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  1. Powder River XL Squeeze Chute with Manual Head Gate & Right Hand Exit 002-10052

    Powder River XL Squeeze Chute with Manual Head Gate & Right Hand Exit 002-10052


    The Powder River XL Manual Squeeze Chute with Right Side Exit is Powder River's top selling squeeze chute. This chute will stand up to the toughest of conditions. It will handle bulls, large cows, and even calves if necessary. If you are debating between a Value Chute and the XL Chute, go with the XL. It will hold its value and last for many years to come, no matter how many head you run through it.

    • Head stanchion, center squeeze, split tailgate controlled from one position enabling on-man operation
    • Drop side pipes allow animal access from both sides for vaccinating, pour-on, etc.
    • Tailgate locks open, allowing one-man operation of the tailgate while working animal into the chute.
    • Designed for animals up to 2500 lbs.
    • Positive locking side exit latch prevents accidental opening
    • Safety latch provides operator assurance on chute's exit side
    • V-Pattern squeeze provides even pressure on animal to keep them in a balanced upright position while being worked
    Adjustable Squeeze Widths 7" / 12" / 17"
    Main Frame 3" Square
    Tube Controls Reversible L/R
    Length Overall 96"
    Length Inside 86"
    Height Overall 89"
    Height Inside 66"
    Widest Point 116"
    Base Width 47"
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  2. Powder River Value Manual Head Stanchion 001-01096

    Powder River Value Manual Head Stanchion 001-01096


    The Powder River Manual Value Head Gate is a simple trouble-free scissor type design. The new and improved ratchet has more teeth which creates less play in the head gate. Clevises included for connecting panels

    Height 74"
    Widest Point (when closed) 58"
    Width(w/o handle) 38"
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  3. Snap Lock Formex Large Plastic Chicken Coop

    Snap Lock Formex Large Plastic Chicken Coop


    This chicken coop from Snap Lock clips together in seconds for easy set-up.  The plastic floor is very easy to keep clean.  The side access roosting box makes egg collection easier than ever. The plastic body is weather resistant and very durable. This coop can easily house 12 to 15 average size birds. 

    • Long lasting with no repainting
    • Impervious to rotting
    • Easily cleaned by pressure washing
    • Water and impact resistant
    • Ultraviolet and chemical resistant
    • Lightweight for multiple locations
    • No tools required for assembly
    • Removable litter tray
    • Easy access for egg collection
    • Predator resistant with lockable access points
    • Dual wall construction provides insulation and strength


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  4. Powder River Homesteader's 1/4 Circle Portable Sweep Tub 005-00190

    Powder River Homesteader's 1/4 Circle Portable Sweep Tub 005-00190


    The Powder River Homesteader Portable Sweep Tub is still the best portable sweep tub on the market. The 14 gauge 1 1/2" square tube panels, spring loaded gate latch and overhead braces at each panel junction make it extremely safe and durable. The Homesteader Portable Sweep tube is reversible.

    The Homesteader's 1/4 Circle Portable Sweep Tub is constructed of the same high strength materials as the long time popular Homesteader Portable Sweep Tub. It just comes with two less 8' Curved Panels and Braces, making it an ideal sweep for the producer with just a few head of cattle. It is easy to assemble and can be set up to sweep to the left or right.

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  5. Powder River Pregnancy Test Gate 004-00040

    Powder River Pregnancy Test Gate 004-00040


    Front and rear connectors protect yourself and your veterinarian with Powder River's Pregnancy Testing Gates. A positive single bar spring loaded latch locks off the alley, forming a protected work-space. The new upgrades now make it possible to connect to any Powder River chute.

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  6. Powder River Classic Deluxe Calf Table 008-00012

    Powder River Classic Deluxe Calf Table 008-00012


    The Classic Deluxe Calf Table has a head gate on both ends giving you a completely reversible calf table without having to remove parts. Simply turn the calf table end for end.

    • Handles calves up to 450 lbs.
    • Scissor-type manual stanchion can be opened at the desired width for catching your calf.
    • Dally cleat is included for tying a leg back out of the way
    • Seven drop-side pipes can be dropped and swung out of the way for easy access to calf's side for branding and vaccinating
    • Quick release pin allows you to drop the side in an emergency
    • Three settings for the tip angle of the table
    • Optional headboard with tie-down chain available
    Height Overall 63"
    Width Overall 55"
    Length Overall 60"
    Base Width  56" X 45"
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  7. Tarter Cattle Master Manual Headgate CMMH

    Tarter Cattle Master Manual Headgate CMMH


    Product Features

    • Perfect for medium-to large herds
    • Superior “catch-ability” of a manual chute
    • Heaviest and most proven for any size animal
    • Constructed of quality heavy-duty 2-3/8" tubular steel
    • Sold separately or with Cattlemaster Chute
    • Available in powder coat red only for superior corrosion protection
    • Meausres 79" H x 53" W x 12" L 
    • mounting bolt width 37.5"

    This product is reccommended for cattle up to 1,500 lbs.

