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3 Point Equipment & Accessories

3 Point Equipment & Accessories

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  1. King Kutter 7' Gear Driven Tiller TG-84-YK

    King Kutter 7' Gear Driven Tiller TG-84-YK

    Regular Price: $2,199.99

    Special Price: $1,999.99

    Product Description 

    Are designed to perform with its heavy duty gear drive and square tube frame. With 6 tines per flange, you get maximum soil mix for preparing planting beds, gardens, incorporating fertilizer, landscaping, or other jobs. This Category 1 tiller includes a PTO shaft with heavy duty slip clutch. Available in 4, 5,6 and 7 ft models. Now available in 7 ft model with 3-point, CAT. 1 or 2 straddle hitch. The 4 ft model is offset to eliminate tire tracks.

    Product Specs:

    • 50-65 HP Required
    • Category 1 or Category 2
    • Straddle Hitch
    • Category 1 tiller includes a PTO shaft with heavy duty slip clutch
    • 6 tines per flange
    • Heavy duty gear drive and square tube frame
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  2. Hoelscher Hedgehog

    Hoelscher Hedgehog


    The Hedgehog is the ultimate tool for removing unwanted brush, trees or wood posts. 

    • Land owners and developers.
    • Parks and forestry departments.
    • Township and county maintainers.
    • Fencing contractors.

    Clear pastures, ditches, shelterbelts and CRP land quickly and permanently. Pull small trees and brush out by the roots, to prevent regrowth. No need for chains, sawing or expensive chemicals. Remove hedgerows and eradicate invasive noxious shrubs, weeds and vines without touching them. Pull out wood fence posts, up to 8” diameter. Rugged design, with no moving parts. Heavy beveled tines assure positive lifting action. Multi-width openings provide for infinite diameters of trees or posts, from 1/4” to 8”. Attaches to tractor loader or skid-steer with Universal Quick-Tach brackets.

    Spacing of Tines 3"-8" (6-203 mm) 
    Width 65" (1651 mm)
    Height 37" (940 mm)
    Length 21.375" (543 mm)
    Weight 330 lb (141 kg)
    Lift Capacity Up to 4,000 lb (1814 kg)
    Mounting Universal quick-tach

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  3. Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way 5' Estate Groomer with Solid Tires  3100-60-ST-NG

    Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way 5' Estate Groomer with Solid Tires 3100-60-ST-NG


    Whether your grooming job is a simple estate or you need real cutting power in a commercial setting, Taylor-Way has a Heavy Duty Estate Groomer to fit your needs. The 3000/3100 Series have all the features you’re looking for, at a price that makes them affordable.

    Each Groomer has been designed for commercial grade performance, better cutting quality with minimum power required, and most importantly… easy maintenance. Our development team has put several years of experience into making Taylor-Way Groomers the number one choice in the industry.

    Whether you choose the side discharge design with hinged discharge chute or the rear discharge that allows close trimming around trees and landscaping, both feature high blade tip speeds and under-deck baffling for clean discharge of cut material.

    Available in two sizes, these groomers can mow small or large areas with minimal time and effort. Multiple height settings and optional anti-scalp rollers provide a professional cut finish even on rough terrain while the baffling maintains excellent distribution of clippings.

    The 3000/3100 Series Estate Groomer have accessible settings, parts and grease fittings for the ultimate in ease and cutting results. Take a close look at the features Taylor-Way has to offer.

  4. Full Floating Category I 3-pt hitch, with adjustable lower link arms with settings to match different rear tractor sizes
  5. Interchangeable caster wheel arms with greaseable, replaceable bushings
  6. Simple cutting height settings, obtained by adding or removing adjustment spacers
  7. Fully shielded drive line is standard on all models. Three section belt cover to allow easier service access
  8. Easy, accessible grease fittings on all major wear points
  9. Heavy duty 7 Gauge deck for durability and a smooth finish cut, even in thick, conditions
  10. Strong 1.25” diameter pivot shafts, on wheel forks for long life and positive castering
  11. Large 10” diameter gauge wheels, with choice of solid or pneumatic tires
  12. Anti-scalp roller to maintain a smooth cut on uneven terrain
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  • King Kutter Skid Steer Hydraulic Concrete Bucket SS-CM-HY-ZK

    King Kutter Skid Steer Hydraulic Concrete Bucket SS-CM-HY-ZK


    With the King Kutter Skid Steer Hydraulic Concrete bucket you can go more places than large concrete trucks can. Great for the times you can't get a truck in the place/ position you want, or a concrete pumper is overkill. Two models to choose from, a manually operated or hydraulically operated discharge gate model. The hydraulic discharge gate helps the operator to control the concrete flow more precisely for more accurately placed pours.

