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Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

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  1. GreenClean 2 LB

    GreenClean 2 LB


    Cannot be shipped to the following states: CA, CT, ME, NJ, NY. OR, and WA.

    Remember when your garden pond was a peaceful place of solitude and beauty?

    Remember showing it off to your friends while Bar-B- Qing?

    Now you can take control of those nasty, slimy green algae that has invaded your beautiful garden pond and enjoy seeing your plants and fish habitat once again.  

    You have already spent a lot of time and a ton of money in other products that have failed.  The Green Clean granules begins to work immediately through the process of oxidation which releases oxygen through the water as it works, attacking the algae at its source.  Green Clean is also one of the few non-copper related products out there.

    Safely apply by dissolving the granular solution in a container of water from your pond or home and broadcast it throughout the desired area.  Rate of application varies from 3-170 pounds depending on the size of area and amount of algae growth.  Best results can be expected when started early in the season.


    • Safe for Plants and Fish
    • Controls Algae Blooms
    • Eliminates Existing Algae
    • Keeps Water Clean and Clear
    • Granular Application with Oxidization

    We are unable to ship this item outside of the US.

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  2. Total Pond 1/2" X 20' Black Tubing  V16010

    Total Pond 1/2" X 20' Black Tubing V16010


    After you order your pond and fountain equipment, remember to order the right size tubing. You can find tube requirements for all the equipment we sell here on the site. If you are re-ordering or purchasing tubing for other pond equipment, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on your pump, filter and spitter for the correct size. Our vinyl 3/8” diameter tubing is available in 20 foot coils and is designed for outdoor water gardening projects. You’ll notice that our tubing is black, not clear like tubing you might use in your fish aquarium. Black tubing works with the natural landscape and slows down algae growth. Our vinyl tubing is safe for fish and plants and is flexible and easy to install.

    • Durable
    • Designed for outdoor use
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  3. Outdoor Water Solutions Airstone Housing Bucket W/ 45' Rope ACC030

    Outdoor Water Solutions Airstone Housing Bucket W/ 45' Rope ACC030


    This is a sturdy 4 gallon bucket which protects the Airstone from mud and debris and keeps Airstone from sinking into the pond bottom ensuring that your pond gets maximum oxygen released into the water. The bucket includes 45' nylon rope that ties the bucket to an Airstone Marker.

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  4. Pond Logic, Oxy-Lift Defense (1/2 lb.), 200436

    Pond Logic, Oxy-Lift Defense (1/2 lb.), 200436


    Product Description

    Effortlessly lift stuck-on debris from your rocks, gravel, liner and streams with Pond Logic Oxy-Lift Defense. Instead of scrubbing and spraying surfaces simply sprinkle on Oxy-Lift Defense and kick back while the work is done for you.

    Product Features

    • Instant Results You Can See

      Pond Logic Oxy-Lift™ Defense goes to work on contact instantly foaming and lifting hard to remove caked on debris. Results can be seen in only 10 minutes and even the hardest debris are rinsed from your pond surfaces in hours leaving you with a clean and attractive pond without all of the scrubbing and power washing.
    • Here’s The Scoop

      Pond Logic Oxy-Lift™ Defense is delivered as a powerful powder. Dosage rates are based on “scoops” which references the included plastic scoop in every Oxy-Lift™ Defense container.
    • Fish, Plant & Wildlife Friendly

      When used in accordance with label directions Pond Logic Oxy-Lift Defense is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.
    • When To Use Oxy-Lift Defense

      Oxy-Lift Defense should be used ay time debris accumulate on rocks, streams and waterfalls. Water temperature has no effect on Oxy-Lift Defense.
    • How To Use Oxy-Lift Defense

      Sprinkle Oxy-Lift Defense over affected areas. Oxy-Lift Defense should not be diluted and must come in contact with debris for best results. You may need to shut down waterfalls and/or streams to ensure optimal contact. Wait 10 minutes before restoring flow to treated areas. Allow 24 hours for debris to break free from rocks, gravel and liner surfaces. Debris may be removed by your filtration system or manually using a pond net. Allow 48 hours between consecutive treatments. Do not apply directly to plan foliage.
    • Pond Logic Oxy-Lift Defense Dosage Rates

      • Up To 25 Square Feet: 1 Scoop
      • 26 – 50 Square Feet: 2 Scoops
      • 51 – 100 Square Feet: 4 Scoops
      • 101 – 150 Square Feet: 6 Scoops
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