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Animal Health

Animal Health

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  1. Whitfield's Golden Flo Liquid Energy for Livestock Feeds 1 Gallon 2002L-032

    Whitfield's Golden Flo Liquid Energy for Livestock Feeds 1 Gallon 2002L-032


    Product Features:

    • Promotes a healthy hair coat and skin condition, with added shine and bloom.
    • Inreases fat levels adding energy.
    • Improves feed consumption and efficiency: better palatability starts baby animals quickly and keeps them on feed.
    • Controls dust reducing respiratory stress for humans and animals.
    • Enhances feed aroma and texture with a "fruity" flavor.
    • Prolongs nutrient stability and improves nutrient absorption.
    • A homogenous blend; the flavors and preservatives won't settle out of solution.
    • Concentrated energy; 1lb of Golden Flo has the energy equivalency of 2½lbs of corn. Golden Fl allows more calories to be fed per pound of feed ingested.
    • Easy to use: Pour Golden Flo over grain or add it to the complete mix. Can be top-dressed at the rate of 2-6 ounces per head per day.
    • More economical than dry fat.
    • Better flowability – less separation and clumping.
    • No clogging in grinder or mixer.
    • Keeps feeds FRESH!
    • Show Tip: Animals not drinking the water at the show? Try wiping a little Golden Flo around the inside of your water bucket!
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  2. Scotts Grubex Season Long Grub Control 34405HD

    Scotts Grubex Season Long Grub Control 34405HD


    Preventative and early-active grub control product. One application protects from grubs all season long. Works best when applied before grubs hatch or when they are newly hatched. For proper application in most areas, apply anytime from late-spring through mid-summer. Also kills sod webworms, cutworms and armyworms.

    Covers 5,000 Square Feet

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  3. Durvet Duramycin 72-200 250 ML 040467

    Durvet Duramycin 72-200 250 ML 040467


    Duramycin 72-200 Injection is a sterile, ready-to-use solution containing 200 mg per mL of the broad spectrum antibiotic oxytetracycline. Duramycin 72-200 is effective against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria for beef cattle, dairy cattle, calves (including veal calves) and swine. Duramycin 72-200 treats respiratory diseases, pinkeye, scours, and other bacterial infections. No refrigeration or shaking required. Concentrated formulation helps reduce injection sites and labor time.


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  4. Corid 16 oz Liquid

    Corid 16 oz Liquid


    Corid 9.6%  Solution from Merial is an aid in the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and E. zurnii in calves. Comes in a 16oz bottle for easy application and can be used as either a drench or added to drinking water.

    Indications: To prevent and treat coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and E. zurnii in calves. It is the strongest option for preventing coccidiosis.
    Ingredients: Amprolium (9.6%). Benzoic acid 0.1% added as preservative

    Corid is a brand of amprolium used to treat coccidiosis in cattle and poultry. It is not labeled or approved for use in dogs but is widely used as a coccidiostat for dogs.

    1 ml per 5 pounds body weight daily for 5 days or 2 tablespoons per gallon of drinking water.
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  5. Ivesco Vetericyn Feline Wound & Infection Spray - 8oz. DUB135

    Ivesco Vetericyn Feline Wound & Infection Spray - 8oz. DUB135


    From scratches to bites to ear and eye infections, cats often receive dangerous injuries. Even though the wound itself may be shallow, the infection hiding in the wound can be dangerous or even fatal. And cats typically like to lick and clean themselves, so any treatments applied should be non-toxic. Vetericyn is the product of choice because it is easy to apply into the affected area and works quickly to treat infection and accelerate healing.
    Vetericyn works quickly to treat the infections or open wounds. In addition, it is pH neutral and safe as water so it will not harm your cat or the environment. Cats typically lick their injury so any treatments applied should be non-toxic. Vetericyn is non-toxic so it will not cause injury if it happens to be ingested or licked after application. This is possible because Vetericyn works in the same way as your cat’s immune system. As such, the body recognizes it as a friendly infection-treating ally. Vetericyn also creates an optimal environment for healing.

    Wounds treated with Vetericyn have demonstrated a reduction in healing time by up to 60%. Vetericyn significantly increases the oxygen content at the wound site within 30 seconds and maintains that oxygen level for up to 36 hours. This increase in oxygen along with the reduction of infection is responsible for these accelerated healing times. As a one-step cleanser and dressing, it eliminates the need for multiple products while reducing the application time and requirements.

    Since it is “no-rinse”, it leaves no film or residue to clean off. And unlike traditional antiseptics and topical antibiotics it does not damage healthy tissue. Finally, it is compatible with most gauzes and acrylics and can be used prior to application of other treatments.


    • Hot spots
    • Eye infections
    • Skin irritations
    • Rashes
    • Cuts and scratches
    • Outer ear infections
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  6. Formula 707 Psyllium Equine Digestion Supplements 3 lbs. 34503

    Formula 707 Psyllium Equine Digestion Supplements 3 lbs. 34503


    Some horses grazing short pastures end up consuming significant quantities of sand and dirt. To help them eliminate it efficiently – and avoid the discomfort associated with sand colic – Formula 707 Psyllium Pellets are made from psyllium seed husks. For monthly maintenance, give horses 2 oz. daily for three consecutive days.

