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Feed - Feed Supplements

Feed - Feed Supplements

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  1. Sav-A-Caf Electrolytes Plus Concentrated Nutritional Supplement 6 oz. 01-7408-0264

    Sav-A-Caf Electrolytes Plus Concentrated Nutritional Supplement 6 oz. 01-7408-0264


    Electrolytes Plus is a concentrated nutritional supplement fortified with dextrose, glycine, sodium bicarbonate and lactic acid bacteria to be used during periods of stress. Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms. For use in preweaned veal and herd replacement calves, foals, lambs, goat kids, baby pigs, llama and alpaca crias, fawns, elk calves, puppies and kittens. Also for use in adult horses, llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep.

    Product Features:

    • Non-medicated, requires no withdrawal period.
    • Balanced levels of essential electrolytes support hydration.
    • Lactic acid bacteria support digestive health.
    • Sodium bicarbonate supports normal blood pH.
    • Dextrose provides a readily absorbed source of energy.
    • Glycine supports efficient electrolyte absorption.
    • Kaolin absorbs toxins, coats and soothes the gut.

    For best results, do not mix Electrolytes Plus powder into milk or milk replacer. Feed the mixed Electrolytes Plus solution separately, in between normal milk feedings, to provide supplemental fluids and electrolytes. Continue feeding Electrolytes Plus solution for 2 to 3 days, until scours have stopped and hydration is normal, or as directed by your veterinarian.

    NOTE - dehydration in baby animals can be very serious. If scours worsen or do not improve, or if the animal appears dehydrated, contact your veterinarian immediately.

    IMPORTANT: Individual animals vary in requirements. Adjust amounts according to the animal’s appetite and need for supplemental electrolytes, the environmental conditions and your own good judgment. When in question about nutrition requirements, please consult with your veterinarian.


    Guaranteed Analysis
    Glycine (min) 2.50%
    Salt (min) 7.00%
    Salt (max) 8.40%
    Sodium (min) 3.00%
    Sodium (max) 4.00%
    Potassium (min) 0.32%
    Dextrose (min) 50.00%
    Total Bacteria* (min) 350,000,000 CFU/oz

    * Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus lactis.

    Ingredients: Dextrose, salt, glycine, sodium bicarbonate, kaolin, citric acid (preservative), potassium chloride, corn starch, sodium silico aluminate, dried Bifidobacterium lactis fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Bacillus subtilis fermentation product, dried Bacillus licheniformis fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus lactis fermentation product, potassium citrate, artificial flavor, artificial color.

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  2. Whitfield's Golden Flo Liquid Energy for Feed 5 Gallons 3050-040

    Whitfield's Golden Flo Liquid Energy for Feed 5 Gallons 3050-040


    Product Features:

    • Promotes a healthy hair coat and skin condition, with added shine and bloom.
    • Inreases fat levels adding energy.
    • Improves feed consumption and efficiency: better palatability starts baby animals quickly and keeps them on feed.
    • Controls dust reducing respiratory stress for humans and animals.
    • Enhances feed aroma and texture with a "fruity" flavor.
    • Prolongs nutrient stability and improves nutrient absorption.
    • A homogenous blend; the flavors and preservatives won't settle out of solution.
    • Concentrated energy; 1lb of Golden Flo® has the energy equivalency of 2½lbs of corn. Golden Flo® allows more calories to be fed per pound of feed ingested.
    • Easy to use: Pour Golden Flo over grain or add it to the complete mix. Can be top-dressed at the rate of 2-6 ounces per head per day.
    • More economical than dry fat.
    • Better flowability – less separation and clumping.
    • No clogging in grinder or mixer.
    • Keeps feeds FRESH!
    • Show Tip: Animals not drinking the water at the show? Try wiping a little Golden Flo around the inside of your water bucket!
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  3. Midwest Shredded Beet Pulp 40lb Bag 667780

    Midwest Shredded Beet Pulp 40lb Bag 667780

    Beet pulp is made from the fibrous material left over after the sugar is extracted from the sugar beet. It's formed from dried sugar beet pulp with a small amount of molasses added during the drying process. This is an excellent source of digestible fiber, with relatively low crude protein content. Beet pulp is great for horses known as hard keepers or other animals that need to gain weight. Additionally, beet pulp is a great choice for a convalescing horse or while recovering from an illness or surgery. Beet pulp can be soaked for two hours with a ratio of 2 parts water with 1 part pellets for animal’s senior in age, dental issues or prone to choking on feed. All the water should be absorbed by the pellets. Do not use hot water as it will cook the pulp and will lose some of the nutritional value. If soaked, you can stir in the animals grain ration for improved appeal. Only soak the beet pulp pellets that is going to be used for each feeding as they can ferment, especially in hot summer months. Beet pulp is not intended to be used as a sole source of nutrition and can be added as a supplement. Recommended feeding amounts vary from each animal’s nutritional needs. Make sure plenty of clean water is available daily.

