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Agricultural Sprayers & Chemicals

Agricultural Sprayers & Chemicals

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  1. Total Pond 13 x 20 Pond Skins Liner PVC12015

    Total Pond 13 x 20 Pond Skins Liner PVC12015


    We are committed to creating new and exciting products that make water gardening easier so you and your family can sit back and enjoy the results. Building your ponds foundation just got a lot easier with our medium size Pond Skin Liner. This lightweight and extra strong liner measures 10ft x 13ft. The weight and thickness have been reduced by 30% without compromising the strength and flexibility. Our PVC Liner has a strong polyester weave natural look. The TotalPond clarification process produces an environmentally safe and non-toxic PVC pond liner.

    • All sizes of our Pond Skins have a textured surface to promote positive bacteria growth which is important in building a balanced water garden environment.
    • Easy to install, they are light and flexible
    • Extra strong, UV and puncture resistant
    • Liner maintains its integrity even if it’s torn or punctured due to our polyester mesh design
    • Limited lifetime guarantee
  2. Outdoor Water Solutions Airstone Marker - Alligator ARS0195

    Outdoor Water Solutions Airstone Marker - Alligator ARS0195


    Want a convenient way to mark your airstone or diffuser location so that you can always find it? This ultra-realistic Gator head is a great alternative to our duck decoy marker. This allows you to raise or move your diffuser from time to time if needed.

    This Gator head looks extremely realistic as it floats in the water. The other great benefit to having a Gator head in your pond is that it scares away predators. Blue heron's do not like alligators. If you're looking for a great way to mark your diffuser or a great way to scare off predators that eat your fish, then you need one of our Gator Heads.

    Made in the U.S.A. and hand painted to be extremely realistic. The eyes are a bright reflective red that will scare most predators away from your pond. Each has an eyelet in the bottom so you can attach a cord to secure it to the bottom. You can put 2 or even 3 out in your pond to really keep other birds and animals away.

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  3. Fertilizer Winterizer 28-5-10 40lb

    Fertilizer Winterizer 28-5-10 40lb

    Will cover 12,000-15,000 square feet Learn More
  4. Sanco Industries Lazer Spray Pattern Indicator Green Quart 00123

    Sanco Industries Lazer Spray Pattern Indicator Green Quart 00123


    Spray Pattern Indicator

    Lazer is designed for use with pesticides, fertilizers, and many other liquid chemical applications. Lazer indicates position and coverage. Know where you have been and where you are going with Lazer.

    • 100 % non-toxic green spray pattern marker
    • Available in quarts and gallons
    • Easy to use
    • Concentrated

    Directions For Use:
    Boom sprayer: use 6 oz. per acre.
    Hand gun sprayer: use 18 oz. per acre.
    Backpack sprayer: use 1 oz. per gallon.

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  5. Sonar PR 30 lb L00364

    Sonar PR 30 lb L00364


    Bladderwort, coontail, elodea, hydrilla, naiad, pondweed, and watermilfoil. These are just a few of the many problematic species of aquatic weeds that can quickly overrun a pond, lake, canal, or reservoir. When weeds take over a waterway, ecosystems are disturbed and recreational use is often halted. Sonar has become a world leader in aquatic herbicides by successfully combating these nuisances. Now, Sonar offers an even more effective and improved treatment with their Precision Release (PR) formula.

    After delivering a strong initial dose of concentrated active ingredient, Sonar PR maintains a higher concentration for an extended amount of time. The stamina of this product is particularly effective for combating more tolerant weeds or for treating more challenging areas of your pond. When applied early in the season, this product provides superior season-long control.

    Application rates for Sonar PR pellets vary from 3.2 - 25 pounds per acre for ponds to 4 - 80 pounds per acre for lakes. Minimal post-usage restrictions apply. While there are no restrictions on water use for swimming, fishing, or domestic use following treatment, one should wait 14 to 30 days before using treated water for irrigation purposes. See manufacturer’s label for details.

