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Misc. Equipment

Misc. Equipment

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  1. Howse Implement Red 3-Point 5' Aerator SXA603PT-R

    Howse Implement Red 3-Point 5' Aerator SXA603PT-R


    Product Features

    • Category I 3-Point Hitch
    • Aerator Drum Pipe is made of heavy wall pipe
    • Frame is made of heavy angle iron
    • Drum is fill-able to add weight for aerating tougher ground
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  2. King Kutter 1.5 Ton XB Dump Trailer 1.5T-DT-XB-OK

    King Kutter 1.5 Ton XB Dump Trailer 1.5T-DT-XB-OK


    KING KUTTER'S 1.5 TON XB DUMP TRAILER is ideal for landscaping, construction and general gardening. This trailer features a unique two-way tailgate that will open from the top (like a pickup truck) to load or unload large bulky items or will open from the bottom (like a dump truck) for spreading gravel, dirt, sand and many other materials. The tailgate features a cam over latch to control spreading applications. Other features include removable side panels, swivel style hitch, and a double diaphragm hydraulic pump for easy dumping. This unit is constructed with 12 gauge formed steel sides and end panels for maximum strength and durability. The XB Dump Trailer is designed for off road use not to exceed 20 mph.


    • 1.5 Ton Capacity
    • Rear Dump
    • Removable Smooth Side and End Panels
    • 2 Way Opening Tailgate
    • Swivel Clevis Hitch
    • Swivel 2" Ball Hitch
    • 18 X 8.5 X 8 Turf Style Tires
    • Walking Beam Tandem Axle
    • Single Action 3" X 12" Cylinder
    • Fold Away Tongue Jack
    • Bed Dimensions 50"W X 70"L X 13"H
    • Double Diaphragm Hydraulic Pump
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  3. Tarter 6ft. Land Grader LGY6

    Tarter 6ft. Land Grader LGY6


    Product Details:

    • Ideal for grading driveways, filling potholes or reconditioning gravel roads
    • Dual blade with box side for precision grading
    • Extra length for improved leveling plus a 72″ grading width
    • Hardened replaceable reversible cutting edge with 1/2 inch heavy-duty slides
    • Ideal for tractors from 18 to 55 horsepower
    • Category 1 quick hitch compatible
    • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat yellow finish only
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  4. Howse Implement Red Category II Scissor Lift SL2-R

    Howse Implement Red Category II Scissor Lift SL2-R


    Product Features

    • Category II 3-Pint Hitch
    • Category II Top Link
    • Optional Hydraulic Cylinder
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  5. King Kutter Boom Pole BP-Y

    King Kutter Boom Pole BP-Y


    KING KUTTER'S BOOM POLES are lightweight yet durable and easy to mount. It is constructed from reinforced schedule 40 tubing. It fits all three-point hitches with category one specifications.

    • Hitch Category: Cat.1
    • Lift Capacity: 500LB
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  6. Osborn Agricultural and Industrial Broomate 7451

    Osborn Agricultural and Industrial Broomate 7451

    From: $1,555.97

    The Broomate Agricultural / Industrial broom has been developed to incorporate best design and materials to ensure a robust and efficient product construction. The 5mm galvanized steel hood is tough and incorporates linkages for tine forks as standard. Manufactured to the highest standard, it is highly versatile, it can be used to clear commercial and industrial debris, rubbish, leaves and even snow, standing water and industrial spills effectively, keeping your workplace clear and minimizing damage from accidents or weather.

    Maintenance Free:

    • Simple and Cost Effective Cleaning Solution
    • No Hydraulics, No Motors, No Rotating or Electrical Parts
    • Easy to Clean with Water or Steam


    • 5 mm Galvanized Steel Hood and Fork-Shoes and Protective End-Shield


    • Excellent Cleaning Capabilities Suitable for Heavy Debris and Dirt like Gravel, Sand, Slurry and Snow, as well as Liquids
    • Bi-Directional - Sweep Forward or in Reverse

    Environmentally Friendly:

    • All parts can be Recycled
    • No Need for Motor Oil, Fuel or Electric Consumption

    Variable Mounting:

    • Quick and Easy Mounting on Almost Any Vehicle Using Optional Adapters (Extensive Range Available)

    Easy Replacement:

    • Brush Strips can be Replaced in an Instant
    • Simply Slide-Out and Slide-In
    • Easy Storage
    • Supporting Frame Prevents Brush Strips from Bending in storage

    Safety First:

