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Feed - Feed Supplements

Feed - Feed Supplements

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  1. Terramycin Crumbles W/a&d 50 Lb

    Terramycin Crumbles W/a&d 50 Lb

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  2. Cargill Heifer Developer Showmaster 50 Lb 10570-B

    Cargill Heifer Developer Showmaster 50 Lb 10570-B


    Product Description:

    This medicated complete feed is designed as a growing ration for beef calves being raised for show competition.

    Active Drug Ingredients:

    Medicated with 27.28grams/ton of Lasalocid.

    Feeding Directions:

    Feeding show heifers is an art form that requires just the right amount of condition to ensure the proper physical development, weight gain, and desired visual appearance at show time. Feed continuously at the rate of 7.5lbs to 26.5lb per head per day to achieve not less than 100 mg no more 360 mg Bov. per head per day.

    Guaranteed Analysis:

    • Crude Protein -- 12.50%
    • Crude Fat -- 3.25%
    • Crude Fiber -- 18.50%
    • Calcium -- (Min - 0.55%) (Max - 0.90%)
    • Phosphorus -- 0.35%
    • Salt -- (Min - 0.60%) (Max - 1%)
    • Sodium -- (Min. - 0.20%) (Max. - 0.45%)
    • Potassium -- 0.70
    • Vitamin A -- 6000 IU/LB

    Features & Benefits:

    • Unlocks the calf's potential for muscle growth with select sources of undegradable and rumen degradable proteins to promote maximum rumen microbial growth and furnishing the best complement of essential amino acids.
    • Optimal energy nutrition: Matches the calf's energy needs with multiple sources of energy as weight gains shift from growth to finishing. Promotes efficient gains, and finishing with reduced risk of digestive upsets (off-feed problems, acidosis, burnout) seen when excessive cereal grains are fed.
    • Innovative Ingredients: Improves feed intake and performance. Tight formulation designs- in combination with ongoing world class research- sets a new industry standard for keeping your show calves at the head of their class.
    • Optimal trace minerals: Proteinated copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt are used to provide highly bioavailable sources of these key trace minerals for protein synthesis and energy utilization helps maintain tissue integrity, support the immune system response and maintain show condition of hair coat and hide.
    • Added yeast cultures and Direct-Fed Microbial: Improves feed intake and helps reduce risk of digestive upsets and burnout over long feeding periods.
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  3. Merrick's Oral Bottle Feeder

    Merrick's Oral Bottle Feeder


    For use in safely administering medication and nutritional products to newborn calves, Merrick's oral bottle feeders offer the best in long-lasting wear. They are well-constructed with semi-flexible tubes, soft rounded tips and easy to handle clamps to help control the desired flow. The unique air valve allows the proper flow of l iquid to the calf.

    Included with each system is a complimentary Super-Calf Nipple, featuring Merrick's patented design.

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  4. Manna Pro NurseAll Multi-Species Milk Replacer 3.5 lb 00-9394-0206

    Manna Pro NurseAll Multi-Species Milk Replacer 3.5 lb 00-9394-0206


    NurseAll Multi-Species Milk Replacer

    • 24% Protein and 24% Fat equals fast, healthy growth
    • All Milk formula for excellent digestibility and performance
    • Naturally acidified to help prevent digestive upset

    Nurtures 11 different species of baby animals:

    • Calves
    • Foals
    • Goat Kids
    • Lambs
    • Baby Pigs
    • Crias (llama & alpaca)
    • Fawns
    • Elk Calves
    • Kittens
    • Puppies
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