    Key Features:

    • 30lb container
    • Precision Release pelleted formula
    • Results start to appear in 5-7 days
    • Will not corrode application equipment
    • Effective against several species of aquatic weeds, including bladderwort, coontail, elodea, hydrilla, naiad, pondweed, water milfoil, and paragrass
    • 5% fluridone

    Cannot sell to the following states: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, Vermont

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  6. Outdoor Water Solutions 20' Windmill/Aerator Combo Package AWS0127

    Outdoor Water Solutions 20' Windmill/Aerator Combo Package AWS0127


    Want to aerate 24 hours a day but use the wind to help save you money and electricity? This combo packaged is priced at almost $3,300.00 if you purchased each of the three pieces separately, so why not buy the package and save some money?

    Our new Aerator Control Box lets you do everything you need in one convenient package! You can combine one of our Windmill Aeration Systems with an AerMaster and a Control Box to do it all.

    Our new Aerator Control Box utilizes an air pressure sensor to regulate your aeration needs. If the wind stops blowing, this control box will turn on your electric aeration system. If the wind blows, it shuts off your electric aerator allowing you to save money and electricity.

    • Package includes one of our 20' Deluxe Windmills which includes 100' polytubing, 200' weighted airline, 2 airstones with foot valves, 2 airstone housing buckets, 2 duck decoy markers, 1 2-way selector valve and hose connectors.
    • Package also includes our AerMaster Electric Aerator and our Aerator Control Box
    • Easy to install. Just attach the "T" valve into your windmill airline, plug it in, then plug your electric aerator into the control box.
    • 15 second delay to prevent over-cycling.
    • You only need one airline running out to your pond. Both the windmill and electric aerator are connected to the same airline saving you money
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  7. Outdoor Water Solutions 2" Deep Well Air Pump PMP0123

    Outdoor Water Solutions 2" Deep Well Air Pump PMP0123


    This pump is designed for 2" and larger water wells, cisterns or even pumping out of a pond. Uses air and air pressure to lift the water to the surface and out the discharge hose. This high quality air pump has zero moving parts and is made out of 304 Stainless steel so will last virtually forever. These pumps work on a submergence principle, which is calculated based on the total depth of the well (where the pump intake is set) versus the water column in the well itself. The greater the submergence, the higher the discharge rate. Smaller and larger sizes are available.

    Works with our wind driven & electric aeration systems.

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  8. Scotts Ortho Poison Ivy & Tough Brush Killer RTU 24oz

    Scotts Ortho Poison Ivy & Tough Brush Killer RTU 24oz

    Product Features
  9. Kills weeds to the root.
  10. The tough weed solution, kills woody plants and vines such as poison oak, poison ivy, kudzu, willows, oak, wild blackberries and other listed plants.
  11. Guaranteed results. See label for details.
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  • Outdoor Water Solutions Lake & Pond Deep Blue Dye 1qt. PSP0176

    Outdoor Water Solutions Lake & Pond Deep Blue Dye 1qt. PSP0176


    If you're looking for a highly concentrated liquid deep blue dye for your ponds, we've got it! This product is equivalent to other companies ONE Gallon containers.

    Pond Dye helps prevent weeds and algae from growing by naturally blocking out the sun's harmful UV rays. A must have to naturally keep your pond weed free and also add an attractive rich deep blue color to your pond. Product is safe for recreational ponds, horses, cattle, birds, fish wildlife and the environment.

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  • Sanco Industries Rot-Not Rx Blossom End Rot Prevention 44442

    Sanco Industries Rot-Not Rx Blossom End Rot Prevention 44442

    Blossom End Rot Prevention
    Rot-Not Rx 
    Rot-Not Rx is a 10% calcium concentrate. This product prevents calcium deficiency, the leading cause of blossom end rot. Rot-Not Rx can be applied as a root dip or soil applied. Rot-Not Rx is recommended for fruits, vegetables, trees, shrubs, lawns, flowers, and houseplants.
    • 10% calcium concentrate
    • Apply in early morning or late evening followed by watering
    • Do not apply to African Violet Plants
    • Soil Application: 10 oz./1000 sq. ft. of garden area prior to planting.
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