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Shop for electric fence supplies, farm tractor parts, livestock feeders, livestock gates, chemical sprayers and more.

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  1. Taylor Pittsburgh Field General 5' Dual Edge Land Grader 233-DEG-60

    Taylor Pittsburgh Field General 5' Dual Edge Land Grader 233-DEG-60


    Field General's Dual Edge Land Graders are the perfect tool for driveway and gravel road maintenance and construction. They fill potholes and low spots to redistribute material to achieve the perfect roadway surface. The quick hitch-able design to make it easy to hook up and get working fast.

    • Accommodates Category I Quick Hitch
    • Two Double Sided Reversible Cutting Edges
    • 1/2" Thick Replaceable Wear Pads
    • Heavy Duty Frame Built with 3"x3" Tubing
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  2. Lowe Manufacturing Round Auger SQ-24

    Lowe Manufacturing Round Auger SQ-24


    SQ-Series Auger Bits

    • Description - 24-inch (610 mm) auger with 2 9/16-inch (65 mm) round hub
    • Weight - 203Lbs. 92Kg.
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  3. Tarter Cattlemaster Auto Headgate CMAH

    Tarter Cattlemaster Auto Headgate CMAH

    • Perfect for medium-to-large herds
    • Operated smoothly by single operator
    • Adjusts from calves to bulls
    • Grease fittings at critical points
    • Positive latching with in/out rotating door
    • Reversible controls allow it to be operated from either side
    • Adjustable bottom to accommodate various animal sizes
    • Constructed of quality heavyduty 2-3/8" tubular steel
    • Overhead bar prevents accidental release of automatic headgate
    • Sold separately or with Cattlemaster Chute
    • Available in powder coat red only for superior corrosion protection
    • Dimensions: 12" L x 45" W x 79" H
    • Mounting bolt width 42.5"


    The product reccommended for cattle up to 1,500 lbs.

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  4. Ace Roto Mold 1,000 or 1,400 Stand CB064-45ST

    Ace Roto Mold 1,000 or 1,400 Stand CB064-45ST

    • Capacity - 1,000 or 1,490 - 45 Deg
    • Weight - 320 Pounds
    • Clearance - 14"
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  5. Outdoor Water Solutions 20 ft. Windmill System AWS0013

    Outdoor Water Solutions 20 ft. Windmill System AWS0013


    Give your pond a breath of fresh air and add a statement piece to your landscaping! The 20 ft Windmill System is Outdoor Water System's most popular windmill. Featuring BalCam II technology that significantly increases air production.

    Aeration is critical to the health of your pond, providing essential oxygen to fish, reducing pond muck and odor, and decreasing mosquito breeding. This unit provides 3.0 to 4.5 CFM air output at 30 psi with a single diaphragm, pumping life giving oxygen to ponds up to 30 feet deep! The 20 ft. tower height produces more wind due to the higher elevation than shorter windmills.

    Made in the USA, this windmill is backed with a 5 year warranty on the compressor, bearings and cams - the longest in the industry!

    Windmill Aerator Features:

    • 73" blade diameter - the largest on the market!
    • Redesigned blades and front dome assembly produce improved air flow
    • High quality 18 gauge stainless steel construction
    • No electricity required
    • Each unit aerates ponds up to 3 acres, can combine multiple units
    • Windmill can be placed up to 1000 feet from pond
    • Fan still turns at low wind speeds due (3-5 MPH) to high torque windmill head
    • Pumps up to 4.5 CFM of air
    • Stainless steel bearing components with BalCam II technology
    • Self-governing head provides automatic overspeed protection in high winds
    • Assembly is fast and easy

    System Includes:

    • 20ft 3-leg tower
    • Windmill Aeration system
    • Air Stone Diffuser and Foot Valve
    • 100 Ft of 1/2" regular air line to handle the increased air output
    • Secure locking mechanism connecting the windmill head to the shaft
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  6. Tarter Yellow Post Hole Digger PHDY

    Tarter Yellow Post Hole Digger PHDY


    Product Details:


