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Fencing Supplies

Fencing Supplies

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  1. Priefert Premier Stall Front 10' – Bar/Wood HSF10

    Priefert Premier Stall Front 10' – Bar/Wood HSF10


    Priefert’s Premier Stalls have been a mainstay in the equine industry for decades.  Premier Stalls are safe, attractive, and affordable.  This Premier Stall Front combines a vertical bar top with a wood-filled bottom (Wood Kit sold separately).  These stalls are designed with the highest degree of consideration for the safety of both the horse and handler.  Our Premier Stalls offer horse owners practical solutions for creating a safe, functional environment for their valued animals.  This stall front features a center-open door design.  The door slides open on apple core rollers.  Each stall door includes an access window.  The stall front panel also features an opening that allows owners to select a window or feeder option (each sold separately).  The door closes using a gravity latch, which can accept a lock if an owner desires.  The bottom portion of the stall is constructed from galvanized steel to provide maximum resistance to rust and corrosion.  The stall features an attractive black powder coat finish to help the stall resist rust, scratches, and fading, adding years of life to your investment.  No tools are required for assembly.  Our stall fronts and panels join using simple pin connectors.  A starter post is required for stall setup when you are not connecting to a wall or other existing structure (starter post sold separately).  Priefert Premier Stall Fronts are available in 10’ and 12’ lengths.


    • Constructed from 2” OD 16 gauge tubing
    • Vertical Bar Spacing: 2.25” between each vertical bar
    • The bottom portion of the stall is constructed from galvanized steel under powder coat
    • Door Opening Width: 41.5”
    • Door Window Dimensions: 19” wide x 33” tall
    • Front Panel Window/Feeder Opening: 28” wide x 33” tall
    • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • Color: Brown
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  2. Tarter Elite Dog Kennel 6' x 10' x 10' DKHDG

    Tarter Elite Dog Kennel 6' x 10' x 10' DKHDG


    There is no other kennel that comes close to the quality, durability, and outstanding good looks of the Elite Kennel™ from Tarter. Our finest kennel, this unit is designed for rugged outdoor use in difficult environments. Each panel is heavy-duty 1-3/4" tubing and filled with sturdy 8-gauge 2" x 4" wire. The front panel features a durable door that creates a 2-1/2' x 5' 8" opening, complete with slam latch. Whether for your favorite hunting dogs year round or as a secure outdoor getaway for everyday household pets, there's no kennel that matches the Elite Kennel for style and durability. The complete kennel measures 6' tall x 10' wide x 10' long and weighs 273 lbs.

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  3. Tarter Fertilizer Spreader and Seeder – Poly Tub Model 50 PFS

    Tarter Fertilizer Spreader and Seeder – Poly Tub Model 50 PFS

    • All-poly tub
    • Seamless, 1-piece, 500-lb. capacity hopper
    • Reversible lift arm pins to accommodate different size tractors
    • PTO-driven spin broadcast with super treated spreading disc and galvanized fins
    • Side discharge hopper guarantees greater accuracy and more even spreading
    • Spreading width up to 46'
    • Can broadcast to each side for directional spreading when needed
    • Fully splined gearbox shaft
    • Fully galvanized opening system kit
    • Super-duty epoxy painting throughout the complete frame
    • Category I quick-hitch compatible (Cat. I pins included)
    • Dimensions: 36" Tub Diameter x 36" Height

    NOTE: Spreading volume coverage and rate will vary with the material being spread, spreader aperture settings, machine speed, and terrain. Consult the spreader rate chart for precise indications. Unit performs optimally at ground speed of 6-8 MPH and PTO speed of 540 RPM.

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  4. Tarter Value 90 Degree Sweep Tub 90ST

    Tarter Value 90 Degree Sweep Tub 90ST

    • Full function 90 degree sweep for smaller setup areas and smaller herds
    • Welded C-style hookups with drop pins throughout system
    • Fully reversible
    • Comes with two 10' alley panels
    • Easily attaches to any Tarter chute or palpation cage with two attachment rods (sold separately)
    • Regular Tarter economy or heavy-duty corrals can also connect to tub entry or alley exit
    • No tools required for setup unless sweep latch is reversed
    • Available in unsheeted only
    • Fully set up dimensions measure 21' x 11' x 88"
    • Features our superior, industry exclusive E-Coat finish
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  5. Priefert 90 Degree Premier Open Sweep with 12’ Working Alley OS-3

    Priefert 90 Degree Premier Open Sweep with 12’ Working Alley OS-3


    This rugged, completely reversible crowding system includes a 90 degree sweep, a 12’ working alley, and a Model 91 Headgate with Headgate Stand. The OS-3 can be used as part of a permanent or portable working corral. It provides a durable and affordable crowding system that helps reduce the labor needed for working cattle. This system is constructed with Premier Panels, our number one selling cattle panel, and the HG91 headgate, which works in manual or automatic mode. The “no-back” Alley Stop can be easily adjusted to prevent cattle from backing out of the alley. This system is ideal for small operations, but can be easily expanded upon to accommodate larger herd sizes.


