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Agricultural Sprayers & Chemicals

Agricultural Sprayers & Chemicals

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  1. Outdoor Water Solutions Small Peasants Bronze Backyard Windmill PFW0118

    Outdoor Water Solutions Small Peasants Bronze Backyard Windmill PFW0118


    This is an officially licensed Pheasants Forever backyard windmill that is powder coated in Bronze. It stands 8'3" tall and would look great at your farm, hunting cabin or just on your property. If you're a hunter or have a dad, uncle, grandfather or someone who is, this would be a great gift.

    A portion of all sales goes back to Pheasants Forever to help finance habitat restoration, youth training and hunter education.

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  2. Weed Razer LE0111

    Weed Razer LE0111


    Delight in the possibility of having a beautiful, peaceful pond; a place where you and the family can enjoy lazy summer afternoons picnicking, swimming, fishing or strolling along its banks.  A pond that when you glance in the water you can actually see the habitat beneath the surface, a pond that your neighbors will envy.

    All that is possible using the WEED RAZER. With its incredibly sharp blades, innovative "V" shape design and the ability to toss it up to 30 feet or more, your pond can finally be rid of those unsightly weeds.  Rid yourself of that unsightly organic matter by simply following four easy steps...

    1. Step close to the waters edge and toss the Weed RAZER into the water

    2. Be patient with this next step as you wait for it to sink all the way to the pond floor

    3. Slowly start pulling the rope attached to the Weed RAZER back in (at this point you are slicing and dicing all those weeds and pond matter, even pulling some right up from their roots)

    4. Repeat the process following the edge of your pond , tossing it in, waiting and then pulling it back

    All that hard work will pay off and you will soon be able to see those unsightly weeds come to the surface.  For the best results, use the WEED RAKER to remove all that debris so the particles do not fertilize new growth.


    • Reduced Maintenance Time
    • "V" Shaped Cutting Design
    • 48" Wide Cutting Path
    • Only weights 8 lbs.
    • Handle length 65"
    • Pull Rope 25 ft.
    • Works on Lily Pads, Common Pond Weeds, Even Cattails!
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  3. Sonar A.S. Quart L00350

    Sonar A.S. Quart L00350


    Sonar AS is a selective systemic aquatic herbicide to control the growth of aquatic vegetation in lakes, reservoirs, fresh water ponds, and drainage canals.

    Sonar AS is a 41.7% Fluridone product which inhibits the formation of carotene, degrading the chlorophyll necessary for photosynthesis and plant energy production.

    • For best results, apply prior to initial growth or at beginning of active growth.
    • Effectiveness reduced in rapidly moving water or conditions which dilute the concentration of Sonar AS. Contact must be maintained for 45 days for effective treatment. Symptoms of affected plants include white and pink foliage growth.
    • For a complete list of plants controlled by Sonar AS, see label.
    • Follow all label guidelines and warnings.
    • Permits may be required prior to use of this product, consult with local water authorities.
    • Harmful if absorbed through skin, inhaled, or swallowed.
    • Not for use in drinking, fishing, swimming, or water for livestock or pet consumption.
    • Not for use in hydroponic farming, or in water for irrigating nursery or greenhouse plants.
    • Do not use any type of irrigation system for application.

    We are unable to ship this item outside of the US.

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  4. Outdoor Water Solutions 4 Way Rubber Membrane Diffuser Plate ARS0124

    Outdoor Water Solutions 4 Way Rubber Membrane Diffuser Plate ARS0124


    This is a self weighted diffuser plate with four (4) rubber membrane diffusers and a check valve. When you're looking for the maximum amount of air and only want to run one airline to one diffuser, this is the way to get it.

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  5. Pond Logic, Pond Shade: Black Pearl (16 Oz.), 130132

    Pond Logic, Pond Shade: Black Pearl (16 Oz.), 130132


    Product Description

    Beautify your pond while protecting it from problematic UV sunlight with Pond Logic Pond Shade.

    Product Features

    • Some Colorful Commentary

      Pond Logic Pond Shade is available in a decorative Blue Sapphire or reflective Black Pearl color to provide UV protection while fitting in with your unique landscaping. Both options provide the same excellent level of protection so you don’t have to sacrifice performance to achieve the look you want.
    • Let It Flow

      Pond Logic Pond Shade is delivered as a powerful liquid, meaning more long lasting color in every bottle. Just remember, you can always add more color, only apply a little pond shade at a time.
    • Fish, Plant & Wildlife Friendly Pond Logic

      Barley Straw Extract is a completely natural product. When used in accordance with label directions Barley Straw Extract is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.
    • When To Use Pond Logic Pond Shade:

