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Gates and Accessories

Gates and Accessories

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  1. Tarter 12' Stall Side with Bars SS12

    Tarter 12' Stall Side with Bars SS12


    Our Sliding-Door Horse Stall is one of the leaders in the equestrian market. Ideal for open barn/shed applications, the 7' tall sides and fronts can be ordered separately or as a complete unit. A stall front can be installed in an existing barn or you can convert a barn by using the entire stall. Individual corner bracket allows for one or multiple side-by-side units.

    • 4' wide sliding door with smooth-operating ball-bearing rollers
    • Optional swing-out poly or galvanized-back hay and grain feeders and grain feeders
    • 1/2 in. solid steel stall bars
    • Flat doorway threshold helps prevent catching or stumbling
    • Unique latches that eliminate all sharp protrusions
    • Stalls easily outfitted with 2x lumber or poly panels
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  2. Tarter 10ft Super Stock Arena Ride Thru Gate SSART910OMM

    Tarter 10ft Super Stock Arena Ride Thru Gate SSART910OMM


    Large animals require durable equipment. Tarter offers everything you need to keep you and your livestock safe, contained, and secure with our Super Stock Arena equipment.

    • 2” 14-gauge gate and support bars
    • Heavy-duty 2-3/8” 10-gauge bow tube for maximum strength
    • 2-1/4” 14-gauge precision cut laser braces
    • Gate panel stands 6’ tall from ground
    • Use for cattle-handling systems, rodeos, or other heavy confinement
    • Heavy-duty pin connectors
    • Walk-thrus stand 7’ tall, ride-thrus stand 9’ tall, and drive-thrus stand 12’ tall
    • Heavy-duty powder coat brown finish
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  3. Tarter 6' x 10' x 10' Complete Galvanized Kennel with Door 10WK

    Tarter 6' x 10' x 10' Complete Galvanized Kennel with Door 10WK


    Our welded kennels are superior in the canine and small animal containment market because of their strong galvanized 1-3/8" tubular frame and heavy-duty 11-1/2-gauge chain link wire. Built to contain multiple animals whether they are large or small breeds, these kennels are easily assembled and can be moved in a matter of minutes. Our 6' kennels are available with 1 or 2 doors or with a divider and 2 doors. An additional mid-section brace on each panel adds extra sturdiness. We also offer dog kennelshades in a super-tough polypropylene U.V.-stabilized fabric. The shades provide protection from sun and serve as a lightweight security cover for your pets and possessions. Measuring 10' x 10', they have grommets for easy installation without tools and come complete with zip-ties.

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  4. Tarter Sliding Alley Gate SCG

    Tarter Sliding Alley Gate SCG


    Product Features

    • Heavy-duty square tube construction and sheeted door to block animal view
    • Door slides easily on top-mounted, ball-bearing rollers with self-cleaning bottom
    • Door features heavy-duty handle and spring-loaded auto latch
    • Can be used as alleyway entry gate or mid-alley for scales or other uses
    • Measures 80" H x 74" W x 8" L
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  5. Priefert 12' Premier Stall Panel – Bar/Wood HSP12W

    Priefert 12' Premier Stall Panel – Bar/Wood HSP12W


    Priefert’s Premier Stalls have been a mainstay in the equine industry for decades.  Premier Stalls are safe, attractive, and affordable.  This Premier Stall Panel combines a vertical bar top with a wood-filled bottom (Wood Kit sold separately).  These stalls are designed with the highest degree of consideration for the safety of both the horse and handler.  Our Premier Stalls offer horse owners practical solutions for creating a safe, functional environment for their valued animals.  The bottom portion of the stall is constructed from galvanized steel to provide maximum resistance to rust and corrosion.  The stall features an attractive black powder coat finish to help the stall resist rust, scratches, and fading, adding years of life to your investment.  No tools are required for assembly.  Our stall fronts and panels join using simple pin connectors.  A starter post is required for stall setup when you are not connecting to a wall or other existing structure (starter post sold separately).  Priefert Premier Stall Panels are available in 2’, 4’, 10’ and 12’ lengths.


