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  1. Weedtrine D Aquatic Herbicide

    Weedtrine D Aquatic Herbicide


    Weedtrine-D is a fast and effective contact killer, specially formulated broad spectrum aquatic herbicide for homeowner use. Effectively controls a broad range of submerged and floating aquatic weeds as well as filamentous algae. Works well in backyard ponds, still lakes, ditches, and lagoons, around buildings, driveways, patios, and fences.

    Potent concentration of active ingredient damages plant's cellular members and inhibits plant's ability to photosynthesize. Herbicide is quickly absorbed by the plant and begins working on contact.

    Effectively controls: Duckweed, Coontail, Cattails, Bladderwort, Pennywort, Salvinia, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, Elodea, Naiad, Milfoil,and more.

    • Active ingredient: 8.53% active diquat dibromide.
    • Mix with Cutrine-Plus algaecide to increase effectiveness on algae.
    • Combine with Cide-Kick II or similar surfactant to maximize effectiveness.
    • Only for use in non-crop and non-planted areas.
    • NOT for use for animal consumption, irrigation, or domestic purposes for 5 days following treatment.
    • Not effective in muddy waters as active ingredient is deactivated.
    • Follow all label guidelines and warnings.
    • Application information: Dilute with water according to label prior to treatment.
    • Submersed weeds: 5-10 gallons per surface acre. Direct pour, underwater injection, or surface spray.
    • Floating Weeds: 2.5-5 gallons per surface acre. Use surface spray applicator of solution.
    • Emergent Weeds: 5 gallons
    • Algae Control: 0.5 to 1.5 ppm.
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  2. Tarter Rancher's Gate Latch RL

    Tarter Rancher's Gate Latch RL


    This latch is design for easily opening and closing the latch, fits both 6 and 7 bar tube gates.

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  3. Stanley Muffler Ford/New Holland Tractor Muffler FO-33

    Stanley Muffler Ford/New Holland Tractor Muffler FO-33


    Fits 1110, 1210, 1215, 1310, 1320, 1510, 1710, 1910, (1983-1987).

    • Vertical-Round Body. Shell - 3-1/4"
    • Replaces OEM 314100521


    • Inlet Length (A): 12"
    • Inlet I.D. (B): Base Plate
    • Shell Length (C): 15"
    • Outlet Length (D): 2"
    • Outlet O.D. (E): 1-1/2"
    • O/A Length (F): 24"
    • Weight in LBS: 5
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  4. Tuthill/FillRite 3/4" Auto Nozzle with Hook - For Diesel N075DAU10 (Green nozzle)

    Tuthill/FillRite 3/4" Auto Nozzle with Hook - For Diesel N075DAU10 (Green nozzle)


    The N-Series nozzles are well suited for a broad range of high flow fueling applications from farm tractors and combines, heavy earth-moving equipment, fleet re-fueling, to above ground storage tanks and portable truck mounted fueling operations. This rugged series of automatic nozzles will provide years of service with minimal down time and quick fueling.

    • Green body cover to indicate diesel compatibility
    • 3/4” aluminum nozzle
    • 3/4” NPT outlet
    • Automatic shut-off
    • 50 PSI working pressure
    • Heavy duty hanging hook compatible with all Fill-Rite products
    • Convenient one-finger hold-open clip to set flow rate
    • Insulated hand grip to minimize hot and cold handling
    • Large spout spring to hold nozzle in place
    • Viton seals and o-rings for smooth valve operation
    • Rated to -20°F operation
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  5. Stanley Muffler Case Tractor Muffler CA-26

    Stanley Muffler Case Tractor Muffler CA-26


    Fits 1290 & 1390 Diesel Tractors.

