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  1. PBI Gordon 1lb. Stump Remover 32015

    PBI Gordon 1lb. Stump Remover 32015


    How it works:It decomposes the wood of the tree stump, leaving it porous right down to the root tips. After 4-6 weeks, kerosene is poured onto the stump and the stump is ignited. The stump and the roots will burn a low, smoldering flame, not a big jumping flame. See the label for more specific directions on smaller or larger stumps

    Not Registered for use in Arkansas.

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  2. Glystar Glyphosate Quart 25%

    Glystar Glyphosate Quart 25%


    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price: $6.99

    • Kills all types of weeds & grass

    Where to use:

    • On patios, walkways & driveways
    • Flowerbeds & vegetable gardens
    • Around shrubs & trees
    • Along fences & foundations
    • Other areas in your yard
    • Edging around lawns
    • In large areas: for lawn replacement/renovation and for garden plot preparation
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  3. Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer Once & Done! Concentrate Ready-to-Spray, 180 10415

    Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer Once & Done! Concentrate Ready-to-Spray, 180 10415


    Product Description

    Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer Once & Done! Concentrate is formulated for broad-spectrum control of insects in home lawns, trees, shrubs, roses, flowers and vegetables.

    Product Features

    • Kills more than 180 types of insects as listed.
    • Kills on contact.
    • Kills above and below ground.
    • Up to 2 month control of nuisance pests.

    This product controls the following pests:

    • Insects on ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers: ants*, armyworms, azalea caterpillar, aphids, bagworms, black vine weevil (adult), box elder bugs, budworms, California oakworm, cankerworms, cockroaches, crickets, cutworms, eastern tent caterpillar, elm leaf beetles, European sawfly, fall webworm, flea beetles, forest tent caterpillar, gypsy moth larvae, Japanese beetles (adults), June beetles (adults), lace bugs, leaf-feeding caterpillars, leafhoppers, leafminers (adults), leaf rollers, leaf skeletonizers, midges, oleander moth larvae, pillbug, pine sawfly, pine shoot beetles, pinetip moths, plant bugs, root weevil, sawfly, scale insects (crawlers), spiders, spittlebugs, striped beetles, striped oakworm, thrips, tip moth, tussock moth larvae, broadmites, brown softscale, California redscale (crawler), clover mites, mealybugs, pineneedle scale (crawler), spider mites, whiteflies
    • Underground insects/thatch-infesting insects: blue grass billbug (adult); Black turfgrass Ataenius (adult); chiggers; chinch bugs; white grubs (Japanese beetle; European chafer; Southern chafer); dung beetle and hyperodes weevils (adult); mole crickets (nymphs and young adults)
    • Surface insects on lawns: ants*; armyworms; cockroaches; crickets; cutworms; earwigs; fleas; lawn moths (sod webworms); millipedes; mosquitoes; palmetto bugs; sowbugs; mites; spittlebugs; lone star ticks; brown dog ticks; American dog ticks; deer ticks (which may transmit Lyme disease); waterbugs
    • For use on Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cavalo Broccoli, Cauliflower, Chinese Broccoli, Chinese Cabbage, Chinese Mustard and Kohlrabi to control: alfalfa looper, cabbage looper, imported cabbageworm, southern cabbageworm, cutworm, cabbage webworm, diamondback moth, armyworm, beet armyworm, fall armyworm, yellow-striped armyworm, corn earworm, flea beetle, Japanese beetle (adult), grasshopper, leafhopper, plant bug, including lygus bug, stink bug, meadow spittlebug, aphid, whitefly, thrips, spider mite
    • For use on Corn (sweet and pop) to control: cutworm, western bean cutworm, corn earworm, green cloverworm, meadow spittlebug, tobacco budworm, European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, stalk borer, hop vine borer, armyworm, beet armyworm, western corn rootworm beetle (adult), northern corn rootworm beetle (adult), southern corn rootworm beetle (adult), Mexican corn rootworm beetle (adult), bean leaf beetle, cereal leaf beetle, Japanese beetle (adult), sap beetle (adult), stink bug, grasshopper, corn leaf aphid, English grain aphid, chinch bug, green bug
    • Sweet Corn only: southern armyworm, western bean cutworm, tarnished plant bug, aster leafhopper, aphid, spider mite, corn silkfly (adult)
    • For use on Onion (bulb) and Garlic to control: cutworm, seedcorn maggot (adult), onion maggot (adult), leafminer (adult), armyworm, onion thrips, tobacco thrips, western flower thrips, flower thrips, aphid, plant bug, stink bug
    • For Use on Tomato, Tomatillo, Peppers (bell and nonbell), Eggplant, Ground Cherry and Pepino to control: cabbage looper, cutworm spp., hornworm, tomato fruitworm, tobacco budworm, tomato pinworm, beet armyworm, southern armyworm, yellow-striped armyworm, fall armyworm, European corn borer, leafminer, Colorado potato beetle, flea beetle, grasshopper, leafhopper, aphid, whitefly, meadow spittlebug, stink bug, plant bug, stalk borer, blister beetle, Japanese beetle (adult), vegetable weevil, cucumber beetle (adult) *(except carpenter and pharaoh): Argentine; Southern; field; Allegheny mound; cornfield; honey; pavement; red imported fire ant; nuisance
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