    • Constructed from 2” OD 16 gauge tubing
    • Vertical Bar Spacing: 2.25” between each vertical bar
    • The bottom portion of the stall is constructed from galvanized steel under powder coat
    • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • Color: Black
    • All weights are approximate
    • Wood Kits Sold Separately
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  6. Tarter, 10' Straight Alley Panel, SAP10

    Tarter, 10' Straight Alley Panel, SAP10


    When Tarter designers set out to make the best and most versatile system on the market, they started with several clear objectives. Make it rugged, make it versatile, make it easy to assemble and use, make it affordable, and make it work every single time. The result? An alley and sweep system like no other on the market.

      • Every unit is pre-assembled at the factory prior to shipping. Everything fits the way it is supposed to. Nothing is missing. Nothing is broken. That’s why we can guarantee smooth assembly and operation each and every time.
      • No tools required, unless sweep gate latch is reversed. Assembly is simple. The complete unit can be set up in 6 different configurations, putting the controls where you want them, in less than an hour
      • Each tub has 3 full bows to hold the sweep tub in place – this means no shifting or moving of any tub panels regardless of the load.
      • A fully adjustable alleyway on all units allows working animals of any size. These are versatile systems, designed for a wide range of species, sizes, and ages. The alleyway rolls on a smooth but tough roller system. Large alley adjustment handles make adjustment easy in 3" increments from 13" to 31". Interchangeable first bow at chute connection points make for clean and easy connections to either the Cattlemaster or Cattleman Chutes.
      • Value pricing offers a heavyduty system at a lightweight price. All sweep and alley systems are 14-gauge or heavier. The 7-bar design on both the open and sheeted unit is heavier and more rigid than any on the market. You simply get more cattle-handling capacity, versatility, and simplicity for a good deal less money. The durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish will still be bright and rust-free long after dip-painted models are covered in rust. Expect these heavy-duty, rugged units to be your working partners for a long, long time.
      • Both open and sheeted units ship complete on a single pallet that includes all components and easy-touse, picture-based assembly instructions. This means easy shipping to the store and easy transport to the farm after purchase.
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  7. Priefert 4' x 6' Chain Harrow Kits with Draw Bar & Hitch PICH46

    Priefert 4' x 6' Chain Harrow Kits with Draw Bar & Hitch PICH46


    Priefert’s Chain Harrow Kits with Draw Bar and Hitch are built for light or heavy duty grooming of arenas, pastures, food plots, driveways, lawns, poultry houses, and more.  The harrow mat is constructed from heavy, durable, high carbon, heat-treated steel.  The ½” chain-style mat features a “double tine” design that makes it a perfect solution for spreading fertilizer on hay fields, land leveling, etc.  Each digging tine is 4” long.  The mat can be flipped over for simple smoothing of sand or aerating a food plot before seeding.  This versatile tool can easily be attached to a small tractor, riding lawn mower, or ATV.  The Draw Bar features an Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish with UV inhibitors to add years of life to your investment by helping the product resist rust, scratches, and fading.


    • Tine Length (for mat tines): 4”
    • Draw Bars constructed from 1.90” OD 11 gauge tubing
    • Draw Bars feature a Black Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • Each Kit Includes: Harrow Mat(s), Draw Bar, and Chain Harrow Hitch (includes chain and drop pin hitch) 
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  8. Tarter Full Size Goat Gofer GGFS

    Tarter Full Size Goat Gofer GGFS


    Any goat farmer will attest to the fact that goats are difficult to contain. This makes transport particularly tricky, but with the high-quality galvanized steel Tarter Goat Gofer, you are ensured a virtually escape-proof move. It fits easily into the back of standard and compact pickups even with toolboxes, and can be used to transport goats,hunting dogs, calves, sheep or other small animals.


    ********TARP NOT INCLUDED********

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  9. Tarter Sweep Pen Gate SPG

    Tarter Sweep Pen Gate SPG


    Tarter sweep pen gate 


    Measures 62" H x 2.5" W x 121" L

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  10. Tarter 16' Fence Line Feeder Panel Red 2FSR16

    Tarter 16' Fence Line Feeder Panel Red 2FSR16


    Our Fence Line Feeder Panels are designed for feeding square-bale, loose hay or silage in the pasture fence line or corner. They can also be used in barns or sheds for easy feeding. 50" high, these feeder panels are available in 2" tubing in E-Coat red. These panels are also great for constructing your own square bale feeders of various sizes, with S-bar openings and quick pin hookup. The superior E-Coat finish ensures longer life in the field, and the S-bar design helps prevent calves from getting inside.

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