nutrients, and oxygen are all important factors for root growth and overall turf health and the result is a healthier, greener, thicker grass. The heavy duty frame with built in weight boxes, is intended to hold weight for added down pressure on the spoons, when necessary. Dual parking stands ensures that you will never have to pick up your plugger, and the CAT. 1 quick hitch compatible hitch make it safer and easier to hook up.


    • Width: 72"
    • Hitch Category: Cat 1
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  10. Howse Implement 54" Rotary Tiller RTC54-R

    Howse Implement 54" Rotary Tiller RTC54-R


    Product Features

    • A-frame and gearbox assembly can be reversed for reverse rotation.
    • Machine can be offset to either side or center.
    • A-frame extended for smoother operation.
    • #4 metric torque limiter driveshaft to protect tractor and implement.
    • Removable tine shaft and tines.
    • Adjustable skid shoes.
    • For tractors 25-50 HP
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