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  1. Weaver Leather Poly Lead Rope with a Solid Brass 225 Snap - Navy/Blue/Turquoise 35-2100-B15

    Weaver Leather Poly Lead Rope with a Solid Brass 225 Snap - Navy/Blue/Turquoise 35-2100-B15


    This premium polypropylene lead has a soft, broken-in feel you'll love! Features a non-rust solid brass 225 snap. Measures 5/8" x 10'.

    • Color: Navy/Blue/Turquoise
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  2. Fiebing Black Boot Creme Polish POLC01GOO2Z

    Fiebing Black Boot Creme Polish POLC01GOO2Z


    This unique wax blend rich in natural waxes conditions, re-colors and polishes finished, grained, smooth leather shoes and boots. Excellent for covering scuffs and scrapes. Buffs to a high gloss. Packaged in 2 ½ ounce glass jars.

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  3. Wahl 8oz Clini Clip 3701

    Wahl 8oz Clini Clip 3701


    Product Features:

    • Clipper blade disinfectant and cleaner that is ready to use
    • Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal, and Tuberculocidal
    • Effectively kills microorganisms at room temperature with a 3 minute contact time
    • Effectively cleans and disinfects hard, non-porus surfaces such as hair cutting and clipping implements
    • Effectively inactivates HCV, HBV, and HIV-1 on precleaned surfaces or objects previously soiled with blood or body fluids
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  4. Formula 707 LifeCare Equine Weight Gain Supplement 16 lbs. 40816

    Formula 707 LifeCare Equine Weight Gain Supplement 16 lbs. 40816


    Use to achieve and maintain a healthy weight in horses of all ages!

    Some horses are hard keepers. No matter what or how much you feed them, they have trouble keeping on weight. Often the problem can be traced back to the first stage of digestion, the teeth. If the teeth have grown uneven, it’s just a matter of “floating” them back to a uniform height to facilitate mastication. For other horses, however—horses with good teeth and no other digestion-related ailments—failure to maintain a healthy weight can be a combination of genetics, age and workload.

    Anyone who raises performance horses is familiar with the problem of keeping weight on their horses. Intense exercise and the stresses of boarding, hauling, and competing all take their toll. Feeding more hay and grain is not always a satisfactory solution. That’s because healthy weight gain is intimately tied to energy metabolism, which in turn is dependent upon the availability of certain nutrients. It’s not enough just to feed more calories if the calories being fed are not properly utilized.

    Formula 707 LifeCare Weight Gain is a highly palatable, calorie-rich supplement specifically formulated to help all types of horses gain and maintain weight. Vegetable fat provides concentrated and easily digestible calories in a form that also increases a horse’s overall energy. High-quality protein provides all the essential amino acids a horse needs to rebuild lost muscle, and fiber keeps the digestive machinery working smoothly. Calcium and phosphorus have been added to assist in the important task of skeletal maintenance and, along with zinc and copper, energy metabolism.

    Does it work? In informal studies, Formula 707 Weight Gain was shown to have a visible effect on underweight horses in just a few days, and a return to normal weight within weeks.

    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein (min) 14.0%
    Crude Fat (min) 35.0%
    Crude Fiber (max) 8.0%
    Calcium (min) 0.75%
    Calcium (max) 1.25%
    Phosphorus 0.5%
    Zinc 65 ppm
    Copper 15 ppm 


    Caution: Severely emaciated horses that have been deprived of nutrition over a long period of time, such as rescue horses, should only be reintroduced to food under the care of a veterinarian. Long-term deprivation leads to changes in the digestive system that may be damaged if high calorie supplements such as Weight Gain Essentials are introduced too soon.

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  5. Weaver Leather Poly Roper Rein, 5/8" x 8' - Black/Hunter Green/Tan 35-2026-K4

    Weaver Leather Poly Roper Rein, 5/8" x 8' - Black/Hunter Green/Tan 35-2026-K4


    Exciting color combinations give this poly roper rein a fashionable look you'll love! This quality roper rein features durable, weather resistant russet harness leather water loops at both ends with alum tanned leather laces and nickel plated scissor snaps. You'll appreciate the great feel this rein has in your hands. Measures 5/8" x 8'.