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  • King Kutter 72" Rear Discharge Finishing Mower RSFM-72

    King Kutter 72" Rear Discharge Finishing Mower RSFM-72


    KING KUTTER'S FREE FLOATING FLEX-HITCH REAR DISCHARGE FINISHING MOWERS lead the way in performance and quality. It is constructed of heavy 3/16" deck material, heavy-duty wheels, and heat-treated 1/4"-thick blades. The versatile machine mows on level or unleveled ground. Standard equipment on all King Kutter free floating finishing mowers includes a 40hp gearbox, shielded PTO shaft, gauge wheels and a self-tightening belt that reduces slippage. King Kutter's specially designed free floating flex hitch system allows the mower to follow the contour of the ground, thus mowing evenly on uneven ground. This Rear Discharge Mower has a totally open rear deck with belt guards that allow the grass to be safely and smoothly discharged giving your lawn that rich, manicured look that will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.


    • Cutting Width: 72"
    • Blade Size: 1/4" x 2" x 20"
    • Bade Tip Speed - FPM: 18,463
    • Pneumatic Tires: 4 - 9 x 3.50
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  • Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way 6' Gear Driven Rotary Tiller 962-GDT-72

    Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way 6' Gear Driven Rotary Tiller 962-GDT-72


    Taylor-Way Gear-Driven Rotary Tillers have a rugged, reinforced main frame for years of dependable service. Available in 4’, 5’, 6’, or 7’ widths.

    The heavy duty gear drive operates in an oil bath for dependable performance and reduced maintenance.

    6-tines per flange requires less horsepower yet operates smoothly, especially in tough conditions.

    Standard slip clutch 540 RPM drive line provides protection for drive components…a feature that’s optional on most other brands.

    Tilling depth controlled by adjustable skid shoes – to a maximum 8” depth.

    Standard heavy-duty rear deflector provides improved leveling and soil finish.

    Reinforced main frame.

    Recommended for tractors up to 65 HP

    • 540 RPM Slipclutch drive line standard on Taylor-Way tillers, optional on most other brands
    • Tilling depth is controlled by adjustable skid shoes – to a maximum of 8” depth
    • Heavy duty gear drive gives smooth reliable performance. Oil bath operation provides constant lubrication for long life
    • 6-tines per flange require less horsepower
    • Heavy-duty steel rotor shaft
    • Heavy-duty flanges built for years of hard work
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  • Hoelscher Model 50 Hay Fork

    Hoelscher Model 50 Hay Fork


    Using hydraulic muscle for bale handling is not limited to large machinery. Now you can do a big job with a little loader. This model helps dairy farms, horse ranches, landscapers, or construction crews with their hay or straw handling chores. The model 50 will handle five bales. If you want to automate your hay handling, but don't have a large loader, or need the maneuverability of a skid-loader, this is your answer.

    Length (overal) 41.5" (1054mm)
    Length (usable) 33.5" (851mm)
    Width 70" (1778mm)
    Height 21" (533mm)
    Weight 230lbs (104kg)
    No. of Hooks 10
    Bale capacity 5-14x18" (356x457mm)
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  • Priefert ArenaMaster AG

    Priefert ArenaMaster AG

    From: $1,943.97

    A well-conditioned arena enhances performance and decreases the chance of injury.  Different equine events often require different ground conditions.  The ability to condition the ground so that it is suitable for a variety of events requires the right dirt, the right moisture level, and the right equipment.  These three things work together to create the optimal firmness and depth required for peak performance.  The opportunity to experiment or adapt to changing conditions or demands is often determined by the versatility of the arena groomer and the expertise of the operator. 

    Priefert’s ArenaMaster™ eliminates expensive hydraulics and allows operators to break packed ground, pulverize clumps of dirt, and leave consistent footing; often in a single pass.  Offset rows of S-tines provide multiple points for ground breaking efficiency and to minimize large clods.  Penetration depth can be regulated by changing the tractor’s top link, lift control height, and/or the ArenaMaster’s™ leveling bar adjustment.  The leveling bar also aids in the breaking clods, leveling high spots, and filling in holes.  The trailing “Clump Buster” further pulverizes dirt clods and packs the sub-surface for consistent footing; it also fluffs the top layer of dirt to ensure a smooth surface, suitable for any practice or competitive arena. 

    The heavy “Push/Drag” box blade is a unique feature of the ArenaMaster™.  For increased tine penetration, leave the blade in the “up” position; for maximum dirt moving, leave the blade in the “down” position or let the blade “float” for a more level, terrain-conforming finish.  An additional feature of the Push/Drag when pinned in the “down” position, is that it can be used to push dirt when the tractor is in reverse.  This feature comes in handy for back-filling roping boxes or moving dirt into corners or other hard-to-reach places.  Available in a 6’ or 8’ width, Priefert’s ArenaMaster™ features an Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish helps the product to resist rust, scratches, and fading to add years of life to your investment.  


    • Designed to receive 7/8” pins in the bottom and ¾” pins at the top – Pins NOT included
    • Replacement S-tines and tine points are available
    • Arena Master features an Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish 
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  • Howse Implement 6' Heavy Duty Round Back Cutter with Chains CRB72C-R

    Howse Implement 6' Heavy Duty Round Back Cutter with Chains CRB72C-R

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