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Cattle Supplies

Cattle Supplies

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  1. Tarter Cattleman Squeeze Chute with manual Headgate CCM

    Tarter Cattleman Squeeze Chute with manual Headgate CCM


    Product Features

    • Features a single-lever, double-sided squeeze mechanism with heavy-duty linkage
    • Heavy-duty squeeze lever for improved ergonomics, ease of use, and safety
    • Drop-down horseshoes for easy top-side access, as well as the fold-down and fully removable bottom panels
    • Spring-loaded side exit door for larger animals to exit and for sorting
    • Scale-ready and equipped to handle various load bar configurations
    • Rear vertical sliding tailgate with automatic locking that locks it in both the closed and fully open positions with safety stop at top
    • Rear tailgate release and side door release feature durable triangular pull handles hooked to pulleys at pivot points for ease of operation and durability
    • Grease fittings on all major pivot points
    • Entire unit is powder coated for corrosion resistance and long life in the field
    • Headgate available with extra large door set option for larger cattle
    • Measures 80" H x 45" W x 95" L
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  2. Priefert Tru-Test Scale Loadbars - HD1010

    Priefert Tru-Test Scale Loadbars - HD1010


    Product Description

    • 2-year warranty
    • Accuracy rating within +/- 1%
    • Designed for permanent installations under manual squeeze chutes
    • Hot-dip galvanized to resist corrosion
    • Recommended for use with Priefert S04 squeeze chute with HD1010B brackets
    • Strong and durable construction ensures long term reliability
    • 6600 lbs. total weighing capacity
    • Product prices may vary based on color.



    • Length: 46"
    • Width: 13"
    • Height: 8"
    • Weight: 75 lbs
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  3. Powder River Value 1 Squeeze Chute with Self Catching Head Gate - Galvanized 001-01003

    Powder River Value 1 Squeeze Chute with Self Catching Head Gate - Galvanized 001-01003


    The Value Manual chute provides a wide opening manual head gate for catching cattle, including horned cattle. The Dual sided V-Squeeze provides enough leverage to control mid-sized animals. The tailgate is a smooth operating drop gate that has a spring latch that will lock the gate up as well as down. The value series represents the best features in an entry level all steel squeeze chute.

    Length Overall 92"
    Height 75"
    Width Overall 37"
    • Affordable all-steel construction - safe for you and the animal.
    • Comes with all of the key features of the XL Cattle Chute.
    • For herds of 30 head or less and for cattle 1100 lbs or less.
    • Manual head gate provides wide opening for catching horned cattle.
    • Cattle chute sides squeeze simultaneously providing even pressure to the animal, thus reducing chance of injury.
    • Drop-side pipes allow animal access from either side.
    • Kick panels are removable on each side.
    • Cattle chute sides can be adjusted at 7, 12, and 17 inches wide to accommodate for the size of the animal being worked.
    • A right side exit comes with every cattle chute, allowing the animal to exit out the side if it does not want to exit out the front. The side exit is also a great safety feature if an animal gets down in the chute.
    • The Value Cattle Chute is all-steel construction for more years of service.
    • Nose Tongs come with each cattle chute for keeping the head in a still position for ear tagging or dehorning.
    • Not designed for bulls.
    • The Value Cattle Chute is designed for small herds.
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  4. Powder River Left Hand Dog Chute Spring 305-10005

    Powder River Left Hand Dog Chute Spring 305-10005

    Powder River Left Hand Dog Chute Spring 305-10005 Learn More
  5. Manna Pro Calf-Manna Performance Supplement 50 Lb

    Manna Pro Calf-Manna Performance Supplement 50 Lb


    Calf Manna is a proven concentrated supplement for several species of animals that, when added to ordinary daily rations, makes a big difference in overall performance. Calf-Manna is fed to everything from growing and performance horses, to cattle, rabbits, goats, poultry and swine.

    Feeding Directions:

    Dairy Calves
    Up to 1 lb per day
    Lactating Cows
    1-1 1/2 lb per day
    Beef Calves
    10% of the creep ration
    Show Cattle
    1-2 lbs per day
    Brood Cows
    1 lb per day
    1 lb per day
    1/2 lb per day
    Growing Horses
    1-1 1/2 lbs per day
    Performance Horses
    1-2 lbs per day
    Broodmares & Stallions
    1 1/2-2 lbs per day
    1/4 - 1/2 lb per day
    Baby Pigs
    1/8-1/4 lb per day
    Show Hogs
    1/2 - 1 lb per day
    Gestating Sows
    1/8 - 1/4 lb per day
    Lactating Sows
    1/2 - 3/4 lb per day
    1/4 - 1/2 lb per day
    Rabbits (Growing)
    1 teaspoon per day
    Rabbits (Lactating)
    1 tablespoon per day
    1 tablespoon per day or
    5-10 % of the ration
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein Min 25.00%
    Lysine Min 1.4%
    Methionine Min 0.3%
    Crude Fat Min 3.0%
    Crude Fiber Min 3.0%
    Crude Fiber Max 6.00%
    Acid Detergent Fiber Max 10.0%
    Calcium Min 0.7 %
    Calcium Max 1.2 %
    Phosphorus Min 0.6 %
    Salt Min 0.5 %
    Salt Max 1.0 %
    Sodium Min 0.2 %
    Sodium Max 0.4 %
    Copper Min 15 ppm
    Copper Max 35 ppm
    Selenium Min 0.1 ppm
    Zinc Min 125 ppm
    Vitamin A Min 20,000 IU/lb
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  6. Tarter John Deere Galvanized Oval Water Stock Tank JDWT2

    Tarter John Deere Galvanized Oval Water Stock Tank JDWT2

    From: $103.97

    The preferred watering method for all types of livestock!