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  6. Powder River Classic 12 Foot Panel 022-00012

    Powder River Classic 12 Foot Panel 022-00012


    Powder River's Classic Cattle Panels are made from 14 gauge high tensile steel formed into Powder River's exclusive "Pentagonal Rail." These rails are surrounded with a 13 gauge frame, making them strong durable panels with an amazing ability to take large amounts of pressure and spring back into their original shape. Vertical stays on both sides of the panel increase the panel's strength. Recommended for high-pressure applications.

    • Classic Pentagonal Rail and Vertical Stay are made of 14 gauge high tensile steel.
    • The engineered superior design of the pentagonal open rails and formed stays adds substantial strength and durability.
    • The design and engineering of our "classic" line of gates and panels gives us the confidence to extend an unsurpassed 5 year limited warranty.
    • Connects to all other styles of Powder River panels which allows you to connect your current Powder River equipment.
    • 64" overall height.
    • 1.66" O.D. 13 gauge frame.
    • 5 Pentagonal horizontal rails.
    • High Tensile steel is 66% stronger than most common steel panels.
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  7. HylEquine Joint Solution Gallon JOINTGL

    HylEquine Joint Solution Gallon JOINTGL


    Introducing HylEquine's all-natural solution to joint pain and discomfort. At 200 mg per ounce we proudly offer one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid of any equine joint product on the market today. Hyaluronic Acid is the key component in the synovial fluid and cartilage caps found in the joint spaces of your horse's body, and serve as the natural joint lubricants and shock absorbers.

    The gallon provides the most cost-effective option for purchase. With approximately 120-240 servings per bottle your first purchase includes a recommended one ounce serving pump.

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  8. Harvest Lane Honey 3.5 oz. Orange Bliss Honey Soap SOAP-1OB

    Harvest Lane Honey 3.5 oz. Orange Bliss Honey Soap SOAP-1OB


    Harvest Lane Honey Orange Bliss 3.5 oz Honey Soap. Hand cut natural glycerin soap, very gentle and mild. Scented with USA grown Blood orange essential oil.

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  9. GQF Manufacturing Sure Trap Live Animal Trap 0302

    GQF Manufacturing Sure Trap Live Animal Trap 0302

    For trapping squirrels, rats, weasels and chipmunks. -Sure Trap -is designed to catch all kinds of animals no matter how quick or cunning. All our traps are constructed of heavy gauge galvanized wire mesh and reinforced with heavy steel rods to give them extra strength and durability. Our trigger and reset rods are designed within the trap so the animals cannot discharge the trap before entering . After entering, escape is impossible because of the innovative design of our door and locking system. When ready, releasing of the animal is done safely and without difficulty, because our door opens from the outside of the trap. You never have to reach and risk getting harmed by the animal. 5”x5”x18” Learn More
  10. Priefert 10' Utility Panel (Wheel White) UP10WE

    Priefert 10' Utility Panel (Wheel White) UP10WE

  11. Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
  12. Chain connectors around oval end frames maximize tight Priefert "Horse Safe" connections. Chain connectors offer increased versatility and safety by eliminating foot traps.
  13. Common uses: round pens, arenas, paddocks, and temporary stalls.
  14. Connects to any other brand of panel with no special connectors or wire needed.
  15. Easier to setup on uneven ground.
  16. Eliminates the need for special connectors at 3 or 4 way unions.
  17. Ideal for confinement of cooperative animals - NOT FOR CROWDING
  18. J-Legs increase portability & keep panel on top of ground in wet or boggy conditions.
  19. Single-piece vertical stay through drilled horizontal rails for extra strength.
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When you have livestock, there are so many items that you need just to care for them. They need proper food and feeding equipment. When they are sick, they need the proper medicine. Even when they aren't sick, you need to provide preventative medicine. Animals also need proper housing. There is just so much to think about. That is why our livestock category is so comprehensive.

Let's say you have rabbits. You will need the proper style cage, a drop pan to put at the bottom and bedding so your rabbits are safely housed. The last thing you want is a loose rabbit. There is too much danger out there for them to be running free. You'll also need the proper supplies to feed them, like hay and pellet food.

What if rabbits aren't your thing? How about if you are more into bees? Well, we can help you with that, too. We have frames and boxes. There are also entrance reducers and queen excluders, if you need them.

It really doesn't matter what type of livestock you have, from bees and rabbits to cows and chickens and even dogs and potbellied pigs, we have something for them all. This category offers a range of items that you will need to properly care for any animal you have.