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Cattle Supplies

Cattle Supplies

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  1. Tarter 8' x 2' x 3' 300 Gallon Stock Tank WT328

    Tarter 8' x 2' x 3' 300 Gallon Stock Tank WT328


    Our Galvanized Stock Tanks are fabricated at Liberty Water Tanks, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility dedicated to the exclusive production of water tanks. Our rigid standards and unparalleled manufacturing acumen combined with the finest high-quality steel and outstanding value make these the best galvanized tanks around. We take flat, rolled steel, coated with heavy-duty zinc G90, cut it into precise lengths, then guide it into shape on computer-driven forming mills that make the world’s best galvanized water tanks at a faster rate and with few chances for human error ever. The formed tanks are matched to precision-cut bottoms, spot welded and joined by a computer-driven-and-guided seaming station that makes 3 circumferences around each tank bottom before the sealer is applied. Then, 3 or 4 sets of tanks per day are filled with water for testing purposes so that no leakers ever make it out of the plant. They feature 20-gauge galvanized bottoms and 21-gauge sides as well as a four-ply double-lock seam at the bottom sealed with Pliogrip® Adhesive/Sealant Seam Sealer for a superior bond.

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  2. Tarter Goat Creep Feeder Cage GCC65

    Tarter Goat Creep Feeder Cage GCC65


    Product Features:

    • Entryway features an adjustable height bar that can be moved up and down or completely removed so you can choose what size kids can enter the cage. This allows access to feeding without competition from adult animals.
    • This is the creep feeder cage only!
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  3. Priefert 8' Sheep & Hog Panel (Brown) SHP08BN

    Priefert 8' Sheep & Hog Panel (Brown) SHP08BN

  4. 1.050" O.D. vertical rails spaced on 4" centers.
  5. Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
  6. Designed with pin connectors that will put divider panels on 96" centers.
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  • Priefert Stripping Chute Entry Frame SCEF

    Priefert Stripping Chute Entry Frame SCEF


    Priefert’s Stripping Chute Entry Frame is designed for use with our Stripping Chute Release Gate (sold separately) to create a “Stripping Chute” in a return alley.  The entry frame and release gate are often set on either end of two 8’ long panels or gates to create a safe area for removing ropes and/or head wraps from steers.  The Stripping Chute Entry Frame features a bar that steers step over to enter the stripping area; this bar serves to discourage steers from backing out of the stripping area.  This entry frame features chain connectors on each side that allow for quick, easy, and secure connections to be made.  An Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish with UV inhibitors adds years of life to your investment by helping the product resist rust, scratches, and fading.

    The Priefert name has become synonymous with today’s roping industry.  Priefert Roping Chutes and accessories are the number one choice of professional ropers and top organizations. The innovation behind every Priefert Roping Chute combined with their legendary durability, has changed the look and feel of the growing roping industry.  Our chutes are the Official Chute of the PRCA, the National Finals Rodeo, the USTRC, the Priefert World Series of Team Roping, the NTRL, the George Strait Team Roping Classic, the BFI, and many more major roping organizations and events, making Priefert the chute of choice when big money is on the line!  


    • Overall Height: 61”
    • Overall Width: 30”
    • Overall Length: 5”
    • Weight: 48 lbs (All weights approximate)
    • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
    • Color: Grey
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  • Tarter Silver Round Hay Bale Feeder GVLRBF

    Tarter Silver Round Hay Bale Feeder GVLRBF


    The Tarter 3-Piece Heavy-Duty Galvanized Round Hay Bale Feeder is lightweight and fits round bales to feed cattle. The GVLRBF is light and durable featuring the slant bar design. Features a superior E-Coat finish to ensure longer life in the field. This feeder features 3-piece construction that allows for easy assembly. This feeder is 45" high in 1-1/2" round tubular steel.

