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Browse our selection of top-quality herbicides to find the weed killer or brush killer that fits your needs. Controlling the growth of unwanted plants can be a daunting task. Without proper treatment, weeds can easily overrun your yard, garden, or field. Nuisance plants can choke out your crops, wreak havoc on your lawn, and turn lush pastures into unpalatable wastelands. No matter what your needs, Rural King has the herbicide to help you take back your yards and fields from weeds. Whether you need to rid your lawn of pests such as crabgrass or dandelions, kill stubborn unwanted trees, or control the weeds competing for nutrients in your crops and pastures, Rural King has what you need.

Our selection of herbicides include over 75 varieties of weed killers, including both pre-emerge and post-emerge options. Herbicides are available in small home use quantities as well as bulk agricultural quantities. In our herbicide section you can find trusted and familiar brands such as Round Up, Spectracide, Scotts, Drexel, Bayer, AgriStar, Cross Bow, Dow Tordon, and more. In addition to bulk concentrates for agricultural usage, there are also ready-to-use varieties available in both hand held spray bottles and strap on pump options to make controlling weeds around your home quick and easy.