    • 3-point rear attach, PTO driven, post hole digger helps make the difficult job of digging post holes easier
    • Reinforced boom tube and shear bolt protection gives you the confidence you need to complete any task
    • 2” gearbox output shaft is geared by 540 RPM PTO
    • Post Hole Digger Adapter available (accommodates 2-9/16” shaft)
    • Category I hookup (Cat. I pins included)
    • Available with 6”, 9”, and 12” augers (Augers not included)
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  7. Precision Manufacturing Mini Grapple 11155

    Precision Manufacturing Mini Grapple 11155


    The Mini Add-A-Grapple is designed for converting buckets 36″ to 55″ in width to grapple buckets.  This is an especially good application for the compact tractor with a pinned bucket.  It is also a good application for mini skid steers.  The grapple is easily removed to convert back to bucket only – the mount stays in place. 


    • 28″ Grapple Opening
    • Fits Buckets 36″ to 55″ in Width
    • Converts Existing Bucket into a Grapple Bucket
    • Curved Teeth for Wider Grip and Easy Release of Material
    • Easy Removal of Grapple to Convert Back to Bucket Only

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  8. King Kutter 7' Professional Box Blade BB-G-84

    King Kutter 7' Professional Box Blade BB-G-84


    KING KUTTERS PROFESSIONAL BOX BLADES are heavy, yet economically priced. It connects to Category 1 Quick Hitch. It is designed for rugged use by landscapers, farmers, homeowners. You will find these box blades are great for landscaping, land leveling, backfilling, grading, and many other applications. Each box blade is constructed with a 20" specially formed self cleaning moldboard. They have 2 high carbon steel reversible cutting edges (one front and one rear). Each unit features heavy duty, ripper shanks with replaceable, heat treated teeth. Each shank has 4 position adjustment holes that pin to the reinforced frame for maximum efficiency. The shank housing is a 1/4" x 4" x 4" box with slotted holes and pins.


    • Width: 84"
    • Number of Shanks: 6
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  9. Outdoor Water Solutions AerMaster Pro 1 Electric Aerator EAU0185

    Outdoor Water Solutions AerMaster Pro 1 Electric Aerator EAU0185

    NEW AerMaster Pro 1 - 1/4 hp Electric Aerator

    Great for ponds up to 1 acre, this system includes the following:

    • 1/4 hp Rocking Piston Compressor producing 3.5 CFM of air at up to 50 psi
    • 110 CFM Circulating Fan to keep your Compressor cool
    • 100' of 1/2" Polytubing
    • 1 Airstone Diffuser
    • 1 Pressure Relief Valve
    • Powder Coated Steel cabinet manufactered in the USA
    • Energy Efficient Compressor only draws 2.7 amps at 10 psi (115v)

    This is a great system for the money and includes a 2 year warranty. Compare our performance specs and price to others out there and you'll see our AerMaster Pro Series electric aerators deliver! This system works great in almost any pond or lake, even those that are up to 20', 30' or even 40' deep. This is a great electric pond aerator for pond or lake aeration.

    Most people add some weighted airline so that it sinks to the bottom of their pond. You can also add an airstone housing bucket and a duck decoy marker if you want for ease of checking or moving the airstone.

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  10. Tarter 650lb Goat Creep Feeder GC65

    Tarter 650lb Goat Creep Feeder GC65


    This 650-lb. capacity Creep Feeder allows for the continuous free flow of feed. The new front and rear wire mesh design prevents small animals from stepping or climbing into the feeder. A feed control band is standard on all units and the sliding lid provides a dual handle for easy loading of food.

    • Entryway features an adjustable height bar that can be moved up and down or completely removed so you can choose what size kids can enter the cage. This allows access to feeding without competition from adult animals.
    • Sliding lid features dual handle for easy loading
    • Can be used with or without cages
    • Feed control band regulating the flow of food is standard on all units
    • Extra back bracing provides additional support, making this creep feeder the strongest on the market
    • This product features our superior E-Coat protection, the only E-Coated creep on the market.
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