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Fencing Supplies

Fencing Supplies

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  1. Tarter Sheeted Alley Panel w/ Cut Gate SAPWCGR

    Tarter Sheeted Alley Panel w/ Cut Gate SAPWCGR


    Product Features:

    • 10′ gate and panel combo
    • Interchangeable with any panel in the alley
    • Escape gate features a spring-loaded latch
    • Gate will open in either direction
    • 76 Inches High
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  2. Tarter Value 90 Degree Sweep Tub 90ST

    Tarter Value 90 Degree Sweep Tub 90ST

    • Full function 90 degree sweep for smaller setup areas and smaller herds
    • Welded C-style hookups with drop pins throughout system
    • Fully reversible
    • Comes with two 10' alley panels
    • Easily attaches to any Tarter chute or palpation cage with two attachment rods (sold separately)
    • Regular Tarter economy or heavy-duty corrals can also connect to tub entry or alley exit
    • No tools required for setup unless sweep latch is reversed
    • Available in unsheeted only
    • Fully set up dimensions measure 21' x 11' x 88"
    • Features our superior, industry exclusive E-Coat finish
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  3. Tarter 1000lb. Creep Feeder with Feed Control Band  C10F

    Tarter 1000lb. Creep Feeder with Feed Control Band C10F


    Our Calf Creep Feeder in 1,000-lb. feed capacity, is ideal for small to medium sized calf herds.

    This rugged feeder is E-Coated for weatherproof durability and is available with or without cages.

    The creep cage, constructed from 1-3/8" square tubing, features an adjustable gate bar for growing calves.

    The feeder features a 1-3/8" square frame reinforced with 1-1/4" angle iron for added strength and is constructed with sheet metal and a rounded 1/8" thick poly back and bottom trough for complete feeding.

    Feed trough measures 9" W x 76" L x 6" D

    Cage measures 92" x 43"

    6 calf stall openings each measuring 17"

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  4. Priefert 90 Degree Premier Open Sweep with 12’ Working Alley OS-3

    Priefert 90 Degree Premier Open Sweep with 12’ Working Alley OS-3


    This rugged, completely reversible crowding system includes a 90 degree sweep, a 12’ working alley, and a Model 91 Headgate with Headgate Stand. The OS-3 can be used as part of a permanent or portable working corral. It provides a durable and affordable crowding system that helps reduce the labor needed for working cattle. This system is constructed with Premier Panels, our number one selling cattle panel, and the HG91 headgate, which works in manual or automatic mode. The “no-back” Alley Stop can be easily adjusted to prevent cattle from backing out of the alley. This system is ideal for small operations, but can be easily expanded upon to accommodate larger herd sizes.


    • Alley Length: 12’
    • Alley Frame Inside Height: 74”
    • Panel Height: 64”
    • Inside Alley Width: 25”
    • Bow Gate Frame Height: 7’ (approximate height)
    • OS-3 includes: 1- 10’ Premier Free Swing Bow Gate, 1- 10’ Premier Panel with Alley Frame, 1- Premier Radius Bar, 2- 8’ Premier Curved Panels, 2- 12’ Premier Panels, 1- Alley Frame, 1- “no-back” Alley Stop, 1- Headgate Stand, and 1- Model 91 Headgate
    • Priefert recommends driving T-Posts on the outside of the alley at the rear corners of the headgate stand, securing the stand to the T-Posts with the attached chains
    • HG91 dip painted Priefert Blue
    • All other components feature a Grey Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish 
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  5. Priefert 6' Tall Premier Panel Round Pens PPT

    Priefert 6' Tall Premier Panel Round Pens PPT

    From: $1,784.97

    The Priefert Premier Panels are the toughest panels on the marker. Available in 40', 50', 60' and 70' diameters, 6' tall Premier Round Pens are constructed from Prieferts patented Quadraform tubing to allow for maximum strength the flexibility and are ideal for horse owners. The added height of this panel also meets the Bureau of Land Management's requirements for use with the Mustang Adoption Program. These round pens are constructed from the 6' tall panels and a matching 6' X 9' Bow gate. Sturdy pin connectors make these pens quick and easy to set up, while the fishhook top corners increase strength and safety. J-legs increase the ease of portability and help keep panels from sinking in to wet or boggy ground. The 6' tall panels are tall enough to discourage horse from jumping over them. the 9 foot tall bow frame height and the Single Piston Lever Latch allow "ride thru" access to the pen. The architectural grade power coat finish helps to resist rush, scratches, and fading to added years of life to your investment.

    Item Number  Diameter  Componets 
    PPT40 40 Foot 10-12' Panels, 1-6'x9' Bow Gate 
    PPT50 50 Foot 13-12' Panels, 1-6'x9' Bow Gate
    PPT60 60 Foot 15-12' Panels, 1-6'x9' Bow Gate
    PPT70 70 Foot 18-12' Panels, 1-6'x9' Bow Gate
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  6. Tarter Feed Master 165 - 165 Bushel Portable Creep Feeder w/ Cage FM165WC

    Tarter Feed Master 165 - 165 Bushel Portable Creep Feeder w/ Cage FM165WC


    Serious herdsmen need serious capacity and the new Tarter FeedMaster 165-Bushel Portable Creep Feeder provides it better than any feeder of its kind on the market. Large in capacity, larger still in functionality, long in corrosion-resistant life – the FeedMaster 165 masters the pasture and feeds the need.

