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Cattle Feed

Cattle Feed

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  1. Nutrena NutreBeef Summer Mineral w/ Fly Control Cattle Feed 50 lbs. 80676

    Nutrena NutreBeef Summer Mineral w/ Fly Control Cattle Feed 50 lbs. 80676


    Horn flies are not only bothersome and painful to your cattle, but they can also contribute to decreases in your cattle’s profitability through increased stress. By using NutreBeef Summer Mineral with Fly Control in the spring, before horn flies become a problem, and throughout the summer and fall months, you can help your cattle be more comfortable and stay productive! Like all Nutrena's minerals, Summer Mineral with Fly Control is highly palatable to encourage consumption, and also weatherized to help prevent loss due to rain, excessive humidity and even wind.

    Product Features:

    • Improve the comfort of your cattle against Horn Flies
    • Helps control Horn Flies without impacting beneficial insects in your pasture
    • Provides vital nutrients that may be lacking in your cattle's forage
    • Highly palatable to encourage consumption
    • Weatherized to help prevent loss due to wind and rain

    Feeding Tips:

    • Although not required with All Weather Technology, feed mineral in dry, wind-free, rain-protected feeders.
    • Allow one foot of mineral feeder space for every 100 cattle.
    • Cattle will eat more consistently when mineral is kept fresh. Plan feeding so that fresh mineral is provided weekly.
    • Use the location of the mineral feeder to help manage intake.
    • To increase intake, position mineral feeder in areas where cattle gather, such as in watering or shady areas.
    • To decrease intake, move mineral feeder away from areas where cattle gather.
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  2. Nutrena Nutrebeef 14% Creep Feed 50# 80671

    Nutrena Nutrebeef 14% Creep Feed 50# 80671


    Pricing Varies By Region.  Please Contact Your Local Store for Pricing.

    NutreBeef® Creep feed has a balanced formula which contains vitamins and minerals essential for growth and development. Creep is formulated to feed to calves prior to weaning and supplements declining milk availability.

    Use NutreBeef® Creep feed while the calf is also being fed by the cow to support increased weight gain and growth.

    Feeding tips:

    • Introduce NutreBeef® Creep feed gradually over a few days to prevent digestive upsets
    • Feed 2 times per day, at the same time each day
    • Feed only what the calf or calves will completely eat before the next feeding. If feed is present at the next feeding, reduce the amount given. (Old feed sitting in a feeder or bunk may become moldy over just a day or two)
    • Keep hay available at all times and feed a little extra hay when their appetite seems unusually high
    • Always have clean, fresh water available at all times
    Nutruent Level
    Crude Protein Min 14%
    Crude Fat Min 2.5%
    Crude Fiber Max 15.0%
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  3. Manna Pro Calf-Manna Performance Supplement 10 LB

    Manna Pro Calf-Manna Performance Supplement 10 LB


    Calf-Manna® has been part of the community for over 80 years, helping your animals grow healthy and strong. Calf-Manna delivers a wide range of benefits to all types of animals and life stages. From horses, cattle, rabbits and goats to poultry, swine, and deer, Calf-Manna helps every animal reach their peak condition and top performance. Calf-Manna includes multiple sources of high-quality protein. This protein provides a wide array of essential amino acids that meet the needs of many different animals. More proteins equal more growth and better muscle development. Calf-Manna's digestible carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy. It's often called "energy dense" which means it delivers more calories per mouthful. Our quality carbohydrates also make Calf-Manna an ideal solution for weight gain. Ingredients like Anise provide Calf-Manna's inviting, sweet smelling aroma and taste for animals of all ages. The great taste Calf-Manna encourages animals to stay on feed during times of stress like travel, illness, or environmental changes. Brewer's Dried Yeast improves palatability, encourages earlier and more consistent intake of dry feed, and promotes optimal digestion of other nutrients. Linseed Meal provides protein and oil to help add sheen and luster to your animal's coat. At Manna Pro we believe that every animal that comes down our path deserves the best nutrition possible, which is why Calf-Manna® is America's favorite nutritional supplement.

    Soybean Meal, Corn, Hominy Feed, Feeding Oatmeal, Dried Whey, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Linseed Meal, Brewer's Dried Yeast, Vegetable Oil, Fenugreek Seed, Anise Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Monocalcium Phosphate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, Sulfur, Iron Oxide, Ferrous Carbonate, Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Oxide, Copper Sulfate, Manganous Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Sodium Selenite, Cobalt Carbonate, Calcium Iodate, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, Choline Chloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Niacin Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Folic Acid, Biotin, Propionic Acid.

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein (min.) 25.00%, Lysine (min.) 1.4%, Methionine (min.) 0.3%, Crude Fat (min.) 3.0%, Crude Fiber (min.) 3.0%, Crude Fiber (max.) 6.00%, Acid Detergent Fiber (max.) 10.0%, Calcium (min.) 0.7%, Calcium (max.) 1.2%, Phosphorus (min.) 0.6%, Salt (min.) 0.5%, Salt (max.) 1.0%, Sodium (min.) 0.2%, Sodium (max.) 0.4%, Copper (min.) 15 ppm, Copper (max.) 35 ppm, Selenium (min.) 0.1 ppm, Zinc (min.) 125 ppm, Vitamin A (min.) 20,000 IU/lb.

