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  1. Garden Tech Sevin Dust 5% 3- 1lb Cans S7023D

    Garden Tech Sevin Dust 5% 3- 1lb Cans S7023D

    • Works on contact and through ingestion.
    • Sevin is non-systemic, which means it does not penetrate plant tissue.
    • Stays on the outside.
    • After controlling the targeted pest, Sevin is easily broken down in the environment.
    • Sevin is one of the most effective and recommended insecticides to use for control of damaging Japanese beetles
    • Sevin is also very effective in the control of ticks that transmit Lyme disease.
    • Sevin can be used throughout the growing season, right up to harvest.
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  2. Enoz 14 oz Old Fashinoed Moth Flakes

    Enoz 14 oz Old Fashinoed Moth Flakes


    Ideal for use in protecting clothing and other materials in flat storage areas such as chests and drawers.

    • Kills clothes moths, eggs and larvae in air-tight containers and storage closets
    • This product can treat up to 43.7 cu. ft.
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  3. Prozap Insect Guards Clip Strips 5019520

    Prozap Insect Guards Clip Strips 5019520


    Controls flies, gnats, mosquitoes, moths, and other various crawling insects

    Ready to Use

    18.6% Vapona

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  4. Summit Chemical - 2000 gal. Clear-Water Barley Straw Pond Treatment

    Summit Chemical - 2000 gal. Clear-Water Barley Straw Pond Treatment


    Forget those bottles of chemicals and powders- clear up your pond water naturally with Clear H20 Barley Straw Treatment.

    • Naturally biodegradable and especially designed for easy use, each mini-barley bale lasts for six months.
    • Simply slip the bales under plants and the included cork floater and plastic netting keeps them from coming apart in your pond.
    • Clear water without the worries.
    • Each bale treats up to 2000 gallons of water.
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  5. Murphy's Deet Free 12 pk Mosquito Sticks MD001 - FD

    Murphy's Deet Free 12 pk Mosquito Sticks MD001 - FD


    Murphy’s Mosquito Sticks are an All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Incense Stick, made from a unique fusion of sustainable bamboo with a high concentration of three repellent oils: Citronella, Lemongrass & Rosemary. Murphy’s Mosquito Sticks deliver an effective and refreshing fragrance to create a pleasant bite-free environment so you can Enjoy Life Outdoors. Each tube of Murphy’s Mosquito Sticks contains 12 mosquito repellent incense sticks, each stick burns for two hours plus.

    Each repellent essential oil impacts mosquitoes in its own way, so having multiple types of repellents gives Murphy’s Mosquito Sticks a broader spectrum of coverage against mosquitoes. Most products on the market have just one repellent oil, so having three makes a difference.

    Light the end of our incense sticks, allow the flame to catch for about 10-20 seconds, then blow out the flame. As the incense stick smolders down the natural repellent oils are activated and the mosquitoes are repelled from the area of coverage. For best results, place a Murphy’s Mosquito Stick near to where you are located and then to expand your area of coverage, place several more sticks in a perimeter around your patio or deck, spacing them roughly 12 feet apart.


    Product Features:

    • 100% All Natural Deet Free
    • Simple Ingredients: Bamboo, Citronella, Lemongrass & Rosemary
    • Each Stick Burns for 2 Hours
    • For Outdoor use Only
    • 30% More Active Ingredients than Comparable Products
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  6. Combat Insecticide Roach Combat Roach Killing Gel - 2 oz 51960

    Combat Insecticide Roach Combat Roach Killing Gel - 2 oz 51960


    Combat Roach Killing Gel's patented action formula achieves complete roach control by killing roaches and the eggs they carry. This gel can be applied behind appliances and in cracks and crevices, near the places where roaches make their nests or enter your home.

    Combat Roach Killing Gel allows you to place bait in many more locations in your home then using only baits, which means more roaches find and eat the bait, and more roaches die.

    Combat Roach Killing Gel can be used as a spot or as a crack and crevice treatment for the indoor and outdoor control of large and small cockroaches.

    Directions for Use

    • NOTE: It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with it's labeling.
    • 1. To apply the gel: Remove the cap from the tip, touch the tip to the surface and depress the plunger. The gel can be applied as spots or in a line along cracks and crevices. Apply the gel in one to four dime-sized (1/4 to 1/2 g) spots or a 3- to 12-inch strip per square yard. Recap the tube after use.
    • 2. Place many spots or dabs of gel near the areas of roach traffic and suspected nesting areas. The gel can be placed in cracks, crevices, corners, and in any out-of-the-way place in the house. For thorough control, use the entire tube at the same time.
    • 3. Inspect the gel after one month and reapply if it is no longer visible. Refresh with a new application after three months. The gel can be cleaned up with a damp paper towel. Discard the towel after use.


