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Feed - Feed Supplements

Feed - Feed Supplements

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  1. Manna Pro Lamb Instant Milk Replacer 3.5 Lb

    Manna Pro Lamb Instant Milk Replacer 3.5 Lb

    • Formulated specifically for lambs and provides complete nutrition
    • Contains 30% fat for increased weight gains and early weaning
    • Decreased lactose levels for improved performance and less scours
    • Contains organic acids, which allows free choice feeding
    • Non-medicated to eliminate antibiotic resistance concerns
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  2. Alfalfa Cubes  50 Lb Bag

    Alfalfa Cubes 50 Lb Bag

    • Alfalfa hay in a bag.
    • A baled hay replacement.
    • No waste, no leaf or stem loss, less dust.
    • Sun-cured, natural hay, no dyes or preservatives added.
    • Guaranteed free of mold and weather damage.
    • Easily measured feeding quantities.
    • Dependable, year round supply.
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  3. Manna Pro Bounce Back Multi-Species Electrolyte Supplement 4 lb 00-9413-0209

    Manna Pro Bounce Back Multi-Species Electrolyte Supplement 4 lb 00-9413-0209


    A Multi-Species Electrolyte Supplement

    • Dextrose for energy
    • For use in times of stress

    Safe and effective for multiple species:

    • Calves & Cattle
    • Foals & Horses
    • Lambs & Sheep
    • Goat Kids & Mature Goats
    • Young & Adult Cria (llama or alpaca)
    • Fawns
    • Elk Calves
    • Baby & Adult Pigs
    • Kittens & Cats
    • Puppies & Dogs
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  4. Standlee 40lb. Premium Alfalfa Pellets 1175-30101-0-0

    Standlee 40lb. Premium Alfalfa Pellets 1175-30101-0-0


    The 40 pound bag of Standlee Premium Western Forage Alfalfa Pellets are 1/4 inch and are high density. Alfalfa Forage is low in sugar, moderately high in protein, high in calories and digestible fiber. Alfalfa is used mostly for growing horses, underweight horses, horse with sensitivity to carbohydrates, horses with gastric ulcers and late pregnancy/lactating mares.

    Product Benefits:

    • Low in Carbohydrates
    • Minimal Waste, can be accurately weighed and measured
    • Minimal Dust
    • Weed Free
    • Easy to Feed/Store
    • Useful as an Organic Fertilizer in Gardens or Flower Beds


    • Naturally Sun-Cured Premium Western Alfalfa Forage


    • Crude Protein - Min 16%
    • Crude Fat - Min 1.5%
    • Crude Fiber - Max 30%
    • Moisture - Max 12%
    • Moisture -  Max 12%


    Feeding Instructions:

    On average most horses comfortably consume 2% of their body weight in dry forage per day. This equates to 20 lbs. of dry forage per day for a 1000 lb. horse. Standlee recommends that you weigh the amount of forage provided to each horse to ensure you are feeding the proper amount. Standlee also recommends that pelleted and cubed forage not be the sole source of forage since feeding some long-stem forage (hay) may help eliminate boredom and prevent stall vices. Feed Standlee Premium Western Forage® at a minimum rate of 1.5% of body weight per day. Standlee Premium Western Forage® is recommended to be fed wet, soaked in water for 30 minutes or until properly softened, for horses that have dental problems or for horses that aggressively consume their feed. Gradually replace existing hay with Standlee Premium Western Forage® over a 7-10 day period.  Replace existing hay on a 1 to 1 basis with Standlee Premium Western Forage®. Never feed moldy or insect infested forage to horses. Always provide free-access to fresh, clean water.

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  5. Manna Pro Colostro-Fix Newborn Calf Supplement 00-9390-0252

    Manna Pro Colostro-Fix Newborn Calf Supplement 00-9390-0252


    Colostro-Fix Newborn Calf Supplement

    • Nutrition for newborn Calves in their first 24 hours of life
    • Source of globulin protein
    • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
    • Easy-to-mix formula stays in suspension
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  6. Nutrena Country Feeds Cleaned Oats Feed 50 Lbs. 1189

    Nutrena Country Feeds Cleaned Oats Feed 50 Lbs. 1189


    Pricing Varies By Region. Please Contact Your Local Store for Pricing.

    Note: Bag May Vary

    Energy source for multiple species of livestock.


    • Steam crimped for improved digestion
    • Cleaned to help minimize forein materials and dust
    • Select test weight oats
    • 50 lb. bag
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  7. Ragland Mills Sweet Magnesium 50 Lb Bag

    Ragland Mills Sweet Magnesium 50 Lb Bag


    Recommended for areas where grass tetany is a problem. Contains extra molasses for increased consumption and nutrition. Fortified with recommended levels of vitamins and trace minerals. Feed to beef and non-lactating dairy cattle on pasture at the rate of 4-8 ounces per head, per day, which supplies 15.3 to 30.6 grams of Magnesium

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What do you do when an animal dies giving birth or otherwise rejects their newborn? How do handle it when your horse needs more to eat than just feed to be healthy? Do you just throw your hands up and walk away? Well, that wouldn't help you or the animal. So, your better choice is to look into feed supplements.

We offer a range of replacement milk products for many different animals. The Manna Pro colostrum supplement can be used for 11 different types of animals, including dogs, cows, horses and lambs. It is a great feed supplement to help an animal that can't get that nourishing first milk from its mom. In addition, there are milk replacement products for each type of animal that provides the specific nutrients that need as they get older.

Besides milk replacement, you will also find different kind of feed supplements for older animals. This includes cracked corn for chicken, rice bran pellets for horses and electrolyte supplements that can be used for multiple species.

No matter your needs for feed supplements, we've got you covered. You don't need to worry about your animals health and getting them the right food when you take a look through all we have to offer in this category.