    • No Rotating Parts, Chains or Motors
    • No Noise, No Dust


    Broomate Model  Width  Depth Height  Strip Count  Weight 
    110 4 Foot 27 Inches 21 Inches 11 290 Pounds
    1800 6 Foot  27 Inches  21 Inches  11  388 Pounds 
    2400  8 Foot  27 Inches  21 Inches  11  456 Pounds 
    3000  10 Foot  27 Inches  21 Inches  11  535 Pounds 
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  7. Taylor Pittsburgh Field General Carry All 233-CA

    Taylor Pittsburgh Field General Carry All 233-CA


    Field General's Carry All is a versatile tool with hundreds of uses. The frame is made of heavy duty angle iron with pre-punched holes which readily accept plywood or plank limber to create a working platform. With a lift capacity of 1,000 lbs., it makes a great tool to carry feed, rocks, wood, and fencing supplies, plus much, much more.

    • Pre-Punched Holes for Platform Mounting
    • category I, 3 PInt Hitch
    • Heavy Duty Angle Iron Constriction
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  8. King Kutter Stump Kutter 30" Head SK-30-YP

    King Kutter Stump Kutter 30" Head SK-30-YP


    You have seen stump grinders. Now check out the all New, Patent Pending, King Kutter Stump Kutter! It will change the way you think about stump removal. The innovative 30” diameter head, engages a large area of the stump simultaneously. It drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to remove a stump, and therefore increases productivity. In fact it can take a 30” diameter stump and cut it down 18” in less than 15 minutes, powered simply by the tractor’s PTO. Heavy Duty cam-type cut-out clutch, lift arm stabilization kit and storage stands come standard with the King Kutter Stump Kutter. 

    • MODEL # - SK-30-YP
    • CUTTING WIDTH – 30”

    Note: Requires 50 HP Tractor Do Not Exceed 55 HP.

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  9. Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way Highway Dump Wagon 4000-HWY80X120

    Taylor Pittsburgh Taylor Way Highway Dump Wagon 4000-HWY80X120


    This versatile Tandem Axle Dump Trailer is highway approved and is a perfect match for property owner, landscaper, contractor and rental yard applications. This rugged rear Dump Trailer has a G.V.W. rating of 9,980 lbs. and features tandem 6,000 lb. axles, with a self contained 12 volt hydraulic dumping system. The sturdy frame and bed construction is designed to provide years of dependable hauling service.

    • G.V.W.R.: 9,980 lbs.
    • Axles: Tandem 6000 lb. Axles with 6 Bolt E-Z Lube Hubs
    • Box Length: 120”
    • Box Width: 80”
    • Side Board Height: 18”
    • Box Capacity: 3.7 Cubic Yards
    • Tie Rails: ½” All Sides
    • Tie Down Anchors: D-Ring (2 Each Side)
    • Suspension: Leaf Spring
    • Hitch Coupler: 2 5/16” Ball Hitch
    • Safety Chains: ¼” Proof Coil with 5/16” Safety Hooks
    • Main Frame Construction: 6” Channel
    • Floor Construction: 10 Gauge
    • Fender Construction: 11 Gauge
    • Rear Gate: Double Swinging
    • Tires: 225/75R16 on 16”x 6” Rims
    • Lights: DOT Class. With 6 wire plug
    • Lift Mechanism: Hydraulic Cylinder
    • Hydraulic System: 12-Volt with Deep Cycle Battery Standard in Lockable Storage Box
    • Dump Control: Hand-Held Remote
    • Safety Break-Away System: Standard Equipment
    • Tongue Jack: Standard with Side Crank
    • Approximate Weight (Empty): 2,990 lbs.
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  10. SnowBear Elite Series Sweeper Front End Bucket Mount 324-207

    SnowBear Elite Series Sweeper Front End Bucket Mount 324-207


    The SnowBear Elite Series Sweeper front end bucket mount enables you to mount your Sweeper to any kind of straight end bucket, whether it is on a tractor or skid steer. It comes fully welded so no assembly is required and mounts to your bucket edge in minutes. Attaching the mount to the bucket is simple and easy with the T handled fasteners that are supplied with the mount kit. Finished in a premium ultra violet resistant thermally bonded powder coat silver hammertone paint.

    Product Features:

    • Part #: 324-207
    • No assembly required
    • Comes with T handle fasteners
    • Allows you to mount your SnowBear Elite Series Sweeper to any bucket
    • Premium ultra violet resistant powder coat hammertone paint finish
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