    For Indoor Use

    • Do not place the gel in locations that are routinely washed, as the gel will be removed by washing.
    • Do not treat food preparation surfaces. The product may stain textiles and clothing.


    For Outdoor Use

    • Place gel in the areas where roaches may nest or breed.
    • Apply the gel to the potential places where roaches may enter your home, such as eaves, sills, and expansion joints.
    • Apply gel in protected areas whenever possible.


    Active Ingredients

    • Hydramethylon (2.15%)
    • Other Ingredients (97.85%)
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  7. Buggins Deet Free Insect Repellent Spray 4 Oz 22401

    Buggins Deet Free Insect Repellent Spray 4 Oz 22401

    Contains pure Peppermint Oil and Geraniol, an herbal repellent tested by the University of Florida as an effective, NATURAL alternative to DEET. Also contains lemongrass and clove oils for an extra boost.  This is a pleasant-smelling fragrance spray with a unique aroma consisting of refreshing peppermint, garden roses and creamy vanilla.  When there are only a few nuisance bugs and the power of DEET is not required, Buggins provides relief from annoying insects, especially biting gnats (buffalo gnats) and other biting flies.  If you're just sitting around the patio / BBQ for an hour or so and don't want to put on oily repellent, this stuff is simply fantastic!

    • Unique formula uses plant-based active ingredients with no alcohol
    • Vanilla Mint & Rose scent
    • Overwhelming preferred for use in repelling buffalo gnats and black flies near rivers and streams
    • Not sticky or greasy
    • Can be safely reapplied often
    • Does not need to be washed off
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  8. Harris Bed Bug Killer 1 Gallon

    Harris Bed Bug Killer 1 Gallon

    • Approved by The Environmental Protection Agency for control of Bedbugs and Lice.
    • Easy to Use Trigger Sprayer
    • Spray matresses, bedside furniture, floors and luggage for control of bedbugs
    • Also approved to kill lice
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  9. Prozap Garden & Poultry Dust - 2 lb.1499540

    Prozap Garden & Poultry Dust - 2 lb.1499540


    Prozap Garden & Poultry Dust is used to eliminate pests for Poultry, Dogs and Cats. It can be used on your home garden, fruits, vegatables and ornamental plants, in addition to poultry. 

    • Use on home garden fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants (including roses)
    • Controls Northern Fowl Mites on Poultry
    • Also controls Lice, Bedbugs, Brown Dog Ticks, Fleas, Bean Beetles, Leaf Hoppers, Lygos, Stickbugs and most Vegetable Crop Insects
    • Easy-to-use Powder duster
    • 2 lb. Shaker can

    Active Ingredient:

    • Permethrin*: 0.25%

    *(3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl (+/-) cis/trans 3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl)-2,2- diemethylcyclopropanecarboxylate (Cis/Trans ratio: Min. 35% (+/-) cis and max. 65% (+/-) trans.)


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  10. Bayer Advanced, Dual Performance Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed, 1 Gallon

    Bayer Advanced, Dual Performance Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed, 1 Gallon


    Product Description

    Bayer Advanced Gallon Tree & shrub protect & feed concentrate. Special dual-action formula: Kills insects and prevents new infestations for 12 months plus provides slow-release fertilizer. Kills Adelgids, Borers, Emerald Ash Borers, Leafminers, Japanese Beetles (adult) & many others. Easy to apply. No spraying! Mix & pour at plant base. Contains MERIT.

    Product Features

    • Kills Existing and Prevents New Infestations
    • Rainproof Protection, Won't Wash Off
    • Also for Use on Potted Plants
    • Contains MERIT(R)
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Insecticides come in a wide variety of options.

When fighting mosquitoes, there are many options such as Murphys Deet Free Mosquito Sticks, Deet Free Sprays, Repel Sportsman and Cutter sprays. There are also Mosquito dunks and mothballs in the ball and flake varieties.

For the treatment of home insects, such as fleas, ants, spiders and other creepy crawlies, we carry a wide variety of sprays for both indoors and outside the perimeter of your home. Ortho Home Defense, Bayer and Spectracide to name a few. Terro ant baits and killer is a popular insecticide to ward off pesky ants.

For those things we don't want in our gardens, you can try Seven Dust or Spray- both designed for vegetable and ornamental garden use. Bayer also has a garden insecticide, in a spray or granule application. Rose, tree and shrub care are also available. For lawns you can find grub control, ant, flea and snail granules or spray.

When protecting the livestock and pets we love, you will find Goat and Sheep spray, flea killer for home pets and Permethrin spray for livestock and their containment areas.

While insecticides are created for a variety of reasons and in a variety of application methods, the most important part of using them is reading each label carefully and applying them in the manner for which they are created.