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Fencing Supplies

Fencing Supplies

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  1. Priefert Premier Stall Front 10' – Bar/Wood HSF10

    Priefert Premier Stall Front 10' – Bar/Wood HSF10


    Priefert’s Premier Stalls have been a mainstay in the equine industry for decades.  Premier Stalls are safe, attractive, and affordable.  This Premier Stall Front combines a vertical bar top with a wood-filled bottom (Wood Kit sold separately).  These stalls are designed with the highest degree of consideration for the safety of both the horse and handler.  Our Premier Stalls offer horse owners practical solutions for creating a safe, functional environment for their valued animals.  This stall front features a center-open door design.  The door slides open on apple core rollers.  Each stall door includes an access window.  The stall front panel also features an opening that allows owners to select a window or feeder option (each sold separately).  The door closes using a gravity latch, which can accept a lock if an owner desires.  The bottom portion of the stall is constructed from galvanized steel to provide maximum resistance to rust and corrosion.  The stall features an attractive black powder coat finish to help the stall resist rust, scratches, and fading, adding years of life to your investment.  No tools are required for assembly.  Our stall fronts and panels join using simple pin connectors.  A starter post is required for stall setup when you are not connecting to a wall or other existing structure (starter post sold separately).  Priefert Premier Stall Fronts are available in 10’ and 12’ lengths.


    • Constructed from 2” OD 16 gauge tubing
    • Vertical Bar Spacing: 2.25” between each vertical bar
    • The bottom portion of the stall is constructed from galvanized steel under powder coat
    • Door Opening Width: 41.5”
    • Door Window Dimensions: 19” wide x 33” tall
    • Front Panel Window/Feeder Opening: 28” wide x 33” tall
    • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • Color: Brown
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  2. Priefert Headgate HG10

    Priefert Headgate HG10


    The Model 10 Headgate is Priefert’s newest headgate offering.  Designed to be “Easy on the Cow, Easy on the Cowboy,” the HG10 works in manual or automatic mode and features contoured yokes that allow it to safely and securely fit the shape of an animal’s neck.  The patented Infinite Locks effectively control the cattle and are guaranteed for life.  Switch the headgate into automatic mode by engaging a simple slide lock and then setting the self-catch lever on the front of the headgate to select one of 4 opening widths.  


    • Overall Height: 68.5”
    • Overall Width (including handle): 59”
    • Inside Height: 59.5”
    • Maximum Opening Width: 27.5”
    • Weight: 240 lbs (All weights approximate)
    • Lubricate infinite locks with light oil (i.e. WD-40).  DO NOT use heavy oil.
    • Dip painted Priefert Blue
    • Designed to mount to Priefert Headgate Stand (sold separately)
    • HG10 comes standard with Priefert’s Model SC13 Squeeze Chute
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  3. Tarter Wheel Kit WK

    Tarter Wheel Kit WK


    Product Features

    • Configured to fit both the Cattlemaster and Cattleman Chutes
    • Provides easy loading of both the Cattlemaster and Cattleman Chutes for transport
    • Fully assembled including new tires, rims, and heavy-duty, 2-way winch
    • Durable powder coat red finish
    • Measures 40" H x 6' 5" W x 13' L
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  4. Priefert 4' x 6' Chain Harrow with Lift Kit PICH46LK

    Priefert 4' x 6' Chain Harrow with Lift Kit PICH46LK


    Priefert’s Chain Harrows with Lift Kits are built for light or heavy duty grooming of arenas, pastures, food plots, driveways, lawns, poultry houses, and more.  The harrow mat is constructed from heavy, durable, high carbon, heat-treated steel.  The ½” chain-style mat features a “double tine” design that makes it a perfect solution for spreading fertilizer on hay fields, land leveling, etc.  Each digging tine is 4” long.  This versatile tool can easily be attached to your tractor’s 3-point hitch.  The Lift Kit allows for complete control over your harrow and makes for easy transporting.  The Draw Bars and Lift Kit feature an Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish with UV inhibitors to add years of life to your investment by helping the product resist rust, scratches, and fading.


    • Tine Length (for mat tines): 4”
    • Draw Bars and Lift Kit constructed from 11 gauge tubing
    • Draw Bars and Lift Kit feature a Black Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • Each Kit Includes: Harrow Mat(s), 2- Draw Bars, 1- Chain Harrow Lift Kit 
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  5. Tarter Super Stock Ride-Thru Double-Latch 9'X12' SSRT912

    Tarter Super Stock Ride-Thru Double-Latch 9'X12' SSRT912


    Tarter Super Stock equipment offers the heaviest walk-, ride-, and drive-thrus on the market and are the ultimate choice for livestock management of any type.

