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Imagine a field that spans further than your eye can see. You re standing in the middle of it. The sun is beating down on your shoulders and the heat is building all around you. Now imagine it is your job to plow this field. The farmer walks up to you and hands you a garden hoe. Then he smiles a sly smile and says, "Get to work, son." What is going on here? He can't expect you to hoe this field. Is he crazy? No. He just forgot to buy one of our plows and is hoping you are desperate enough for a little money to do this back breaking work.

Now, not being a fool, you head on down and take a look at the plows we have stocked. We offer 3 sizes - 12,14 and 16 inches. It's important to know what size will work best for your needs, so check with the farmer before you come by. Be sure you also know your tractor size and make sure the plow you choose will hook up to the tractor properly. We have mini and single mold board plows, and with steel frames, these are made to last and to do some serious work out in the field.

It's important to know the specs before you come, so you can choose the plow that will work best for you. Once you buy the right one, you can trust any of our plows to get the job done without breaking your back. So, toss that hoe to the side and get plowing.