      May be used all season long to provide a natural shade while improving water clarity issues. Pond Logic Pond Shade is a non-toxic coloring agent that will make your pond water a beautiful sapphire blue or mirrored black that will not harm or discolor ornamental aquatic plants or fish. As a benefit of its color, Pond Logic Pond Shade reduces the amount of sunlight (UV light) that penetrates the water, making it an ideal non-toxic solution to water clarity issues.
    • How To Use Pond Logic Pond Shade:

      Use ½ ounce per 500 gallons. Pour directly into pond water. If pond water is turbid, actual color may vary; for best results start with clear water. If color is too dark perform a 25% water change. Treated water will not harm lawns, gardens or landscape plants. Use as needed to maintain desired color.
    • Pond Logic Pond Shade Dosage Rates:

      • 250 Gallons: ½ Ounce
      • 500 Gallons: 1 Ounce
      • 750 Gallons: 1½ Ounces
      • 1,000 Gallons: 2 Ounces
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  6. Airmax Eco-Systems Am100 System Less Airline 600125

    Airmax Eco-Systems Am100 System Less Airline 600125


    Designed for very large or irregular shaped ponds up to 6 acres.

    System includes:

    • (2) 1/3 HP Dual Piston Compressor.
    • (6) ProAir-4 Self Weighted Diffusers
    • Cabinet and Cooling Fan.
    • Air Pressure Gauge and Air Manifold with Adjustment Valves.
    • Pressure Relief Valve.
    • 6' Power Cord.
    • 5/8" Self Weighted Airline 100' roll sold separately
    • Complete installation guide and operating instructions.
    • 2-Year Warranty included
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  7. Outdoor Water Solutions Lake & Pond Blue Dye 1qt. PSP0125

    Outdoor Water Solutions Lake & Pond Blue Dye 1qt. PSP0125


    If you're looking for a highly concentrated liquid blue dye for your ponds, we've got it! This product is equivalent to other companies ONE Gallon containers.

    Pond Dye helps prevent weeds and algae from growing by naturally blocking out the sun's harmful UV rays. A must have to naturally keep your pond weed free and also add an attractive blue color to your pond. Contains highly concentrated Acid Blue #9 which is safe for recreational ponds, horses, cattle, birds, fish wildlife and the environment.

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  8. BriskHeat Silicone Drum Warmer 30 Gallon 1000 Watt DHCS13R

    BriskHeat Silicone Drum Warmer 30 Gallon 1000 Watt DHCS13R


    BriskHeat’s Drum / Pail Warmer is a great solution to prevent drum and pail contents from freezing. The warmer helps maintain elevated temperatures, enabling contents to flow even when ambient temperatures drop as low as 0°F. The built-in thermostat keeps the materials in the drum warm between 67° to 85°F.  BriskHeat Corporation has been producing high quality and industrial grade drum and pail warmers for the past 64 years, providing users with unmatchable durability
    and reliability.


    • Portable plug-and-play design
    • Can be used on metal or plastic drums and pails
    • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor uses
    • Moisture and chemical resistant
    • Effective in ambient temperature as low as 0°F
    • Extra-wide 4” heater coverage with stretchable spring fastener
    • Available in variety of sizes: 5, 15, 30 and 55 gallons
    Voltage: 120VAC
    Thermostat: Built-in, self-regulates between 67° (+/-9°F) to 85°F (+/-5°F)
    Power cord: 6-foot power cord with standard 3-prong wall plug
    Grounded for safety: Patented 360°grounded heating element
    Watt density: 4 watts/sq in
    Wattage: 1000
    Drum Diameter: 18.6 in.
    Warmer Length: 58.5  in.
    Warmer Width: 4 in.

    Common Uses:

    • Freeze Protection
    • Warming contents of drums and pails
    • Preventing Chemical Separation or Crystallization
    • Keeping paint warm
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  9. Outdoor Water Solutions Functional Windmill Head AWS0017

    Outdoor Water Solutions Functional Windmill Head AWS0017


    For those pond owners that have an existing tower and are interested in simply the windmill head then we offer the Outdoor Water Solutions functional windmill head. This comes with the complete head, blades, functional compressor, tail arms and tail fin. It also includes 100' of airline and 1 airstone diffuser with a backflow valve.

    Ensure that your windmill tower can support approximately 200 lbs. Your tower will also need to be retrofitted to accept a 2.0" pivot tube that the Windmill Compressor is supported by.

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  10. PBI Gordon Tankables Tank Cleaner 20 oz. 3121320

    PBI Gordon Tankables Tank Cleaner 20 oz. 3121320


    Keep it clean, keep it accurate.

    Tankables Tank Cleaner is specially formulated to help clear pesticide residues from tanks, hoses, and spray tips, helping the service life of your equipment

    • Cleans spray equipment and helps prevent clogged spray tips
    • Removes pesticide residues
    • For all 15-and 25-gallon spray tanks
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