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  • Powder River 12' Rancher Gate 031-00012

    Powder River 12' Rancher Gate 031-00012


    Powder River 6 Rail Rancher Cattle Gates are 60" high with two sturdy 12" treaded bolt hinges and chain latch. The Rancher cattle gates can be hung on wood or steel posts. The 6 Rail Rancher Cattle Gates are 16 gauge, 2" tubing.

    • 2", 16 gauge construction.
    • 12" threaded bolt hinge.
    • 6 rails
    • Powder River green powder coat finish.
    • 14 gauge vertical stays
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  • Powder River 2 in Rancher 12 ft Cattle Panel 023-00012

    Powder River 2 in Rancher 12 ft Cattle Panel 023-00012


    Powder River's Rancher cattle panels are 2" in diameter, 16 gauge steel construction and are 70" tall. These 2" cattle panels are great for stalls, stud pens and round pens. The unique connecting system guarantees a strong, tight, quiet and safe connection. Level ground is necessary for a secure panel connection.

    • 70" tall.
    • 2" diameter tubing.
    • 16 gauge construction.
    • 14 gauge in-line vertical stays add strength and safety.
    • 6 evenly spaced rails.
    • Great for horse pens, training circles, round pens and roping arenas.
    • Super durable powder coat finish.
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  • Powder River Calf Headboard 008-00050

    Powder River Calf Headboard 008-00050

    Headboard with tie down chain. Learn More
  • Priefert, 14' Premier Panel (Wheel White), PP14WE

    Priefert, 14' Premier Panel (Wheel White), PP14WE


    Product Features

    • 1.66" O.D. Quadraform 16 gauge tubing
    • Chain connectors around oval end frames maximize tight Priefert "Horse Safe" connections.
    • Chain connectors offer increased versatility and safety by eliminating foot traps.
    • Common uses include: crowding pens, round pens, arenas, paddocks, and stalls
    • Connects to any other brand of panel with no special connectors or wire needed.
    • Easier to set up on uneven ground
    • Eliminates the need for special connectors at 3 and 4 way unions.
    • Fishhook top corners for added safety
    • Horizontal Rails made from Priefert's unique 16 gauge Quadraform(TM) tubing give extra strength.
    • Ideal for confinement of uncooperative animals
    • J-Legs increase portability & keep panel on top of ground in wet or boggy conditions.
    • POWDER COATED with architectural grade power containing UV inhibitors.
    • Single-piece vertical stay through drilled horizontal rails for extra strength.

    Product Specifications

    • Number Of Rails: 6
    • Number Of Stays: 2
    • Product prices may vary based on color.
    • Length: 168"
    • Width: 2"
    • Height: 64"
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  • Priefert Weather Vane Feeder WVF

    Priefert Weather Vane Feeder WVF

  • 48" Base has stake holes for securing to ground.
  • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish Frame
  • Protective weather shield rotates independent of the pane to protect feed or minerals from weather.
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    Keeping cattle healthy is vital for a successful farming operation. A variety of simple, yet important cattle supplies are used in every cattle business, no matter how large or small. Feed and water containers start the list of necessities for all animals. In addition, many environments require deicers to keep water available to the animals in freezing temperatures. If a calf is separated from its mother, milk replacement can be used to bottle feed the calf. Bottles are typically two or three quarts with large rubber nipples that either screw on or snap on. Cattle supplies also include vaccinations and supplements to ensure good health throughout the herd. If, however, a sickness occurs, panels and gates can be combined to quarantine the ill cattle from the rest of the livestock. Panels and gates can also be used as a complete containment system for all the cattle. Chutes are used to restrict the movement of cattle during banding, vaccinations, or application of ear tags. They provide safety for the farmer and the animal. Although cattle rustling is not as prevalent today as it once was, cattle identification is still important to farmers. Ear tags and paint sticks offer a way for owners to protect their livestock and their livelihood. Whether cattle are being raised for milk, meat, or show, the basic cattle supplies needed are still the same.