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  • Cutrine Plus (Granular) 30 pound

    Cutrine Plus (Granular) 30 pound

  • Algimycin PWF 2.5 Gal L00116

    Algimycin PWF 2.5 Gal L00116

  • Cutrine Plus 2.5 Gal L00146

    Cutrine Plus 2.5 Gal L00146

  • GreenClean  8 LB L00168

    GreenClean 8 LB L00168


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Algae is a nuisance. Whether it occurs in your stock tanks, decorative ponds, fishing areas, or other water on your land, algae is difficult to control and presents a host of problems. Frequent cleaning of livestock tanks does not prevent algae from growing back. The same is true in larger bodies of water; manual removal of algae only works on a temporary basis and the algae often seems to grow almost as fast as it is removed. Thankfully Rural King has a variety of algaecides appropriate for multiple uses so that you can say goodbye to algae permanently.

If left untreated, algae can cause drinking water to be unpalatable and will compete for nutrients and sunlight with other aquatic plants in ponds and lakes. Extreme overgrowth of algae will choke out other plant forms and can result in the die-off of fish. In addition, thick algae prevents you from enjoying the water by making activities such as fishing, boating, and swimming difficult or impossible. Combined with the displeasing appearance and sometimes foul odors, algae is a small plant that can cause big problems! Algaecides provide a simple and permanent solution for dealing with algae. Browse our selection of algaecides to find one suitable to your needs. Varieties of algaecides are available for use in stock tanks, lakes, ponds, fish hatcheries, and more.