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Animal Health

Animal Health

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  1. Garden Tech Sevin Dust 5% 3- 1lb Cans S7023D

    Garden Tech Sevin Dust 5% 3- 1lb Cans S7023D

    • Works on contact and through ingestion.
    • Sevin is non-systemic, which means it does not penetrate plant tissue.
    • Stays on the outside.
    • After controlling the targeted pest, Sevin is easily broken down in the environment.
    • Sevin is one of the most effective and recommended insecticides to use for control of damaging Japanese beetles
    • Sevin is also very effective in the control of ticks that transmit Lyme disease.
    • Sevin can be used throughout the growing season, right up to harvest.
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  2. Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement 1 Lb.

    Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement 1 Lb.


    Manna Pro Colostrum Supplement is a multi-species supplement for young animals.

    • Best mixing colostrum supplement on the market
    • Feed first to provide needed proteins, vitamins and minerals

    Nurtures 11 different species of baby animals:

    • Calves
    • Foals
    • Goat Kids
    • Lambs
    • Baby Pigs
    • Crias (llama & alpaca)
    • Fawns
    • Elk Calves
    • Kittens
    • Puppies
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  3. Ragland Mills Block  Fly Rabon 33.3 Lb

    Ragland Mills Block Fly Rabon 33.3 Lb


    Ranch-o Fly Block with Rabon is highly palatable and approved for beef cattle, lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle as well as horses. Can be fed free choice with no withdrawal period required. Horses should be monitored to avoid over-consumption.

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  4. Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher 25 lb. 05-4806-1125

    Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher 25 lb. 05-4806-1125


    Sweet PDZ is the number one selling brand in the Stall Refresher/Odor Neutralizer category, and joins Manna Pro’s portfolio of premium quality equine health products.

    • Eliminates harmful ammonia odor
    • Safeguards respiratory health
    • Quickly absorbs moisture
    • Extends life of bedding
    • All natural
    • Safe for horses, humans, and our Earth
    • Made in the USA
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  5. Country Vet Aerosol Farm and Dairy Insect Killer CV-80D

    Country Vet Aerosol Farm and Dairy Insect Killer CV-80D


    CV-80D Farm and Dairy Fly Spray

    • CV-80D's Unique Solvent-based Formula is Specifically Created for Agricultural Use.
    • 0.50% Pyrethrins delivers instant knockdown & kill
    • Kills and repels a wide variety of flying insects including house flies, barn flies, stable flies and more.
    • Non water-based formula never needs shaking
    • For use as a premise spray or directly on-animal
    • USDA rated for use in food areas
    • 15 oz.
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  6. Absorbine Liniment  12 Oz Gel

    Absorbine Liniment 12 Oz Gel


    AbsorbineĀ® Veterinary Liniment Gel is a warm soothing treatment for temporary muscular soreness caused by overexertion, minor injuries, or arthritis. This spearmint-scented gel contains natural botanical extracts that help reduce swelling and speed natural recovery.

    • Effective muscle, joint and arthritis pain reliever
    • Convenient gel form for easy application to hard-to-reach areas
    • Menthol loosens stiff joints and reduces swelling
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  7. Ideal Instruments 6" Pig Tooth Nipper 5200

    Ideal Instruments 6" Pig Tooth Nipper 5200

    Stainless steel construction with spring action handle. Cuts the needle teeth of baby pigs. 6" Long. - 1 Per Package Learn More
  8. Bonide Fruit Tree Spray Liquid Concentrate 1 Pint 202

    Bonide Fruit Tree Spray Liquid Concentrate 1 Pint 202


    A Complete Liquid Fruit Tree Spray Containing: Captan 12%, Malathion 6%, Carbaryl .3% And A Spreader Sticker. A complete liquid fruit tree spray excellent for the home orchardist. Controls both insects and diseases on fruit trees, flowers, evergreens and strawberries. Mix 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 tablespoons per gallon of water as directed in the directions for use. Easy to use; mixes with water instantly, no pre-mixing. Apply using a hose-end or tank sprayer.

