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Misc. Equipment

Misc. Equipment

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  1. Howse Implement 7' Pull Type Plugger SXP84P-R

    Howse Implement 7' Pull Type Plugger SXP84P-R

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  2. King Kutter Pallet Mover PM-15

    King Kutter Pallet Mover PM-15


    KING KUTTER'S PALLET MOVER moves more than just pallets! You can haul hay, feed, fencing materials, boxes of fruit or vegetables and anything up to 2,000 lbs. at 24" out from the main frame.


    • Hitch Category: CAT 1
    • Weight Capacity: 2000 LB at 24" Out
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  3. Tarter Landscape Rake LRY

    Tarter Landscape Rake LRY

    From: $424.97

    Product Details:

    • Rake used for smoothing, raking, or contouring soil surfaces
    • Rotates a full 360° with 5 forward and 5 reverse settings to be pulled or pushed
    • Standard units work efficiently up to 25-35 HP on 540 RPM tractors (depending on rake size)
    • Replaceable high carbon curved tines
    • Use with or without wheel kit
    • Wheels allow several points of adjustment for varying heights above grade
    • Category I quick-hitch hookup (Cat. I pins included)
    • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish

    NOTES: This unit can be fitted with optional wheel kit. Wheels are NOT included with this Rake

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  4. Howse Implement Red 3-Point 5' Aerator SXA603PT-R

    Howse Implement Red 3-Point 5' Aerator SXA603PT-R


    Product Features

    • Category I 3-Point Hitch
    • Aerator Drum Pipe is made of heavy wall pipe
    • Frame is made of heavy angle iron
    • Drum is fill-able to add weight for aerating tougher ground
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  5. Osborn Broomate Replacement Brush Set REP-2

    Osborn Broomate Replacement Brush Set REP-2

    From: $700.97

    The BROOMATE Agricultural / Industrial broom has been developed to incorporate best design and materials to ensure a robust and efficient product construction. The 5mm galvanized steel hood is tough and incorporates linkages for tine forks as standard. Manufactured to the highest standard, it is highly versatile, it can be used to clear commercial and industrial debris, rubbish, leaves and even snow, standing water and industrial spills effectively, keeping your workplace clear and minimizing damage from accidents or weather.

    Maintenance Free:

    • Simple and Cost Effective Cleaning Solution
    • No Hydraulics, No Motors, No Rotating or Electrical Parts
    • Easy to Clean with Water or Steam

    Easy Replacement:

    • Brush Strips can be Replaced in an Instant
    • Simply Slide-Out and Slide-In
    • Easy Storage
    • Supporting Frame Prevents Brush Strips from Bending in Storage


    Broomate Model Width Depth  Height  Strip Count Weight 
    Replacement Brush Set - 1800 6 Foot  12 Inches  12 Inches  11  105 Pounds 
    Replacement Brush Set - 2400 8 Foot 12 Inches 12 Inches 11 140 Pounds
    Replacement Brush Set - 3000 10 Foot  12 Inches 12 Inches 11 175 Pounds 
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  6. Howse Implement Red Category II Scissor Lift SL2-R

    Howse Implement Red Category II Scissor Lift SL2-R


    Product Features

    • Category II 3-Pint Hitch
    • Category II Top Link
    • Optional Hydraulic Cylinder
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  7. Priefert Litter Back Blade PILBB

    Priefert Litter Back Blade PILBB


    Litter conditions are very important to the performance and health of today’s market poultry, making proper litter management between flocks a top priority for producers.  Proper litter preparation helps ensure a healthy environment for the new chicks and helps reduce the potential for bird health problems.  In-house windrow composting is a cost-effective management practice that reduces the amount of pathogenic microorganisms in poultry litter.  This technique improves the overall quality of litter that will be reused for the growth of successive flocks.

    In-house windrow composting, or “windrowing” as it is often called, is a simple technique to implement into your litter management practices.  After the birds are removed from the house, the litter is piled into windrows along the length of the house.  Natural bacterial metabolism generates heat within these piles or rows.  Within 48 hours, the internal temperature of these piles will surpass 130°F, which is sufficient to inactive most pathogenic microorganisms found in poultry litter.  Most producers will maintain the windrows for 5-9 days before spreading the litter out to be reused for the next flock of birds.  Often, producers will turn these piles during this time to release moisture, increase aeration, and ensure that all parts of the litter windrow are heated to inactive pathogens.

