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Rotary Cutters

Rotary Cutters

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Rotary cutters are tools used to cut things such as, fabric, grass, and weeds. At Rural King we sell agriculture rotary cutters. These rotary mowers have rotating blades that are used to cut vegetation. Most rotary cutters are pulled behind tractor. They are used to cut weeds, small trees, weeds, heavy bushes and thick grass.

The cutters are designed to use for any tough job of clearing and area of the weeds, bushes or thick grass that it has. At Rural King we off the 60 horsepower King Kutter Rotary that has a cutting width of 60 inches.

We also have the 40 Horsepower Taylor Pittsburgh Field General 6' Flex Hitch Rotary Cutter. This cutter has a unique hitch which allows it to roll 15 degrees up or down, on the left or right side of the machine, this feature allows the Cutter to follow the contours of your field like you never could before.

For the huge jobs you have, such as clearing a field, Rural King has the 15' Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way Pull Cutter with Double Laminated Tires. This cutter will clear almost any area you could possibly need to clear. It has maneuverable cutting ability, and a Rugged 7 Gauge deck with spring Cushioned Wheel Axles.

Rotary cutters are an excellent machine to get any agriculture clearing job done.