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  8. Tarter 140 Bushel Portable Creep Feeder w/ Cage C140WC

    Tarter 140 Bushel Portable Creep Feeder w/ Cage C140WC


    The Tarter 140-Bushel Portable Creep Feeder has long been the standard of excellence, efficiency, and economy in creep feeding. Now there are even more reasons to invest in the fast payback this creep offers.

    • Feed door lid opens from ground with handle
    • Redesigned feed control doors for easier feed flow adjustments
    • Heaviest cages on the market with 2 additional bars on bottom sides to prevent animals from reaching under cage sides
    • Cages have 2 positions:
      1. Fully vertical for shipping and highway transport
      2. Completely down and in position for feeding
    • Improved feed agitation ensures even flow of feed with the simple turn of a crank
    • One of the only powder coated creeps on the market – for superior rust and corrosion protection
    • Heavy-duty wheels and new large pneumatic implement tires make transport easy, even on rough ground
    • R-pinned corner braces on cages ensure maximum stability
    • Heavy-duty tongue
    • Heavy-duty, adjustable jack is fully removable
    • Adjustable height limiter on creep cage allows for multiple height positions or can be removed entirely
    • Overhang helps prevent moisture from gathering in the trough
    • Features full ladder for easy access
    • Drop pin rear hitch
    • Cage Dimensions: 8' 6" L x 5' W x 44-1/2" H
    • Feeder Top Width 7' 10" - Feeder Bottom Width 5' 6"
    • Height: 8' 4" w/Cages up
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  9. GQF Manufacturing Digital Hatching Egg Cabinet Incubator 1550

    GQF Manufacturing Digital Hatching Egg Cabinet Incubator 1550


    The 1550 HATCHER incubator is designed to allow for the best hatching conditions. Unlike setting incubators, hatchers usually operate at slightly different temperature and humidity settings to obtain optimum hatch. With five hatching drawers the 1550 Hatcher will hold the complete setting of the 1500 incubator. For expanding operations the 1550 can be matched with up to three 1500 incubators. The 1550 can be used to set eggs, but each egg will have to be turned by hand. For small chicks such as quail, each hatching tray comes with a tray cover. The No. 1550 HATCHER incubator offers an accurate digital thermostat with LCD display of Temperature and Humidity. An on-board computer monitors systems and the environment every second to keep itself updated and to share this data with you. Audio/visual indicators and a standard easy view door highlight a number of standard features. Constructed from high strength plastic board making it well insulated, quieter, and easier to clean. Each unit is hand assembled by our skilled craftsmen and tested for a full 24 hours for proper operation and calibration. Thermostat operating range between 60 and 103 degrees F depending on room temperature.

    • 110-120VAC, 50/60 Hz, 325 Watts.
    • DIMENSIONS: 30 1/4” Front to Back, 15 3/4” Wide, 31 3/4” High.

    TUV Listed Hatcher includes:

    • 1 #3258 Digital Command Center
    • 5 hatching trays
    • 1 moisture pan with 2 wick pads
    • Instruction booklet
    • 4 hatching tray covers
    • Total capacity approximately 1250 Quail eggs or 360 Chicken Eggs.
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  10. Brinsea Churchill Chicken Coop CC041

    Brinsea Churchill Chicken Coop CC041


    Brinsea Clifton Coops are computer designed and precision manufactured hen houses. Each coop is supplied flat packed and assembly is simple thanks to our unique Coop-Clip assembly system.

    The Churchill Chicken Coop will hold 6 to 10 standard hens and is:

    • Tough and durable: no maintenance needed, UV resistant and predator-proof non porous materials.
    • Precision designed and manufactured from 100% recycled plastic for minimum carbon footprint.
    • Comfortable for your hens with ample space, plenty of ventilation, molded nest areas and elevated roosting areas as standard.
    • Red mite resistant: Materials and designs minimize crevices where mites breed and make cleaning as easy as possible.
    • Easy to clean with removable roof panels and dropping tray.
    • Convenient large egg collection door on the back.
    • 3-year warranty
    • A sturdy 3.5 by 7.5 foot welded mesh steel run is also available as an option.

    Churchill chicken coop floor area: 34" x 38" external dimensions: 40" w x 46" d x 36' h

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