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  9. Safeguard Equine 25 Gram Dewormer   ING225

    Safeguard Equine 25 Gram Dewormer ING225


    Safe-GuardĀ® 10% Paste Dewormer Safe-Guard 10% paste for deworming horses With a great apple-cinnamon taste that ensures less waste, Safe-Guard 10% fenbendazole paste formula is safe in horses, even foals and pregnant mares. One 25 gram syringe of Safe-Guard 10% paste will treat a 1,100-lb horse and is very effective against the typical adult equine parasites (i.e. roundworms, pinworms, Strongylus vulgaris, S. edentatus, S. equinus and small strongyles (L5)).

    Ideally, you should use Safe-Guard Paste to treat encysted small strongyles when pastures are dormant. Use the Safe-Guard Power Dose by administering one 25 gm syringe per 550 lbs/day for 5 consecutive days. For more information, read the product label.

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  10. Standlee 40lb. Premium Alfalfa Pellets 1175-30101-0-0

    Standlee 40lb. Premium Alfalfa Pellets 1175-30101-0-0


    The 40 pound bag of Standlee Premium Western Forage Alfalfa Pellets are 1/4 inch and are high density. Alfalfa Forage is low in sugar, moderately high in protein, high in calories and digestible fiber. Alfalfa is used mostly for growing horses, underweight horses, horse with sensitivity to carbohydrates, horses with gastric ulcers and late pregnancy/lactating mares.

    Product Benefits:

    • Low in Carbohydrates
    • Minimal Waste, can be accurately weighed and measured
    • Minimal Dust
    • Weed Free
    • Easy to Feed/Store
    • Useful as an Organic Fertilizer in Gardens or Flower Beds


    • Naturally Sun-Cured Premium Western Alfalfa Forage


    • Crude Protein - Min 16%
    • Crude Fat - Min 1.5%
    • Crude Fiber - Max 30%
    • Moisture - Max 12%
    • Moisture -  Max 12%


    Feeding Instructions:

    On average most horses comfortably consume 2% of their body weight in dry forage per day. This equates to 20 lbs. of dry forage per day for a 1000 lb. horse. Standlee recommends that you weigh the amount of forage provided to each horse to ensure you are feeding the proper amount. Standlee also recommends that pelleted and cubed forage not be the sole source of forage since feeding some long-stem forage (hay) may help eliminate boredom and prevent stall vices. Feed Standlee Premium Western Forage® at a minimum rate of 1.5% of body weight per day. Standlee Premium Western Forage® is recommended to be fed wet, soaked in water for 30 minutes or until properly softened, for horses that have dental problems or for horses that aggressively consume their feed. Gradually replace existing hay with Standlee Premium Western Forage® over a 7-10 day period.  Replace existing hay on a 1 to 1 basis with Standlee Premium Western Forage®. Never feed moldy or insect infested forage to horses. Always provide free-access to fresh, clean water.

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Whether it's keeping your animals healthy, keeping pests away or making your lawn look great, the products in the animal health category cover all your needs. Are you getting bugged by ants? Try out Terro outdoor liquid ant baits. Got a lamb who needs a little TLC? Consider Manna Pro lamb instant milk replacer. Do you have a pregnant horse who needs an ultrasound? Check out the Animark Pregscan external ultrasound for large animals. Maybe ant invasions, lamb feedings and horse pregnancies aren't your problem. That's okay. There is so much more this category has to offer.

The products in the category are quite diverse, from 50 pound bags of oyster shells to cattle dewormer to stainless steel needles. Animal health includes things that will keep your animals healthy, prevent diseases and allow you to properly take care of them. At the same time, it also covers getting rid of pests and managing issues with weeds in your lawn. Instruments, sprays, food, baits, medications - animal health covers products you need to do so many of the necessary tasks you need around the barn, your home and anywhere else you take care of animals or need to get rid of pests.