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  4. Formula 707 LifeCare Equine Calming Pellets 5 lbs. 40505

    Formula 707 LifeCare Equine Calming Pellets 5 lbs. 40505


    A horse that’s nervous, jumpy and easily distracted is hard to train, difficult to work with and dangerous to be around. While some horses are born nervous, others may suffer from environmentally induced stress.

    Among the symptoms of low magnesium are nervousness, muscle tremors, a lusterless hair coat and intolerance to work or exercise; Thiamine deficiency may be expressed in nervousness, irritability, excitability, elevated blood lactate and pyruvate, and muscle cramping. Both are more likely to occur in horses on a high-carbohydrate (i.e. high-grain) diet.

    Formula 707 LifeCare Calming Pellets uses premium quality magnesium oxide to maximize bioavailability and combines it with two of the agents best known to have a calming effect in horses: thiamine and L-tryptophan.

    Thiamine, a vitamin of the B complex, has long been known to have a calming effect on some horses when used in higher doses of 500+ mg/day. Thiamine requires magnesium to be converted to its active form within the body and works with supplemental calcium to achieve its calming effect.

    L-tryptophan is a vital precursor to serotonin and melatonin, important neurotransmitters associated with behavior, L-tryptophan is widely used in equine calming agents.

    Taken together on a daily basis, the three-part solution of magnesium oxide, thiamine and L-tryptophan in Formula 707 Calming can help muscle-tight horses relax and focus on their work or training.


    Active Ingredients
    Magnesium 60,000 mg/lb  
    Thiamin 16,000 mg/lb
    L-Tryptophan   1,000 mg/lb
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  5. Manna Pro Max-E-Glo Rice Bran Meal 40 Lbs

    Manna Pro Max-E-Glo Rice Bran Meal 40 Lbs


    Max-E-Glo stabilized rice bran, the rice bran horse owners prefer, is a superior performance supplement specifically formulated for horses. Max-E-Glo is available in both pelleted and meal forms and offers several nutrition benefits for your horse:

    • One Year Freshness Guaranteed - Ensures that your horse is getting fresh, palatable product every time.
    • Unique Stabilization Process - Rice bran is the most nutritious part of the rice kernel, but it is important that it is stabilized properly. NutraCea’s® proprietary stabilization process ensures that Max-E-Glo will not become rancid.
    • “Cool” Nutrition - High fat and fiber content maintains energy without high-starch hyperactivity, providing your horse with a safe diet.
    • High Fat for Extra Energy - High in natural plant-based fat, highly digestible and very palatable.
    • Superior Top Dress - Mixes well with other feeds to provide a premium performance supplement.
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  6. Formula 707 PeakCare MuscleMx Equine Supplement Pellets 3 lbs. 50003

    Formula 707 PeakCare MuscleMx Equine Supplement Pellets 3 lbs. 50003


    Formula 707 MuscleMx is a Natural Dietary Supplement to Support Muscle Growth.

    A horse’s body tends to add new muscle cells at its own pace, which is sometimes slower than horsemen would prefer. Even young, growing horses receiving plenty of exercise often need a little help to pack dense muscle onto their limber frames. And as horses mature—especially horses recovering from the trauma of injury, disease, or severe stress—growing new muscle becomes an uphill battle.

    Feeding extra protein—even protein rich in essential amino acids—does little to correct the problem, since you can only push so many nutrients through a series of progressively constricted metabolic pathways. To continue to add muscle mass, a way has to be found to retool the metabolism to remain in, or return to, muscle-building mode.

    This is the rationale behind MuscleMx: to encourage the body to do what it already knows how to do with remarkable efficiency. To accomplish this feat, Formula 707 combined four natural nutrients that work synergistically to encourage the metabolic reactions required for muscle growth and development.

