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Cultivators are an invaluable piece of equipment for farming and gardening. From preparing seed beds to weed control, cultivators assist in ensuring crops are at their healthiest from plant to harvest. After harvest and prior to planting cultivators assist in preparing the soil in a number of ways, including burying crop residue, aerating soil, and uniformly incorporating fertilizers. Rural King has many options available to meet whatever your needs may be. Rural King offers both Taylor Pittsburgh and King Kutter brand cultivators.

King Kutter has been manufacturing farm implements for over 30 years. Thirty years of research and development have produced high quality and dependable results in all King Kutter equipment. The cultivators are made from heavy-duty angle iron, welded to produce a rugged and reliable implement suited for any farming or gardening need.

Taylor Pittsburgh cultivators are also high quality and dependable. Made from heavy-duty components, Taylor Pittsburgh offers multiple options to help you with any gardening or farming needs. Adjustable tines for flexibility in row width and vibrating tines are just some of the added options you can count on from Taylor Pittsburgh.

Whatever your farming or gardening needs, Rural King offers numerous options in cultivators to ensure you are able to find the optimum solution.