    Feeding instructions:
    Dairy Calves: Up to 1 lb. per day 
    Lactating Cows: 1 to 1-1/2 lb. per day 
    Beef Calves: 10% of the creep ration 
    Show Cattle: 1 to 2 lb. per day 
    Brood Cows: 1 lb. per day
    Bulls: 1 lb. per day 
    Foals: 1/2 lb. per day 
    Growing Horses: 1 to 1-1/2 lb. per day 
    Performance Horses: 1 to 2 lb. per day 
    Broodmares & Stallions: 1-1/2 to 2 lb. per day 
    Goats: 1/4 to 1/2 lb. per day 
    Deer: 1/4 to 1/2 lb. per day 
    Baby Pigs: 1/8 to 1/4 lb. per day 
    Show Hogs: 1/2 to 1 lb per day 
    Gestating Sows: 1/8 to 1/4 lb. per day 
    Lactating Sows: 1/2 to 3/4 lb per day 
    Boars: 1/4 to 1/2 lb per day 
    Rabbits: (Growing) 1 teaspoon per day 
    Rabbits (Lactating) : 1 tablespoon per day 
    Poultry: 1 tablespoon per day or 5-10 % of the ration

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  4. Manna Pro Calf-Manna Performance Supplement 50 Lb

    Manna Pro Calf-Manna Performance Supplement 50 Lb


    Regular Price: $26.99

    Special Price: $25.99

    Calf Manna is a proven concentrated supplement for several species of animals that, when added to ordinary daily rations, makes a big difference in overall performance. Calf-Manna is fed to everything from growing and performance horses, to cattle, rabbits, goats, poultry and swine.

    Feeding Directions:

    Dairy Calves
    Up to 1 lb per day
    Lactating Cows
    1-1 1/2 lb per day
    Beef Calves
    10% of the creep ration
    Show Cattle
    1-2 lbs per day
    Brood Cows
    1 lb per day
    1 lb per day
    1/2 lb per day
    Growing Horses
    1-1 1/2 lbs per day
    Performance Horses
    1-2 lbs per day
    Broodmares & Stallions
    1 1/2-2 lbs per day
    1/4 - 1/2 lb per day
    Baby Pigs
    1/8-1/4 lb per day
    Show Hogs
    1/2 - 1 lb per day
    Gestating Sows
    1/8 - 1/4 lb per day
    Lactating Sows
    1/2 - 3/4 lb per day
    1/4 - 1/2 lb per day
    Rabbits (Growing)
    1 teaspoon per day
    Rabbits (Lactating)
    1 tablespoon per day
    1 tablespoon per day or
    5-10 % of the ration
    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein Min 25.00%
    Lysine Min 1.4%
    Methionine Min 0.3%
    Crude Fat Min 3.0%
    Crude Fiber Min 3.0%
    Crude Fiber Max 6.00%
    Acid Detergent Fiber Max 10.0%
    Calcium Min 0.7 %
    Calcium Max 1.2 %
    Phosphorus Min 0.6 %
    Salt Min 0.5 %
    Salt Max 1.0 %
    Sodium Min 0.2 %
    Sodium Max 0.4 %
    Copper Min 15 ppm
    Copper Max 35 ppm
    Selenium Min 0.1 ppm
    Zinc Min 125 ppm
    Vitamin A Min 20,000 IU/lb
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  5. Showmaster 50lb S Series Show Calf Feed 44444

    Showmaster 50lb S Series Show Calf Feed 44444

    Regular Price: $12.98

    Special Price: $11.98

    Rise Above the Competition with Showmaster® S Series Show Calf Feed. Start with a healthy calf that has the potential to develop the desirable characteristics that judges want. A breeder, ag teacher, extension agent or your Showmaster® dealer or Showmaster® consultant can offer advice.

    • A simple, easy-feeding formula designed to help you succeed.
    • Scientifically balanced with amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to support growth, health and performance.
    • Designed to be fed with hay.
    • Compatible with Showmaster® premium supplements and feeding programs.
    • Provide access to fresh, clean water at all times.
    • Be consistent with your feeding program.
    • Feed at the same time each day and increase feed volume gradually as the calf grows.
    •  Exercise your calf consistently and patiently to improve disposition and control in the show ring and enhance showmanship skills.
    • Check weight gains at regular intervals and adjust daily feeding rate as needed to ensure weight targets are reached.
    • Learn more about raising and showing calves at

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Crude Protein............................................. Min. 12.0%
    Crude Fat..................................................... Min. 3.0%
    Crude Fiber............................................... Max. 18.0%
    Calcium.........................Min. 0.65%............ Max. 0.9%
    Phosphorus............................................... Min. 0.45%
    Salt..................................Min. 0.3%............ Max. .75%
    Potassium.................................................... Min. 0.6%
    Vitamin A........................................... Min. 6,000 IU/LB

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  6. Calf Starter-Grower 16% 50# MED

    Calf Starter-Grower 16% 50# MED


    Pricing Varies By Region. Please Contact Your Local Store for Pricing.

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  7. Ragland Mills Protein Mineral Tub 24% 200 Lbs  (yellow)

    Ragland Mills Protein Mineral Tub 24% 200 Lbs (yellow)


    24% Supplement for Cattle gives your livestock a high protein energy supplement with vitamins and minerals. Its palatability ensures correct consumption and it can be fed to beef cattle as well as lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle on pasture. Contains 24% protein and 16% NPN.

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