    • Administer for just three days once a month to promote healthy digestion
    • Use to avoid the discomfort associated with sand colic
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  7. Formula 707 LifeCare Hoof Health Equine Supplement 2.5 lbs. 34625

    Formula 707 LifeCare Hoof Health Equine Supplement 2.5 lbs. 34625


    You've heard the expression “no hoof, no horse”? It means not only that poor quality hooves lead to eventual lameness, but that the condition of a horse's hooves are an indication of its overall health and nutritional state. Formula 707 LifeCare Hoof is Formula 707's most intensive support for hooves needing help. Formula 707 Hoof Health gives chipped, cracked, crumbling, delaminating hooves the intensive care they need...from the inside.

    Each serving of Formula 707 Hoof contains d-biotin (a B-vitamin vital to hoof health), DL-methionine and L-lysine (essential amino acids), plus minerals calcium, phosphorus, zinc methionine complex, and proteinated manganese and copper to maximize bio-availability. All of these nutrients are blended in a base of yeast culture, dried distillers grains and rice hulls, making Hoof Essentials the most balanced product of its kind. You'll see results in just a few weeks, and dramatic improvements in just a few months.

    • 40 servings 


    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein (min) 11.35%
    Crude Fat (min) 1.26%
    Crude Fiber (max) 15.20%
    Calcium (min) 0.22%
    Calcium (max) 0.28%
    Phosphorus 0.40%
    Potassium 0.54%
    Manganese 0.11%
    Copper 0.065%
    Zinc 0.704%
    Pyridoxine 800 mg/lb
    Biotin 2 mg/lb
    Choline 3,100 mg/lb
    DL-Methionine 5.64%
    L-Lysine 1.35%
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  8. Manna Pro Max-E-Glo Rice Bran Meal 40 Lbs

    Manna Pro Max-E-Glo Rice Bran Meal 40 Lbs


    Max-E-Glo stabilized rice bran, the rice bran horse owners prefer, is a superior performance supplement specifically formulated for horses. Max-E-Glo is available in both pelleted and meal forms and offers several nutrition benefits for your horse:

    • One Year Freshness Guaranteed - Ensures that your horse is getting fresh, palatable product every time.
    • Unique Stabilization Process - Rice bran is the most nutritious part of the rice kernel, but it is important that it is stabilized properly. NutraCea’s® proprietary stabilization process ensures that Max-E-Glo will not become rancid.
    • “Cool” Nutrition - High fat and fiber content maintains energy without high-starch hyperactivity, providing your horse with a safe diet.
    • High Fat for Extra Energy - High in natural plant-based fat, highly digestible and very palatable.
    • Superior Top Dress - Mixes well with other feeds to provide a premium performance supplement.
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  9. Liquamycin LA-200 Antibiotic 100 mL

    Liquamycin LA-200 Antibiotic 100 mL


    Liquamycin Pfizer Animal Health Pfizer Animal Health Approved for 96 hour milkout. Long-lasting broad-spectrum antibiotic for the treatment of a wide range of diseases caused by susceptible gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. For use in beef and dairy cattle and swine. Provides therapeutic blood levels for 3 days. Give 4.5 ml per 100 pounds IM or SQ in the neck.

    Typically used for Pneumonia, Shipping Fever, Foot Rot and infections in wounds from Staph and Strep.

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  10. PBI Gordon 1 Quart Permethrin-10 Livestock & Premise Spray 9291082

    PBI Gordon 1 Quart Permethrin-10 Livestock & Premise Spray 9291082


    Concentrated long-lasting livestock and premise spray that provides quick knockdown and effective broad-spectrum control. Can be used on dairy & beef cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine and poultry. Use outdoors and in non-food areas of dairies, cattle barns, horse barns, swine houses and kennels. Excellent residual activity for up to 28 days.

    This product is a petroleum-based product, not a water-based product.The oil in Permethrin 10 is an emulsifier that enables the product to be in a water solution without separating.

    This item is currently not restricted in any states and is not registered in Arkansas.


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Whether it's keeping your animals healthy, keeping pests away or making your lawn look great, the products in the animal health category cover all your needs. Are you getting bugged by ants? Try out Terro outdoor liquid ant baits. Got a lamb who needs a little TLC? Consider Manna Pro lamb instant milk replacer. Do you have a pregnant horse who needs an ultrasound? Check out the Animark Pregscan external ultrasound for large animals. Maybe ant invasions, lamb feedings and horse pregnancies aren't your problem. That's okay. There is so much more this category has to offer.

The products in the category are quite diverse, from 50 pound bags of oyster shells to cattle dewormer to stainless steel needles. Animal health includes things that will keep your animals healthy, prevent diseases and allow you to properly take care of them. At the same time, it also covers getting rid of pests and managing issues with weeds in your lawn. Instruments, sprays, food, baits, medications - animal health covers products you need to do so many of the necessary tasks you need around the barn, your home and anywhere else you take care of animals or need to get rid of pests.