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Shop for electric fence supplies, farm tractor parts, livestock feeders, livestock gates, chemical sprayers and more.

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  1. Concentric International Full Adjustment Seat with Suspension, Fabric, Black 33001BK

    Concentric International Full Adjustment Seat with Suspension, Fabric, Black 33001BK

    • (Fabric) Full Adjustable Seat with Suspension
    • Swivel for Easy Entry/Exit and Operator Positioning
    • Steel Pan with Trimmed Edge
    • Black Molded Cushions
    • Vinyl-Backed Fabric Cover
    • Adjustable Armrests
    • Adjustable Seat Back (Backward 28°, Forward 90°)
    • Suspension with Weight & 3 Position Height Adjustment
    • Includes Retractable Seat Belt
    • Slides

    Use with:

    • Loaders
    • Backhoes
    • Construction Equipment
    • Street Maintenance
    • Utility Tractors
    • Combines
    • Cotton Pickers
    • Sprayers
    • Forage Harvest
    • Hay Cuber
    • Specialty/Industrial Tractors


    Stroke: 2.75"

    Weight Capacity: 110lbs.-286lbs.

    Bolt Patterns (width x depth):

    • 10.25" x 10.5"
    • 10.25" x 11"
    • 10.25" x 11.5"
    • 10.25" x 12.75"
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  2. Tarter Sheeted Curved Sweep Panel CSSP

    Tarter Sheeted Curved Sweep Panel CSSP


    Tarter curved, and sheeted sweep panel


    Measures 62" H x 16" W x 117"

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  3. Taylor Pittsburgh Field General Universal Bale Spear 233-F-602

    Taylor Pittsburgh Field General Universal Bale Spear 233-F-602


    Field General's Universal Bale Spear is designed as a front loader mount for a 3-Point category I or II hitch Mount this mover is rated for bales up to 2000 pounds. The frame is designed for strength and operator safety. The tapered forged penetrator spear allows easier access for quicker bale moving

    • Rated for Bales up to 2000lbs
    • Attaches to front loader hydraulic arms (bucket must be removed) using supplied pins and sliding bracket
    • High Quality Forged Tapered Penetrator Spear
    • Stabilizer Rods are designed to steady bales
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  4. Tarter Standard Palpation Cage SPC

    Tarter Standard Palpation Cage SPC


    Product Features

    • Configured to fit both the Cattlemaster and Cattleman Chutes
    • High-sheeted doors with heavy square tubing to block animal views
    • Features dual-access doors from each side with heavy-duty, spring-loaded slam latches
    • Both doors open into alley and latch, forming a protective barrier from the animals in the alley
    • Easy-adjusting, movable hookups for ease of attachment to chute and alley
    • Grease fittings on all pivot points
    • Durable powder coat finish
    • Measures 78" H x 32" W x 32" L
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  5. Ace Roto Mold 500 Gallon - 45 Degree Cone Bottom Flat Top CB500-52

    Ace Roto Mold 500 Gallon - 45 Degree Cone Bottom Flat Top CB500-52


    Cone Bottom Tanks are selected when a more complete drain out of stored chemical is required in indoor or outdoor installations. Flat Top Cone Bottom Tanks feature additional flats for fitting installation or mount. Tanks require stands to support the conical bottoms. Tanks are manufactured from medium- or high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors. Tank walls are translucent for level viewing and equipped with gallon indicators.

    • Capacity - 500 Gallons - 45 Degree
    • Weight - 130 Pounds
    • Dimensions - 52 x 81
    • Overall Height - 92"
    • Lid - 12"
    • Fitting - 2"
    • Specific Gravity - 2.0
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  6. Drexel 41 Plus Glyphosate 30 Gallon Drum w/ 15% Surfactant

    Drexel 41 Plus Glyphosate 30 Gallon Drum w/ 15% Surfactant


    Drexel Imitator Plus is a non-selective, post-emergent herbicide that provides systematic control of a broad range of annual and perennial weeds, woody brush, and trees. Formulated with the same active ingredient as RoundUp (41% Glyphosate), and a surfactant to provide destruction of plants with just one bottle.

    Usage Information:
    Read entire label. Follow all label guidelines and restrictions.
    Can be used on RoundUp Ready Corn, Soybeans, and Cotton.
    Formulated with a fully loaded surfactant.
    Rainfast if applied at least two hours before rain.
    Safe for domestic animals when used as instructed. Gastrointestinal irritation may result of consumed in large quantities or if freshly sprayed vegetation is consumed.
    Effective on hundreds of herbaceous plants. For a complete list, see label.
    41+ disperses throughout the plant from the point of contact to the root system.
    Visible signs of effective application are gradual wilting and yellowing of the plant, and complete browning of emerged growth. Deterioration of underground plant components will result. Occurs within 2 to 4 days for most annual weeds and 7 or more days for most perennial weeds.