    • Replaces OEM K302951


    • Inlet Length (A): 7"
    • Inlet I.D. (B): 2-1/4"
    • Shell Length (C): 16"
    • Outlet Length (D): 14"
    • Outlet O.D. (E): 2-1/4"
    • O/A Length (F): 37"
    • Weight in LBS: 7
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  6. Ace Roto Mold 7" Access Extension - White AST19379

    Ace Roto Mold 7" Access Extension - White AST19379


    Access Extensions and Covers are custom roto-molded using high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors. They feature a stop-bead and backup dam along with a custom Nitrile rubber gasket to ensure a water-tight seal. Secure seals prevent contents from escaping tank and prevent excess rainwater from entering and flooding tank. This protects both your drinking water and your property!

    Locking Design All covers and extensions lock onto the tank body and to each other using three bayonet keys. Nylon ties can be used to lock covers through the locking ears without using metal fasteners that can corrode and fail. Locking your tank prevents unauthorized access and accidents. Ace Roto-Mold’s Secure-Seal accessories keep your family, health, property, and investment safe and secure.

    Functions Two different sizes of Access Extensions can raise the height of your cover in combinations of 7″ and 16″, up to a maximum burial depth of 36″. Extensions feature a flat round boss on two sides to facilitate fitting installation or pump-mounting. Risers are 8″ in diameter and almost 24″ high from the top of the access cover. Risers provide convenient access for inspectors and the cap can be secured with a nylon tie. Access covers are large enough for easy pump-out and are available in black, white, or green.

    Internal Accessories Ace Roto-Mold’s heavy-duty divider panels include three sections and can easily convert a one-compartment tank into a two-compartment tank by being inserted into any rib of the tank. The exclusive tank baffle system slows the flow of wastewater and directs it to the middle of the tank so wastewater can separate from solids. An outlet baffle allows the partially treated liquids to flow out for further treatment. State-specific internal plumbing kits are available to meet local requirements.

    • Description - 7" Access Extension - White
    • Weight - 12 Pounds
    • Dimensions - 32.5 x 13.5
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  7. King Kutter 7-1/2' Box Frame Disc Axle 178010

    King Kutter 7-1/2' Box Frame Disc Axle 178010

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  8. Tarter, 4' 7 Bar Standard Tube Gate (Blue), RBB4

    Tarter, 4' 7 Bar Standard Tube Gate (Blue), RBB4


    Product Description

    Our 7-Bar Heavy-Duty Standard Bull Gate is designed for light-to-medium confinement situations, as well as pasture and field entrances. This gate is built tough for tough situations and has been the favorite of farmers and herdsmen for years. 1-3/4" round tube made of high-tensile strength steel with superior continuous-welded saddle joints helps make this 50"-high gate so tough. This gate features vertical “Z” Braces and a superior E-Coat finish to ensure longer life in the field. Gates come with hinges, hinge pins, and 22" snap chain. Available in lengths from 4' to 20'. Available in red, blue, or green.

    NOTE: Not available in galvanized. All gates are 3” shorter than listed length to allow for gate hardware and proper clearance. Recommended for light-to-medium confinement only. 18' and 20' gates have 3 hinges and 3 hinge pins.

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  9. Weaver Leather Horizons Contoured Ring-in-Center Breast Collar - Sunset 40-0875-ST

    Weaver Leather Horizons Contoured Ring-in-Center Breast Collar - Sunset 40-0875-ST

    • Doubled and stiched harness leather breast collars are perfect for a myriad of riders
    • Width tapers from 1 3/4" to 1 1/4"
    • Nickel plates hardware, snap is solid brass
    • Sunset color
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  10. Dickey John Vigilense 32mm 1.25" Blockage Seed Sensor

    Dickey John Vigilense 32mm 1.25" Blockage Seed Sensor

    • Can replace existing sensors that sense material detection via a drilled hole or a flow-thru style
    • Easy installation
    • Detects all sizes of seeds, granular fertilizers, and pesticides
    • Use with air seeders and grain drills
    • Optical technology eliminates disturbance of seed flow
    • Choose either a standard sensor for seed detection or an added stainless steel insert for fertilizer
    • Mounting clamps included
    • Detects predetermined blockage percent level, not just "flowing" or "blocked"
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