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Insecticides come in a wide variety of options.

When fighting mosquitoes, there are many options such as Murphys Deet Free Mosquito Sticks, Deet Free Sprays, Repel Sportsman and Cutter sprays. There are also Mosquito dunks and mothballs in the ball and flake varieties.

For the treatment of home insects, such as fleas, ants, spiders and other creepy crawlies, we carry a wide variety of sprays for both indoors and outside the perimeter of your home. Ortho Home Defense, Bayer and Spectracide to name a few. Terro ant baits and killer is a popular insecticide to ward off pesky ants.

For those things we don't want in our gardens, you can try Seven Dust or Spray- both designed for vegetable and ornamental garden use. Bayer also has a garden insecticide, in a spray or granule application. Rose, tree and shrub care are also available. For lawns you can find grub control, ant, flea and snail granules or spray.

When protecting the livestock and pets we love, you will find Goat and Sheep spray, flea killer for home pets and Permethrin spray for livestock and their containment areas.

While insecticides are created for a variety of reasons and in a variety of application methods, the most important part of using them is reading each label carefully and applying them in the manner for which they are created.