    • Alley Length: 12’
    • Alley Frame Inside Height: 74”
    • Panel Height: 64”
    • Inside Alley Width: 25”
    • Bow Gate Frame Height: 7’ (approximate height)
    • OS-3 includes: 1- 10’ Premier Free Swing Bow Gate, 1- 10’ Premier Panel with Alley Frame, 1- Premier Radius Bar, 2- 8’ Premier Curved Panels, 2- 12’ Premier Panels, 1- Alley Frame, 1- “no-back” Alley Stop, 1- Headgate Stand, and 1- Model 91 Headgate
    • Priefert recommends driving T-Posts on the outside of the alley at the rear corners of the headgate stand, securing the stand to the T-Posts with the attached chains
    • HG91 dip painted Priefert Blue
    • All other components feature a Grey Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish 
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  6. Tarter Sheeted Curved Sweep Panel CSSP

    Tarter Sheeted Curved Sweep Panel CSSP


    Tarter curved, and sheeted sweep panel

    Dimensions: 62" H x 16" W x 117"


    This product is the Sweep Panel Only

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  7. Priefert Model 64 Manual Headgate HG64

    Priefert Model 64 Manual Headgate HG64


    Since 1964, Priefert’s headgates have revolutionized the way that cattle are worked. The Model 64 Headgate is based on Marvin Priefert’s original full front-opening design. This manual headgate is a great option for the economically-minded rancher and is proof positive that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or durability to save money. Like all Priefert headgates, the HG97 self-adjusts to the correct locking width to fit any size animal. Cattle are controlled by our friction lock, rather than by the strength of the operator. These locks are Guaranteed for Life.

    Product Features:

    • The HG64’s smooth action catch lever allows the operator to catch cattle with confidence and ease.
    • Headgate lock is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! This friction locking system allows a perfect fit for every size animal. DO NOT oil or lubricate friction locks.
    • Headgate is reversible for left or right-handed operation.
    • Head Restraint Chain can easily be secured around an animal’s head to provide easy access for doctoring eyes or reading ear tags/tattoos (Head Chain sold separately).
    • 5 year limited manufacturer warranty on workmanship and materials.


    Overall Height  73"
    Overall Width (including handle)  48"
    Maximum Opening Width 24"
    Weight Approx. 166 lbs. 
    Color Dip Painted Priefert Blue 
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  8. Tarter Left Hand Bucking Chute LHBC

    Tarter Left Hand Bucking Chute LHBC

    • Used in arenas for rough stock events
    • Constructed of virtually indestructible 8-gauge and 11-gauge materials
    • Spring-loaded lever latches and roller guides loaded at the bottom of each chute creating an easy open walkway from chute to chute
    • Roller latches allow the gate to open under any condition with maximum functionality providing a safer option
    • Strategically placed tie-down bars to allow better control of animals once "tied-in"
    • Gate door panels constructed of indestructible "Rumber"
    • Each gate is quick and exchangeable
    • More filler bars giving more spacing allows better access for hooking cinches and flank straps
    • Attachments for sponsor ad billboards
    • This is the left hand version
    • All chutes come equipped with a platform
    • Stairs and handrails sold separately
    • Features a durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
    • Dimensions: 114" L x 60" W x 90" H
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  9. Tarter 12' Super Stock 7' Tall Arena Panel with Walk Through SSAPWT712

    Tarter 12' Super Stock 7' Tall Arena Panel with Walk Through SSAPWT712


    These are the heaviest panels and walk-thrus on the market and are the ultimate walk-thru for livestock management of any type.

    • 2" 14-gauge panel, gate and support bars
    • Heavy-duty 2-3/8” 10-gauge bow tube on walk- and ride-thrus for maximum strength
    • 72" tall panels
    • Use for cattle-handling systems, rodeos, or other heavy confinement
    • Heavy-duty pin connectors
    • Closed end loops and closed tops
    • High mount latches for mounted operation
    • Heavy-duty bullet style double latch
    • Heavy-duty powder coat brown finish
    • Bow Hook-up Adapter available for 3-way connections
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  10. Tarter 7' Rotary Tiller, Yellow (RT7)

    Tarter 7' Rotary Tiller, Yellow (RT7)


    Product Description:

    This 7' Rotary Tiller by Tarter (RT7) is perfect for cultivating, aerating, and stirring up soil for gardens, food plots, and other tillage needs. 

    This tiller features a 2-stage Category I and Category II hookup (2-stage Cat. I & Cat. II pin included)

    Also available:  4' (RT4), 5' (RT5), and 6'(RT6)  

    Product Features:

    • Easily switch between forward or reverse rotation
    • Units work efficiently on 25-50 HP tractors (depending on tiller size)
    • Oil bath lubrication with all gear driven driveline
    • Self-sharpening heat-treated cutting tines
    • Adjustable runners for working depths from 1" to 4"
    • Category I hookup (Cat. I pins included)
    • Comes with heavy-duty PTO shaft and slip clutch
    • (2-stage Cat. I & Cat. II pin included)
    • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish

    Rotary Tiller Specifications:

    • Item#: RT7
    • Height: 38"
    • Approx. Weight: 800 lbs.
    • Overall Width: 89"
    • Length: 28"
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