    • Heaviest and largest single-axle creep feeder on the market
    • 33" x 96" feed door lid easily opens from ground with large handle
    • Redesigned feed control doors for easier feed flow adjustments
    • Heaviest cages on the market with 2 additional bars on bottom sides to prevent animals from reaching under cage sides
    • Improved feed agitation ensures even flow of feed with the simple turn of a crank
    • Cages have 2 positions: 1) Fully vertical for shipping and highway transport 2) Completely down and in position for feeding
    • One of the only powder coated creeps on the market – for superior rust and corrosion protection
    • Heavy-duty wheels and new large 11L x 15SL 8-ply pneumatic implement tires make transport easy, even on rough ground
    • R-pinned corner braces on super-duty cages ensure maximum stability
    • Super-duty tongue with attached pin provided
    • Adjustable height limiter on creep cage allows for multiple height positions or can be removed entirely
    • Improved roofline provides better protection for feed from the elements
    • Heaviest gauge metal throughout the entire feeder
    • Features a drop pin rear hitch
    • Inside ladder for easier access
    • 4 heavy-duty leveling stands
    • Super-duty adjustable jack is fully removable
    • Dimensions:
      • Feeder Height w/Cages Up - 8 ft. 3 in.
      • Feeder Top Width - 8 ft.
      • Feed Bottom Width - 6 ft. 1 in.
      • Over-All Length - w/Tongue - 11 ft. 1 in.; w/o Tongue - 8 ft.
      • Over-All Width w/Cages Down - 14 ft. 5 in.
      • Cage Dimensions - 8 ft. 5 1/2 in. l x 4 ft. 10 in. w x 3 ft. 8 1/2 in. h
      • Calf Stall Openings - 10
      • Calf Stall Width - 17 1/2 in.
      • Feed Trough - 7 ft. 11 in. l x 14 in. w x 7 in. d x 2 sides
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  7. Tarter 650lb Goat Creep Feeder GC65

    Tarter 650lb Goat Creep Feeder GC65


    This 650-lb. capacity Creep Feeder allows for the continuous free flow of feed. The new front and rear wire mesh design prevents small animals from stepping or climbing into the feeder. A feed control band is standard on all units and the sliding lid provides a dual handle for easy loading of food.

    • Entryway features an adjustable height bar that can be moved up and down or completely removed so you can choose what size kids can enter the cage. This allows access to feeding without competition from adult animals.
    • Sliding lid features dual handle for easy loading
    • Can be used with or without cages
    • Feed control band regulating the flow of food is standard on all units
    • Extra back bracing provides additional support, making this creep feeder the strongest on the market
    • This product features our superior E-Coat protection, the only E-Coated creep on the market.
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  8. Priefert Headgate HG10

    Priefert Headgate HG10


    The Model 10 Headgate is Priefert’s newest headgate offering.  Designed to be “Easy on the Cow, Easy on the Cowboy,” the HG10 works in manual or automatic mode and features contoured yokes that allow it to safely and securely fit the shape of an animal’s neck.  The patented Infinite Locks effectively control the cattle and are guaranteed for life.  Switch the headgate into automatic mode by engaging a simple slide lock and then setting the self-catch lever on the front of the headgate to select one of 4 opening widths.  


    • Overall Height: 68.5”
    • Overall Width (including handle): 59”
    • Inside Height: 59.5”
    • Maximum Opening Width: 27.5”
    • Weight: 240 lbs (All weights approximate)
    • Lubricate infinite locks with light oil (i.e. WD-40).  DO NOT use heavy oil.
    • Dip painted Priefert Blue
    • Designed to mount to Priefert Headgate Stand (sold separately)
    • HG10 comes standard with Priefert’s Model SC13 Squeeze Chute
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  9. Tarter 12' Leadup Alley without Backstop LAWOB12

    Tarter 12' Leadup Alley without Backstop LAWOB12


    This leadup easily hooks together to other leadups to provide all the staging area you need. The slanted bottom prevents animal turnaround and an optional backstop can allow animals to advance in the alley while not letting them back up. The optional backstop fits both 8 foot and 12 foot alleys and features a corrosion resistant powder coat brown finish.

    • Dimensions: 147" L x 36" W x 58" H
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  10. Red Brand Field Fence 948-16-9 3/4 48"x660' Cross Lock Knot 78230

    Red Brand Field Fence 948-16-9 3/4 48"x660' Cross Lock Knot 78230

    • Protect your investment with our most reliable confinement for cattle, hogs and other large animals
    • Able to withstand the demands of corralling large animal herds
    • Ideal for all terrains, as well as corrals and pastures
    • Special wire crimps withstand even the most severe weather by allowing the fence to expand and contract
    • Galvanized wire resists weathering as well as wear and tear
    • Red Brand Tradition - Class 1 galvanized wire.

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