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  1. Tarter 8ft. Red Value Curved Sweep Panel VCSP

    Tarter 8ft. Red Value Curved Sweep Panel VCSP


    Curved Sweep Panel Only!!

    Product Details

    • Full function 90 degree sweep for smaller setup areas and smaller herds
    • Welded C-style hookups with drop pins throughout the system
    • Easily attaches to any Tarter chute or palpation cage with two attachment rods
    • No tools required for setup unless sweep latch is reversed
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  2. New Age Pet Jumbo Fontana Chicken Pen ECHK503-B

    New Age Pet Jumbo Fontana Chicken Pen ECHK503-B


    Product Features:

    • Made with ecoFLEX eco-friendly composite
    • Exceptionally durable and weather-resistant
    • Easy to assemble and clean
    • Non-toxic and anti-microbial
    • 10-year warranty
    • Designed for used with Jumbo Fontana Chicken Barn SKU 23154137
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  3. Priefert 4' x 6' Harrow Mat - CH087248

    Priefert 4' x 6' Harrow Mat - CH087248


    Product Description

    • Easily attaches to a small tractor, riding lawn mower or ATV.
    • 4' x 6' harrow mat.
    • 1/2" heavy duty, high carbon, heat-treated chain
    • Reversible mat can be flipped for loosening soil or pasture ground or for smoothing sand or aerating a food plot before and/or after seeding.
    • Each tine is 4" in length
    • All implements requiring removable pins are designed to receive 7/8" pins in the bottom and 3/4" pins in the top. Pins are not included with implements.
    • Product prices may vary based on color.



    • Length: 48"
    • Width: 72"
    • Height: 1"
    • Weight: 115 lbs
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  4. Piefert 16' Premier Panel (Wheel White) PP16

    Piefert 16' Premier Panel (Wheel White) PP16

  5. 1.66" O.D. Quadraform 16 gauge tubing
  6. Chain connectors around oval end frames maximize tight Priefert "Horse Safe" connections.
  7. Chain connectors offer increased versatility and safety by eliminating foot traps.
  8. Common uses include: crowding pens, round pens, arenas, paddocks, and stalls
  9. Connects to any other brand of panel with no special connectors or wire needed.
  10. Easier to set up on uneven ground
  11. Eliminates the need for special connectors at 3 and 4 way unions.
  12. Fishhook top corners for added safety
  14. Horizontal Rails made from Priefert's unique 16 gauge Quadraform(TM) tubing give extra strength.
  15. Ideal for confinement of uncooperative animals
  16. J-Legs increase portability & keep panel on top of ground in wet or boggy conditions. POWDER COATED with architectural grade powder containing UV inhibitors.
  17. Single-piece vertical stay through drilled horizontal rails for extra strength.
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When you have livestock, there are so many items that you need just to care for them. They need proper food and feeding equipment. When they are sick, they need the proper medicine. Even when they aren't sick, you need to provide preventative medicine. Animals also need proper housing. There is just so much to think about. That is why our livestock category is so comprehensive.

Let's say you have rabbits. You will need the proper style cage, a drop pan to put at the bottom and bedding so your rabbits are safely housed. The last thing you want is a loose rabbit. There is too much danger out there for them to be running free. You'll also need the proper supplies to feed them, like hay and pellet food.

What if rabbits aren't your thing? How about if you are more into bees? Well, we can help you with that, too. We have frames and boxes. There are also entrance reducers and queen excluders, if you need them.

It really doesn't matter what type of livestock you have, from bees and rabbits to cows and chickens and even dogs and potbellied pigs, we have something for them all. This category offers a range of items that you will need to properly care for any animal you have.