    Product Features:

    • Heavy-duty zinc G90 coating withstands harsh weather conditions
    • 1-1/8″ rolled top rim with 1″ tube insert for additional strength and rigidity
    • 4-ply, double-lock bottom and deep sidewall corrugation for strength
    • Larger tanks feature a 1″ drain plug
    • Unmatched quality and consistency in construction
    Product Specs
    Item# Size Capacity Product Weight
    JDWT214 2′ x 1′ x 4′  40 Gallons  30 lbs.
    JDWT224  2’x 2′ x 4′ 100 Gallons  46 lbs.
    JDWT226 2’x 2′ x 6′ 170 Gallons 63 lbs.
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  7. Powder River 10' Homesteader Cattle Alley Panel 005-00365

    Powder River 10' Homesteader Cattle Alley Panel 005-00365

    Powder River 10' Homesteader Cattle Alley Panel 005-00365 Learn More
  8. Priefert Automatic Score Chute RC98SCOREAI

    Priefert Automatic Score Chute RC98SCOREAI


    Priefert brings you a new revolution in training with the Score chute.  Building on Priefert’s state-of-the-art fully automatic chute, the groundbreaking Score chute is the ultimate training tool. The interior neck gate allows the operator to hold the steer inside the chute and repeatedly open the front gate to “score” his or her horse, making this chute essential for keeping horses competition ready. 

    Every roper knows that having a well-trained horse is a key element for success.  It’s critical for a horse to respond to the rider’s cue, rather than the sounds and movements of the chute or the steer.  The Score chute’s interior neck gate is engaged with the push of a button.  This “locks” the steer in place, making it possible for the roper to “score” the horse.   This chute’s innovative neck gate, coupled with all the amazing features of the Fully Automatic chute, make this a must have for any roper.  This remote controlled chute is ideal for the practice arena because it virtually eliminates the need for extra chute help. 

    Many ropers prefer to use this chute in Semi-Automatic Mode, where each function of the chute is controlled by the roper pushing a different button on the remote.  In this mode, the optional delay setting on the control box can be used to delay the opening of the front release gate, to allow the roper to prepare for the run after pressing the release button.  The remote control unit is compact and easily fits in a pocket or in the optional belt clip-holder (sold separately). 

    In Fully Automatic Mode, the roper must activate the delay feature to engage the interior neck gate.  With the delay on, the roper presses a single button to open the front gate.  Seconds later, the Interior Neck Gate opens to release the steer.  The Laser Eye detects the chute is empty, closes the front release gate, and opens the tailgate to allow the next steer to enter the chute.  When the Laser Eye detects the steer is in the chute, the tailgate closes.  To close the Interior Neck Gate, the roper pushes a separate button on the remote before the next run.

    By turning off the delay feature in Fully Automatic Mode, the interior neck gate is disengaged.  Now, the roper pushes a single button to release the steer, and then the Laser Eye activates the closing of the front release gate and the opening of the split tailgate.  Once another steer has entered the chute, the Laser Eye closes the tailgate, allowing the roper to return to the box with a steer loaded and waiting for the next run. 

    The Priefert name has become synonymous with today’s roping industry.  Priefert Roping Chutes and accessories are the number one choice of professional ropers and top organizations. The innovation behind every Priefert Roping Chute combined with their legendary durability, has changed the look and feel of the growing roping industry.  Our chutes are the Official Chute of the PRCA, the National Finals Rodeo, the USTRC, the Priefert World Series of Team Roping, the NTRL, the George Strait Team Roping Classic, the BFI, and many more major roping organizations and events, making Priefert the chute of choice when big money is on the line!  


    • Overall Height: 68”
    • Overall Width: 36”
    • Inside Width at Top: 30”
    • Inside Width at Bottom: 14”
    • Overall Length: 86”
    • Weight: 620 lbs (All weights approximate)
    • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • Color: Priefert Blue
    • A 110 volt electrical outlet and a compressor (not included) capable of producing 90-100 lbs of air pressure and 3.2 CFM are required to activate the chute’s automatic headgate and tailgate
    • Draws 5 amps of electricity at peak
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  9. Miller Mfg. Calf Nipple Replacement 98PK

    Miller Mfg. Calf Nipple Replacement 98PK


    Special rubber formula for long life and improved pliability.

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  10. Priefert Chain Harrow Hitch - PICHH

    Priefert Chain Harrow Hitch - PICHH


    Product Description

    • Priefert's Chain Harrow Hitch is used to easily connect the Chain Harrow to your ATV, tractor or pickup.
    • All implements requiring removable pins are designed to receive 7/8" pins in the bottom and 3/4" pins in the top. Pins are not included with implements.
    • Product prices may vary based on color



    • Length: 8"
    • Width: 6"
    • Height: 4"
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