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Seed Spreaders

Seed Spreaders

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Seed spreaders are handy to have. While they are called seed spreaders they can be used to spread many things, such as fertilizer, lime, feed for wild game, salt, and much more. They are great for small farmers, landscapers, hunters, contractors, or just around the home. If you need to plant some grass seed, have a large garden, or want to salt your driveway than seed spreaders are the way to go. They can make these tasks even easier and faster.

Rural King offers many different spreaders and you can find just the right one for your job. If you need one for your ATV, you can find the Buyers Products 15 Gallon 12 volt rear ATV seeder. It has a quick detach mounting bracket, the hopper empties completely and you can use it to fertilize, broadcast seed, and feed game.

For use on an SUV or truck there is the Swisher UTV-SUV truck spreader. This spreader spreads grass seed, fertilizer, salt or sand with even consistency. For those who use tractors this one is designed for sub-compact tractors with 3-point hitches, it is the Taylor Pittsburgh Field General 3 point sub-compact spreader. It offers 2 control levers which are easy to reach from the tractor and offers a uniform spreading pattern.

These are just a few of seeder spreaders offered at Rural King. Visit your local Rural King or shop the website to get the right spreader that you need.