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Cattle Supplies

Cattle Supplies

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  1. Tarter Complete Sheeted Sweep System SSS

    Tarter Complete Sheeted Sweep System SSS


    When Tarter designers set out to make the best and most versatile system on the market, they started with several clear objectives. Make it rugged, make it versatile, make it easy to assemble and use, make it affordable, and make it work every single time. The result? An alley and sweep system like no other on the market.

    • Every unit is pre-assembled at the factory prior to shipping. Everything fits the way it is supposed to. Nothing is missing. Nothing is broken. That’s why we can guarantee smooth assembly and operation each and every time.
    • No tools required, unless sweep gate latch is reversed. Assembly is simple. The complete unit can be set up in 6 different configurations, putting the controls where you want them, in less than an hour
    • Each tub has 3 full bows to hold the sweep tub in place – this means no shifting or moving of any tub panels regardless of the load.
    • A fully adjustable alleyway on all units allows working animals of any size. These are versatile systems, designed for a wide range of species, sizes, and ages. The alleyway rolls on a smooth but tough roller system. Large alley adjustment handles make adjustment easy in 3" increments from 13" to 31". Interchangeable first bow at chute connection points make for clean and easy connections to either the Cattlemaster or Cattleman Chutes.
    • Value pricing offers a heavyduty system at a lightweight price. All sweep and alley systems are 14-gauge or heavier. The 7-bar design on both the open and sheeted unit is heavier and more rigid than any on the market. You simply get more cattle-handling capacity, versatility, and simplicity for a good deal less money. The durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish will still be bright and rust-free long after dip-painted models are covered in rust. Expect these heavy-duty, rugged units to be your working partners for a long, long time.
    • Both open and sheeted units ship complete on a single pallet that includes all components and easy-touse, picture-based assembly instructions. This means easy shipping to the farm after purchase.

    NOTE: Squeeze Chute NOT Included.


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  2. Powder River Homesteader Calving Pen Deluxe 008-00205

    Powder River Homesteader Calving Pen Deluxe 008-00205


    The Homesteader Calving Pen utilizes a 1/4 sweep gate along with the 10' split sweep gate to give incredible access and control for calving assistance. Utilizes the HD self catch head gate. Includes a 3' bow gate for safe and easy entry. Weights 1,285 lbs.

    • Safe and efficient pen for calving or doctoring.
    • Panels and gates constructed of 14-gauge, 1½" square tubing.
    • Self-catching head gate with safety release mechanism has two emergency trip releases that quickly relieve pressure on an animal's neck if needed. This unit also works well for those who prefer to calve with the animal on it side.
    • Both Calving Pen squeeze panels swing 180° - completely out of the way - crucial when animal is calving and requires assistance from more than one person.
    • Both Calving Pen squeeze panels are split, allowing full access while ensuring a safe confinement situation for operator and animal.
    • 10' gate is fitted with a sure latch closure for ease of use during one-man operation.
    • Rope and cleat device keeps the animal contained. The device is quiet and safer than traditional metal ratchets.
    • The 30-inch roll gate in the front of the calving pen provides easy access for the operator and is self-locking in the closed position.
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  3. Priefert 70' Utility Round Pen (Brown) UP70BN

    Priefert 70' Utility Round Pen (Brown) UP70BN


    Priefert Manufacturing has been crafting equine, livestock, poultry, canine, and rodeo equipment since 1964. They know that horses are more than just pets or livestock -- they are a part of the family. The people behind Priefert live the lifestyle on their family owned and operated ranch and understand that safety is a priority for equine enthusiasts. That's why Priefert products are used by more equine professionals and cowboys than any other brand.

    Number one selling ** Priefert Utility Round Pens** use chain connectors and oval end frames to create tight connections that increase safety while the "fishhooks" on top help eliminate dangerous foot traps. The panels are 62" high to discourage horses from jumping over them. Lightweight and easy to set up even on uneven ground, Priefert Utility Round Pens are both portable and versatile.

    Priefert Utility Round Pens are constructed using "horse-safe" 12' utility panels. The 6'x9' utility bow gate features a single piston lever latch to allow access from horseback. The utility panels are crafted with single piece vertical stays to add extra strength to the structure. The entire round pen is coated with an architectural grade powder coat finish with UV inhibitors to protect from scratches, rust, and fading. Priefert Utility Round Pens are an investment that will last.


    • Includes: 18 (12' Panels) and 1 (6x9 Bow Gate)
    • Panel Height: 62"
    • Number of Rails: 6
    • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • Construction: Utility panels and bow gate are made from 1.66" OD 20 gauge round tubing; vertical stays are made from 1.050" OD steel tubing fitted through drilled rails.
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  4. Chute Help Easy Exit Stripping Chute Ramp Lead Up CH-5-L

    Chute Help Easy Exit Stripping Chute Ramp Lead Up CH-5-L


    The Stripping Chute Lead Up provides a smooth entry into the Easy Exit Stripping Chute.  Steers and calves walk up the ramp, made of expanded metal, with great traction.  It has chain gussets to attach simply to the Easy Exit Stripping Chute with strength.  It is recommended that a panel is attached to the back for better functionality. The Chute Help Stripping Chute Lead Up is a must have for your arena!