    Given the increasing cost of quality bedding material and its decreasing availability, proper litter management is now more important than ever.  Priefert’s Litter Back Black is specifically designed for litter windrowing and is a solid, yet still economical, choice for producers.  This heavy duty blade mounts to the 3-point hitch on your tractor.  Its 360 degree pivoting offset and wall scraping blade speeds up the house cleaning process and provides a more complete cleanout.  This blade also comes with a 10” x 12” removable wing attachment to ensure that you can clean all the way to the sidewalls.  With this blade, you can not only create safe litter conditions for your birds, but you will also save money by reducing expensive cleanout and shavings costs.  


    • Blade Width: 84”
    • Blade Width with Wing Attachment: 96”
    • Blade Height: 26”
    • Overall Height: 40”
    • Weight: 739 lbs (Weights are approximate)
    • 3-Point Hitch Attachment
    • 5 grease zerks to service (2 on each of the swivel points, 1 on the pivot)
    • 3 pivot points, 15% angle adjustment
    • 140 degree front angle adjustment
    • Reversible Dual Cutting Edge Blade rotates 360 degrees
    • Includes 10” x 12” removable wing attachment
    • Ships with two Category I or Category II pins
    • Ships with 3-Point Stand for easy attachment
    • Dip Painted Priefert Blue
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  8. Taylor Pittsburgh Field General Carry All 233-CA

    Taylor Pittsburgh Field General Carry All 233-CA


    Field General's Carry All is a versatile tool with hundreds of uses. The frame is made of heavy duty angle iron with pre-punched holes which readily accept plywood or plank limber to create a working platform. With a lift capacity of 1,000 lbs., it makes a great tool to carry feed, rocks, wood, and fencing supplies, plus much, much more.

    • Pre-Punched Holes for Platform Mounting
    • category I, 3 PInt Hitch
    • Heavy Duty Angle Iron Constriction
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  9. Ovis Loader Attachments 8' Front End Carrier 600-JD2

    Ovis Loader Attachments 8' Front End Carrier 600-JD2


    This Front End Carrier is 8 feet wide, 4 feet deep, and 4 feet tall, and has quick attach brackets for JOHN DEERE 500 Series loaders and several other JOHN DEERE loaders. It is constructed from powder coated steel supports, #1 grade pressure treated decking, and approximately 400 galvanized fasteners. It has approximately the same cargo capacity as a full size pickup truck, and its small sides make it especially convenient for carrying material longer than its width (unlike a bucket). It has been tested to hold 2,000 pounds, and it brings greatly expanded functionality to what you can do with your tractor.


    Model 600-JD2
    Weight 500 Pounds
    Width 96"
    Height 51"
    Depth 50"
    Angle Irons (4) 1/4" x 3" x 3" x 48"
    L Braces (4) 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 18"
    Deck Stiffener (1) 1/4" x 3" x 96"
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  10. Pat's Easy Mover - 4 ft. Model w/ Trailer Mover PEM4

    Pat's Easy Mover - 4 ft. Model w/ Trailer Mover PEM4


    Product Description:

    Pat's Easy Mover (4' Bucket) is a front end loader style bucket that attaches to the rear of your tractor using an included 3 point hitch mover/ toolbar.Pat's Easy Mover provides a low cost way to complete many of the tasks that were previously only possible with an expensive front end loader including digging, scooping and spreading.

    Pat’s Easy Mover is tough enough to dig into the ground or scoop piles of dirt or other debris, while the dumping mechanism makes Pat’s Easy Mover ideally suited for scooping and evenly spreading rock on driveways, leveling dirt piles or spreading mulch.In addition to the bucket the system also includes a removable tailgate that allows it to function as a transport box. The entire bucket can be removed leaving a trailer mover/ toolbar with a 2" receiver hitch and the capability to accept a goose neck ball. Pat's Easy Mover is made in the USA. 

    • 4' Bucket Dimensions: 48" x 18" x 14"

    Product Features / Useful For:

    • Spreading rock, dirt and mulch
    • Convenient Dump Mechanism makes it a breeze to rock driveways or levling dirt piles
    • Grade yard / fields
    • Haul fence posts, tools, sprayers, firewood

    Also available in different model with a 5 ft. bucket -MFG#: PEM5 - Both models use Category 1 Trailer mover/toolbar


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