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When preparing your land for planting your crops, it is important that you have the right equipment. Culti-Packers are incredibly useful when you are preparing your land for this year's crop. King Kutter and Taylor Pittsburgh Field are among the top-of-the-line Culti-Packers on the market today. Rural King takes pride in selling quality equipment. So whether you want to plant seed in your garden, or on the farm, Culti-Packers will make your life easier and help to produce a higher yield. You can also use anything from an ATV to a tractor to pull these versatile pieces of equipment. Any farmer or gardener knows that preparing the soil and planting seed is essential to producing a quality crop. Culti-Packers can help maintain the seed in place and protect it from rain or wind that might disrupt the process. With the double-sided hitch, these Culti-Packers can be easily transported without damage to the equipment. When you are ready to start working, the Culti-Packer easily flips over to begin working the soil. Rural King's Culti-Packers are farm and garden ready, so get yours today so you can ensure that your harvest is plenty this year!