    Product Features:

    • Length: 36 in.
    • Width: 28 in.
    • Height: 68 in.
    • Weight: approx. 150 lbs.
    • Powder Coated
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  5. Powder River Classic Manual Stanchion Head Gate 001-00160

    Powder River Classic Manual Stanchion Head Gate 001-00160


    An original Powder River innovation the Classic Stanchion features adjustable safety yokes for more animal control. the unit can be bolted directly to posts or pinned to existing Classic Panels using the included single clevises. Available wood to panel adapters simplify the mounting the unit to wood.

    Weight 270 lbs
    Widest Point 116"
    Height Overall 81"
    Mounting Hole Width 31 1/2"
    Base 47"
    Frame 2 1/2" Square Tubing

    *Nose tongs are included.

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  6. Priefert 12' Economy Walk Thru (Barn Red) RWT12RD

    Priefert 12' Economy Walk Thru (Barn Red) RWT12RD

    • Common uses in round pens, arenas, paddocks, and temporary stalls.
    • Loop legs for increased portability. Slide Latch.

    Chain connectors around round end frames maximize tight Priefert "Horse Safe" connections. Chain connectors offer increased versatility and safety by eliminating foot traps.

    • Single-piece vertical stay through drilled horizontal rails for extra strength.
    • Connects to any other brand of panel with no special connectors or wire needed.
    • Eliminates the need for special connectors at 3 or 4 way unions.
    • Ideal for confinement of cooperative animals - NOT FOR HEAVY CROWDING SITUATIONS
    • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish.
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  7. Priefert Heavy Duty Round Bale Feeders RBFSHD

    Priefert Heavy Duty Round Bale Feeders RBFSHD


    Priefert’s Heavy Duty Round Bale feeders are a great option for producers that need a durable feeder.  Designed to be free of head and foot traps, these feeders are ideal for feeding round bales of hay to your cows, calves, and bulls.  The slanted top rail design helps ensure that cattle keep their head in the feeder while eating, eliminating costly hay loss.  Each feeder consists of three curved pieces that assemble quickly and easily with the included bolts and nuts.  Our skirted feeder is sheeted 20” up from the ground, to further reduce hay loss and reduce the chance of lower leg injury.  The Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish with UV inhibitors add years of life to your investment by helping the feeder resist rust, scratches and fading.


    • Width: 96”
    • Height: 45”
    • Frame constructed from 14 gauge horizontal rails with 16 gauge Quadraform™ slants, and 18 gauge lower vertical braces
    • Sheeted with 20 gauge sheeting
    • Feeder consists of 3 pieces
    • Bolts and nuts for assembly included
    • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • Color: Grey
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  8. Showmaster 50lb S Series Show Calf Feed 44444

    Showmaster 50lb S Series Show Calf Feed 44444


    Rise Above the Competition with Showmaster® S Series Show Calf Feed. Start with a healthy calf that has the potential to develop the desirable characteristics that judges want. A breeder, ag teacher, extension agent or your Showmaster® dealer or Showmaster® consultant can offer advice.

    • A simple, easy-feeding formula designed to help you succeed.
    • Scientifically balanced with amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to support growth, health and performance.
    • Designed to be fed with hay.
    • Compatible with Showmaster® premium supplements and feeding programs.
    • Provide access to fresh, clean water at all times.
    • Be consistent with your feeding program.
    • Feed at the same time each day and increase feed volume gradually as the calf grows.
    •  Exercise your calf consistently and patiently to improve disposition and control in the show ring and enhance showmanship skills.
    • Check weight gains at regular intervals and adjust daily feeding rate as needed to ensure weight targets are reached.
    • Learn more about raising and showing calves at

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Crude Protein............................................. Min. 12.0%
    Crude Fat..................................................... Min. 3.0%
    Crude Fiber............................................... Max. 18.0%
    Calcium.........................Min. 0.65%............ Max. 0.9%
    Phosphorus............................................... Min. 0.45%
    Salt..................................Min. 0.3%............ Max. .75%
    Potassium.................................................... Min. 0.6%
    Vitamin A........................................... Min. 6,000 IU/LB

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  9. Y-Tex Ear Tag Set Medium Green 326-350  7710 326-350

    Y-Tex Ear Tag Set Medium Green 326-350 7710 326-350


    Y-Tex All American® ear tags use an advanced polyurethane formulation for a softer, more flexible tag. Special ultraviolet light inhibitors stop fading for superior hot stamped or inked imprint life. The long, ribbed neck prevents breakage and allows greater tag visibility.

    • Medium (3 Star) for cows tag dimensions: 2-1/2" W x 3-7/8" H
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  10. Tarter 5.2 gallon Electric Waterer WEE20

    Tarter 5.2 gallon Electric Waterer WEE20


    These electric models are built using 100% polyethylene construction, creating strong, corrosion-free products to provide many years of trouble-free operation. These units are designed with the protection of the livestock in mind. Additionally, all models listed below are CSA certified. The polyethylene used in our waterers is FDA and HPB approved, food-grade, recyclable plastic. Their design also features rounded corners to handle abuse by livestock while ensuring livestock safety. All models meet “Grade A” Dairy recommendations. Model WEE10 is both wall and floor mount.

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