    Lysine, the most essential of the 11 essential amino acids, lays the foundation for the formation of muscle-building proteins. Gamma oryzanol, a natural plant extract, assists in weight gain and muscle formation in all classes of the horse. Creatine, a naturally occurring organic acid, helps supply energy to muscle cells by stepping up production of ATP, the body’s energy-transport molecule. And Ornithine Ketoglutarate (OKG), an organic salt based on the amino acids ornithine and glutamine, bypasses the inhibitory metabolic processes preventing new muscle development. For all horses challenged in the task of adding or simply maintaining muscle mass, MuscleMx is the real solution for real results.


    Active Ingredients per Scoop (1.5 oz)
    Lysine 5,000 mg
    Proprietary Blend             1,100 mg    


    Proprietary Blend contains Gamma Oryzanol, Creatine Monohydrate,and Ornithine-a-ketoGlutarrate.


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  7. Formula 707 LifeCare Supersal Equine Mineral Supplement 5 lbs. 33005

    Formula 707 LifeCare Supersal Equine Mineral Supplement 5 lbs. 33005


    Because it’s cheaper, most equine supplements contain dicalcium phosphate as a source of phosphorus, even though it’s not completely assimilated by horses. Formula 707 Supersal utilizes monosodium phosphate along with proteinated trace minerals to assure all of the product is put to use. That means your horse always gets all the vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium and trace minerals necessary for strong skeletal development. Combine Supersal with an equal amount of salt daily for better skeletal development and earlier closing of the knees. Also use with barren mares to encourage them to cycle faster, and with pregnant mares to assist in foal development.

    •  160 servings
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Calcium (min) 14.0%
    Calcium (max) 15.0%
    Phosphorus 17.0%
    Salt (min) 9.9%
    Salt (max) 11.9%
    Magnesium 0.48%
    Iron 0.26%
    Zinc 0.17%
    Manganese 0.11%
    Copper 0.025%
    Cobalt 0.003%
    Vitamin A 640,000 IU/lb. 
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  8. Nutrena Country Feeds Cleaned Oats Feed 50 Lbs. 1189

    Nutrena Country Feeds Cleaned Oats Feed 50 Lbs. 1189


    Pricing Varies By Region. Please Contact Your Local Store for Pricing.

    Note: Bag May Vary

    Energy source for multiple species of livestock.


    • Steam crimped for improved digestion
    • Cleaned to help minimize forein materials and dust
    • Select test weight oats
    • 50 lb. bag
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  9. Formula 707 Psyllium Equine Digestion Supplements 3 lbs. 34503

    Formula 707 Psyllium Equine Digestion Supplements 3 lbs. 34503


    Some horses grazing short pastures end up consuming significant quantities of sand and dirt. To help them eliminate it efficiently – and avoid the discomfort associated with sand colic – Formula 707 Psyllium Pellets are made from psyllium seed husks. For monthly maintenance, give horses 2 oz. daily for three consecutive days.

    • Administer for just three days once a month to promote healthy digestion
    • Use to avoid the discomfort associated with sand colic
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  10. Formula 707 LifeCare Hoof Health Equine Supplement 10 lbs. 34610

    Formula 707 LifeCare Hoof Health Equine Supplement 10 lbs. 34610


    You've heard the expression “no hoof, no horse”? It means not only that poor quality hooves lead to eventual lameness, but that the condition of a horse's hooves are an indication of its overall health and nutritional state. Formula 707 LifeCare Hoof is Formula 707's most intensive support for hooves needing help. Formula 707 Hoof Health gives chipped, cracked, crumbling, delaminating hooves the intensive care they need...from the inside.

    Each serving of Formula 707 Hoof contains d-biotin (a B-vitamin vital to hoof health), DL-methionine and L-lysine (essential amino acids), plus minerals calcium, phosphorus, zinc methionine complex, and proteinated manganese and copper to maximize bio-availability. All of these nutrients are blended in a base of yeast culture, dried distillers grains and rice hulls, making Hoof Essentials the most balanced product of its kind. You'll see results in just a few weeks, and dramatic improvements in just a few months.

    • 160 servings 


    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein (min) 11.35%
    Crude Fat (min) 1.26%
    Crude Fiber (max) 15.20%
    Calcium (min) 0.22%
    Calcium (max) 0.28%
    Phosphorus 0.40%
    Potassium 0.54%
    Manganese 0.11%
    Copper 0.065%
    Zinc 0.704%
    Pyridoxine 800 mg/lb
    Biotin 2 mg/lb
    Choline 3,100 mg/lb
    DL-Methionine 5.64%
    L-Lysine 1.35%
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