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Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

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  1. Pond Logic, InstaFix (8 Oz.), 200275

    Pond Logic, InstaFix (8 Oz.), 200275

    Pond Logic InstaFix is delivered as a powerful concentrated liquid, meaning more active product and less useless filler.
  2. Fish, Plant & Wildlife Friendly

    When used in accordance with label directions Pond Logic InstaFix is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.
  3. When To Use InstaFix

    Over time your pond’s water can become discolored and debris can form on rocks and liner. InstaFix works in as little as 48 hours to clear water discoloration as well as debris.
  4. How To Use Instafix

    Use 1 ounce per 375 gallons of pond water. Dilute the proper dosage in a bucket of water and pour the mixture evenly around the edges of your pond. Do not use more than the recommended dose. You may apply proper dosed treatments, if needed, every three days until desired results are achieved. For best results, remove excess debris prior to treatment.
  5. Pond Logic InstaFix Dosage Rates

    • 375 Gallons: 1 Ounce
    • 500 Gallons: 1½ Ounce
    • 750 Gallons: 2 Ounces
    • 1,000 Gallons: 3 Ounces
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  • Pond Logic, Floating Pond Thermometer, 160143

    Pond Logic, Floating Pond Thermometer, 160143


    Product Description

    The Pond Logic Floating Pond Thermometer makes keeping track of your water temperatures simple and fast.

    Product Features

    • Easy-Read Color Display

      Clear, black text temperature markings read in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and ranges from 20°F to 120°F. Temperature readings are broken into 3 colored zones for gauging feeding temperatures and readings at-a-glance.
    • Thermometer Tether

      Keep your thermometer within reach with the included 6 foot nylon security tether.

    Product Specifications

    • Dimensions: 2″ Diameter x 7½”
    • Tether Length: 6 Feet
    • Temperature Range: 120° – 20° Farenheit (50° – 10° Celsius)
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  • Aquashadow Pond Treatment 8 oz.

    Aquashadow Pond Treatment 8 oz.


    Control pond muck the natural way with Nutri-Sorb. Specially formulated with naturally occurring bacteria which augment the existing bacteria in your pond that reduce organic pond sediment.

    Nutri-sorb is a specific blend of gram-negative bacteria (below) which aids in the production of enzymes that digest mucky material such as grass clippings, leaf litter, dead algae cells and plant matter, and other organic elements of pond sediment.

    Gram-negative bacteria are known for their tenacity, and are very active compared to gram-positive bacteria. This results is an effective and potent enzyme production.

    Biological products such as Nutri-sorb do not kill aquatic plants. Nutri-sorb helps to restore the natural balance by allowing enzymes to degrade organic materials and naturally reduce nutrients needed for plant growth.

    NUTRI-SORB’s bacteria produce the following enzymes: Amylase, Cellulase, Keratinase, Ligninase, Lipase, Pectinase, Protease, and Xylanase.

    • Non-pathogenic.
    • Concentration: 5 billion CFU/gram
    • 25 lb pail treats 8.3 surface acres at 3 pounds per acre (standard start-up application rate).
    • Dosage varies depending on density and application type.
    • Follow all label guidelines and warnings.
    • No water restrictions when used at label rates.


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  • Pond Logic, Oxy-Lift Defense (1/2 lb.), 200436

    Pond Logic, Oxy-Lift Defense (1/2 lb.), 200436


    Product Description

    Effortlessly lift stuck-on debris from your rocks, gravel, liner and streams with Pond Logic Oxy-Lift Defense. Instead of scrubbing and spraying surfaces simply sprinkle on Oxy-Lift Defense and kick back while the work is done for you.