    • 2-1/4” 14-gauge precision cut laser braces
    • 2” 14-gauge gate and support bars
    • Heavy-duty 2-3/8” 10-gauge bow tube for maximum strength
    • Gate panel stands 6’ tall from ground
    • Use for cattle-handling systems, rodeos, or other heavy confinement
    • Double latching systems
    • Heavy-duty pin connectors
    • Bow Hook-up Adapter available for 3-way connections
    • Heavy-duty powder coat brown finish
    • Dimensions: 12' L x 114" H
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  6. Tarter 6' Arena Worker AWGR6

    Tarter 6' Arena Worker AWGR6


    The Tarter Arena Worker is a must have piece of 3-point equipment when grooming any size arena. A well groomed arena can reduce injuries and boost performance. This durable piece of equipment rips tough soil leaving a smooth uniform look to the arena. When conditioning the soil, use our optional 100 gallon water tank to add moisture to improve soil condition. This quick-hitch compatible, hydraulic free Arena Worker is protected with our durable, corrosion resistant powder coat gray finish.

    • 2-stage quick-hitch Category I and Category II pin hookups to fit both medium and larger size tractors (2-stage Cat. I & Cat. II pin included)
    • Works efficiently for 40-70 HP on 540 RPM tractors
    • Quick-hitch compatible
    • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
    • Height: 45″
    • Approx. Weight: 720 lbs.
    • Width: 75″
    • Length: 84″
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  7. Tarter 4 Right Hand Bucking Chute 4RHBC

    Tarter 4 Right Hand Bucking Chute 4RHBC


    Tarter Bucking Chutes are durable as the day is long. Constructed of 8-gauge and 11-gauge materials the durability of this chute is virtually indestructible. Features spring-loaded lever latches and roller guides that are located at the bottom of each chute to create an easy open walkway from chute to chute. These roller latches allow the gate to open under any condition and provides maximum functionality providing a safer option. Tarter bucking chutes have strategically placed tie-down bars to allow better control of animals once “tied-In”. Gate panels are made from an indestructible material called “Rumber” and each gate is quick and exchangeable. More filler bars give you more spacing which allows better access to hooking cinches and flank straps. These chutes have attachments for sponsor ad billboards. This right hand version features 4 chutes. All chutes come equipped with a folding platform. Stairs and handrails are available but must be ordered separately. Each chute features a durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat brown finish.

    • Dimensions: 423" L x 60" W x 90" H
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  8. Tarter 4' x 6' Utility Trailer with Wire Mesh Floor TUT46

    Tarter 4' x 6' Utility Trailer with Wire Mesh Floor TUT46

    This new Tarter 4' x 6' Utility Trailer features
    • Powder coat finish ensures durability and corrosion-resistance
    • Tilt bed
    • 2,000 lb. GVWR
    • 12” tires and wheels
    • Removable tongue
    • Fully lighted to D.O.T. specifications
    • 2” coupler w/safety chains
    • Wire mesh floor
    • 1,000 lb. slipper spring assembly
    • 2,000 lb. cambered axle with 1,700 lb.payload capacity
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  9. Tarter Manual Roping Chute MRC

    Tarter Manual Roping Chute MRC


    The manual chute is the heaviest and most well built chute on the market. This chute is the best value for anyone looking to purchase a quality roping chute. The chute will provide a quiet and reliable operation for any roping setup.


    • Ideal for releasing steers for personal or competition ropings
    • Quiet front and rear operation gates
    • A unique slanted front headgate
    • Coordinated front and rear door closing, which prevents any accidental animal loss
    • Sure-stop opening mechanism prevents any door bounce back on release
    • No outboard springs on the doors to interfere with people, animals, or chute operation
    • Doors will open easily no matter how much pressure is applied to them
    • Grease zerks on pivot points
    • Easy one-handed operation for both tailgate release and opening/closing - chute can be operated from either side
    • All doors and gates can be easily operated from horseback
    • Faster cycle times than any chute on the market
    • Front gate has extra clearance at the bottom to keep doors out of the dirt and mud
    • Rear doors feature top float and extra ground clearance to keep out of the dirt and mud and provide gliding action
    • All-in-one fully protected, hidden spring latches, and electronic modules
    • Dimensions: 93" L x 38" W x 65" H
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  10. Tarter 10' Premium Stall Side Vented SSVP10

    Tarter 10' Premium Stall Side Vented SSVP10


    These stalls come in 10' and features optional "Quick-Muck" sliding sides. If you have a large number of stalls that need to be cleaned, our “Quick-Muck” system means you simply pull out our easy rolling sides and away you go. No more hand mucking stalls one at a time; those days are gone. Great for any Ag-Expo center that needs quick turnaround or for anyone who is simply tired of hand mucking their stalls. These stalls are also available in traditional fixed sides as well. This unit features:

    • Heavy-duty “shark” wire, for improved air flow, strength, versatility, and horse safety
    • Spring-Loaded, Single-Handle, easy latching door system on smooth ball bearing rollers
    • Built-in drop pin connectors made for easy connections
    • Can be ordered with sliding sides or fixed sides
    • Pre-installed 3/8" textured poly board that is unbreakable and easily washable
    • Strategically placed 3 height hooks in doorway to allow for easy hook up of stall guard
    • Outside hooks on tops – allow for cross bridling in alleyways between stalls
    • Heavy-Duty flame retardant poly panel cannot be cracked or broken and provide ease of cleaning and unparalleled durability
    • Heavy-duty powder coat finish
    • Stalls available with solid sides or vented sides
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