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3 Point Spears

3 Point Spears

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Hay season is here again, and you need equipment you can rely on to get your hay from the field to the barn before the next rain. Rural King's selection of 3 point spears provides you several options to fit your hay hauling needs.

Hauling hay is hard work. Thankfully Rural King's 3 point spears allow for quick and easy moving of hay bales of all sizes, saving you valuable time and energy. No matter what you bale or how, there is a 3 point spear to fit your needs. With weight capacity options of up to 2,000 pounds, Rural King has a spear to fit any job large or small and turn back-breaking labor into quick work.

Rural King offers hay spears in two, three, and four tined options suitable for both round and square bales. No matter what implements you prefer, there is an option compatible for your equipment. Rural King's 3 point spears come in designs for attachment to skid loaders, front-end loader mounts, category 1 and 2 mounts, or three point hitch mounts.

Rural King's 3 point spears are available from trusted brands such as CJJ, Howse, Taylor Pittsburgh, King Kutter, and Tarter. These brands are known for crafting quality equipment that is built to last.