    Product Features

    • Instant Results You Can See

      Pond Logic Oxy-Lift™ Defense goes to work on contact instantly foaming and lifting hard to remove caked on debris. Results can be seen in only 10 minutes and even the hardest debris are rinsed from your pond surfaces in hours leaving you with a clean and attractive pond without all of the scrubbing and power washing.
    • Here’s The Scoop

      Pond Logic Oxy-Lift™ Defense is delivered as a powerful powder. Dosage rates are based on “scoops” which references the included plastic scoop in every Oxy-Lift™ Defense container.
    • Fish, Plant & Wildlife Friendly

      When used in accordance with label directions Pond Logic Oxy-Lift Defense is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.
    • When To Use Oxy-Lift Defense

      Oxy-Lift Defense should be used ay time debris accumulate on rocks, streams and waterfalls. Water temperature has no effect on Oxy-Lift Defense.
    • How To Use Oxy-Lift Defense

      Sprinkle Oxy-Lift Defense over affected areas. Oxy-Lift Defense should not be diluted and must come in contact with debris for best results. You may need to shut down waterfalls and/or streams to ensure optimal contact. Wait 10 minutes before restoring flow to treated areas. Allow 24 hours for debris to break free from rocks, gravel and liner surfaces. Debris may be removed by your filtration system or manually using a pond net. Allow 48 hours between consecutive treatments. Do not apply directly to plan foliage.
    • Pond Logic Oxy-Lift Defense Dosage Rates

      • Up To 25 Square Feet: 1 Scoop
      • 26 – 50 Square Feet: 2 Scoops
      • 51 – 100 Square Feet: 4 Scoops
      • 101 – 150 Square Feet: 6 Scoops
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  • Pond Logic, Liquid Clear (8 Oz.), 200152

    Pond Logic, Liquid Clear (8 Oz.), 200152


    Product Description

    Restore pond clarity, water quality and pond balance with Pond Logic Liquid Clear. Liquid Clear contains specialized strains of beneficial aerobic bacteria chosen to reduce organic debris, seed biological filters and quickly rebalance a pond’s ecosystem.

    Product Features

    • Clean, Clear, Healthy & Balanced

      Water clarity issues and water imbalances are commonly caused by an abundance of organic debris brought on my fish waste, excess fish food and plant decay. The beneficial aerobic bacteria in Pond Logic Liquid Clear quickly go to work to consume organic debris that cause cloudy water, muck accumulation, foul pond odors and imbalanced pond water with high ammonia, phosphate and nitrates.
    • Fish, Plant & Wildlife Friendly

      Pond Logic Liquid Clear is a completely natural product. When used in accordance with label directions LiquidClear™ is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.
    • When To Apply: Pond Logic Liquid Clear can be applied to ponds exhibiting cloudy water caused by suspended organic debris or can be used to seed new or recently cleaned biological filtration media and fresh pond water after water changes. Regular use of Pond Logic Liquid Clear promotes a healthy and balanced water column while reducing the accumulation of pond muck, suspended organics and foul orders. For best results only apply Pond Logic Liquid Clear when water temperatures are consistently above 50°F.
    • How To Apply:

      Shake Pond Logic Liquid Clear well before application. Add 1 ounce of Pond Logic Liquid Clear per 125 gallons of water being treated every two weeks to maintain clean and healthy water. Pond Logic Liquid Clear should be poured near your pump or skimmer box for faster circulation of product.
    • Pond Logic Liquid Clear Dosage Rates:

      • 500 Gallons: 4 Oz.
      • 1,000 Gallons: 8 Oz.
      • ,500 Gallons: 12 Oz.
      • 2,000 Gallons: 16 Oz.
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  • Total Pond MF Replacement Filter Pads RF13021

    Total Pond MF Replacement Filter Pads RF13021


    Water gardeners appreciate natural beauty and often request eco-friendly approaches for their backyard ponds. We are delighted to offer many new and affordable green products. Our Pressurized Biological Filter and our Pressurized Biological Filter with UV Clarifier uses green coarse and fine filter. Both of these filter pads usually need to be changed once a year. Our Replacement Pads Pack includes both types of pads; the coarse black pad that collects large debris from your pond and the fine blue filter pad that picks up the smaller particles.

    • Twin packs
    • Easy to use
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