    • 41+ mixes readily with water as a foliar spray to control or destroy most herbaceous plants.
    • Application Equipment: Most standard handheld, field-type, or industrial sprayers in accordance with label instructions.
    • Apply once vegetation has emerged (unless otherwise specified) and is as described on label.
    • Very cool or cloudy weather after application can slow destructive activity and delay visible effects of control.


    • Avoid contact with desirable plants and trees, foliage, green stems, exposed non-woody roots or fruit of crops, as destruction may result.
    • Wear protective clothing and gear when handling.
    • Do not apply directly to water, areas where surface water is present or intertidal areas lower than high water mark.
    • Use caution to not contaminate water when cleaning equipment or disposing of wash waters.

    Ingredient Information:

    • Glyphosate in the form of its isopropylamine salt (41.0%)
    • Inactive ingredients (59.0%)
    • Compatible handheld and backpack sprayers, and protective gear available through Rural King.
    • Rural King Hand Sprayer, 1 gallon
    • Roundup Sprayer, 2 gallon
    • Solo Backpack Sprayer, 4 Gallon

    We are unable to ship this to the following states: NV, UT and WV

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  7. Tarter Cattleman Automatic Head Gate CAH

    Tarter Cattleman Automatic Head Gate CAH


    Product Features

    • Ideal for the small herd
    • Single-person operated
    • Works with Cattleman Chute
    • Can be bolted to wooden alley posts if desired
    • Grease fittings at critical points
    • Single-piece top linkage for smooth operation
    • Quality constructed of heavy-duty 2" tubular steel
    • Sold separately or with Cattleman Chute
    • Available in powder coat red only for superior corrosion protection
    • Measures 72" H x 42" W x 18" L 
    • Mounting volt width is 37.5"


    Recommended for cattle up to 1,100 lbs.

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  8. JT International Royal King Jr. Premier RK933-0-13

    JT International Royal King Jr. Premier RK933-0-13


    Great starter saddle built on a 5 year rawhide covered tree.


    • Hand carved floral/basketweave border
    • Roughout jockey and bottom skirt
    • Neoprene in skirts
    • Blevins style quick change buckles
    • Silver conchos
    • Saddle strings
    • Padded leather covered stirrups
    • Deep padded leather seat


    • TREE: Rawhide Wrapped
    • HORN: 3 H
    • CANTLE: 4/Cheyenne Roll
    • SWELL: 13
    • RIGGING: In-Skirt
    • COLOR: Medium Tan
    • SIZE: 13"
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  9. Tuthill/Fill-Rite 115 Volt AC Pump - Pump Only  FR700VN

    Tuthill/Fill-Rite 115 Volt AC Pump - Pump Only FR700VN


    Product Description

    This rugged, positive displacement, Heavy Duty pump is UL listed. Explosion proof UL listed 1/3 HP motor (115 VAC-60Hz) with sealed bearings, Heavy Duty switch, thermal overload protection and junction box. Carbon vanes and ceramic/carbon seal reduce wear and repair expense. Integral check valve with pressure relief on outlet side reduces pressure drop and improves vertical lift. Easy removable strainer, automatic bypass valve, 2" threaded bung for tank openings.

    Features & Benefits

    • 20 GPM (65 LPM)
    • 1/3 HP Motor
    • UL/cUL Listed Pump and Motor
    • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Construction
    • Diesel/Gasoline/Kerosene/E15/BD up to BD20
    • 2 year warranty
    • 2" Threaded base for tank mounting
    • Iron Rotor with Carbon Rotary Vanes
    • Self Priming
    • Check Valve, Pressure Relief Valve, and strainer included
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  10. Taylor Pittsburgh Field General 5' Landscape Rake 233-YR-G-60

    Taylor Pittsburgh Field General 5' Landscape Rake 233-YR-G-60


    Field General's Landscape Rake are engineered for versatility by having 5 forward and 5 reverse angle settings. These rakes feature a uniquely designed, adjustable stabilizer bar that allows the heat treated spring steel tines to be more or less rigid by raising or lowering the stabilizer bar. You will find these rakes a handy tool for spreading top soil, distributing gravel, removing stones and debris, preparing for seeding and general grading work.

    • Accommodates category I quick Hitch
    • Industrial Tubing Frame with reinforced formed upper frame
    • 3" x 3" Main Beam
    • Angle Beam Tine Frame
    • 5 forward and 5 Reverse angle settings
    • 5/16" x 1" Heat Tread Spring Steel Tines
    • 1" Spacing between tines
    • Tines Individually Mounted for Durability
    • Adjustable Tine Stabilizer Bars
    • Optional Gauge Wheel Available
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