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Chicken Supplies

Chicken Supplies

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  1. Woods Brooder Light 10.5" Shade with Clamp & 6ft Cord 0166

    Woods Brooder Light 10.5" Shade with Clamp & 6ft Cord 0166

    • 10.5" shade with adjustable reflector and bulb protector
    • 6 ft cord
    • Clamp with non-marring grips and built-in hook hanger
    • Ideal for keeping baby chicks, baby pigs or small farm animals warm
    • Uses up to a 250-watt bulb with porcelain socket
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  2. Manna Pro Wipe 'N Wash Egg Cleansing Towelettes - 25 Ct. 05-0209-5360

    Manna Pro Wipe 'N Wash Egg Cleansing Towelettes - 25 Ct. 05-0209-5360


    Wipe ‘N Wash™ Egg Cleansing Towelettes are the quick and easy way to clean your eggs without the need for rags or sponges!

    • Clean up to a dozen eggs per towelette
    • Wipes made from recyclable paper are biodegradable and safe for composting
    • Natural, plant-derived ingredients provide a safe and gentle alternative to harsh detergents
    • Includes 25 Towelettes


    Water, non-ionic surfactants derived from corn, palm and coconut oils, water conditioner, preservative - less than 0.2%

    Usage Instructions:

    Briefly rinse eggs in clean, medium-warm water. Use Wipe ‘N Wash towelettes to gently scrub the surface of each egg until all contaminants are loosened. Rinse eggs to remove residual dirt and cleanser. Gently dry eggs with a clean cloth or paper towel. Store clean eggs in the refrigerator.

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  3. Ware Mfg. Corner Cage Feeder - Galvanized 12062

    Ware Mfg. Corner Cage Feeder - Galvanized 12062


    Corner Feeder offers a space saving corner design in rugged galvanized steel, perfect for offering grit or oyster shell.

    • Space saving corner design
    • Provides food inside the hutch
    • Easily hangs in hutch
    • Dimensions: 6" W x 4.75" D x 4.75" H
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  4. Ware Mfg. Hanging Chicken Canteen - Galvanized 12061

    Ware Mfg. Hanging Chicken Canteen - Galvanized 12061


    Hanging Chicken Canteen is a perfect supplemental waterer made from rugged galvanized steel. Hangs anywhere in or on the hutch.

    • Easy to fill
    • Prevents spills
    • 16 oz. capacity
    • Dimensions: 5.5" W x 4" D x 5.5" H
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  6. Manna Pro Chick Grit 5 Lbs. 08-0699-0236

    Manna Pro Chick Grit 5 Lbs. 08-0699-0236


    Chick Grit has smaller particles, to help you get the same great benefits of Poultry Grit but in an easier-to-feed size for young and bantam-sized birds.

    • Helps with proper digestion
    • Small-sized grit for young and bantam-sized birds
    • Made in the United States
    • Size: 5 pounds
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  7. Manna Pro Life-Lytes Mega Tabs 00-0215-9908

    Manna Pro Life-Lytes Mega Tabs 00-0215-9908


    Life-Lytes Mega Tabs are the perfect way to supplement your flock during times of extreme heat or stress. While they hide it well, many poultry experience lessened immunity in such situations as heat waves, re-homing, competitive shows, travel, or illness. Support optimal health in your flock with Life-Lytes vitamin and electrolyte tablets. Each bottle contains 30 large tablets, which treat one gallon of drinking water each. Easy to use, economical, and perfect for ensuring optimal health in your flock.

    • Each bottle treats 30 gallons of drinking water
    • Vitamins and electrolytes dissolve easily
    • Provides important nutrients and hydration during times of stress and excessive heat

    Directions for Use:

    Place Life-Lytes MEGA TABS in an empty waterer, using one tablet per each gallon of water you plan to add. Add the appropriate amount of water while agitating the solution by stirring or shaking. Once tablets are dissolved, finish adding water and provide to your flock.

    Guaranteed Analysis:

    Salt 4.00-5.00%
    Sodium 1.75-2.25%
    Magnesium 1.00%
    Potassium 4.00%
    Vitamin A 1,200,000 IU/lb
    Vitamin D3 300,000 IU/lb
    Vitamin E 8,000 IU/lb
    Vitamin K 400 mg/lb
    Ascorbic Acid 4,000 mg/lb
    Thiamine 1,100 mg/lb
    Riboflavin 1,100 mg/lb
    Niacin 15,000 mg/lb
    Pantothenic Acid 3,200 mg/lb
    Pyridoxine 1,400 mg/lb
    Folic Acid 240 mg/lb
    Biotin 80 mg/lb
    Vitamin B12 3 mg/lb
    Lactic Acid Bacteria 3.6 billion CFU/lb

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  8. Manna Pro Chick Stick Treat for Chicks

    Manna Pro Chick Stick Treat for Chicks


    One of the most fun times to interact with your flock is when they are baby chicks! Including a Chick Stick; hanging treat in your brooder is a great way to provide them with nutritious entertainment!

    • A fun and nutritious treat
    • Helps keep your chicks busy
    • Hangs from above to minimize waste
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  9. Happy Flocks Mealworm Craze Chicken Treats 10 oz.

    Happy Flocks Mealworm Craze Chicken Treats 10 oz.

    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price: $7.99

    Spoil your chickens with the tasty all-natural mealworms found in Happy Hen Treats™ Mealworm Frenzy™. Feed straight from your hand, scattered on the ground, or in a feeding dish as a treat only. Watch your chickens dance and peck in a frenzy for these 100% natural whole-dried mealworms!

    • The world's first line of treats specifically made for chickens
    • Offer chickens the taste they love without the inconvenience of live worms
    • 10 oz. resealable bag for freshness and easy storage

    100% natural whole-dried mealworms.

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein (min.) 51%, Crude Fat (min.) 23%, Crude Fiber (max.) 8%, Moisture (max.) 7%.

    Dried Mealworms:

    • 100% Naturally Dried
    • High in protein
    • Does not need to be refrigerated
    • More protein than live mealworms
    • Perfect for training or taming chickens
    • Dried mealworms are easy to use & handle
    • Feed stand-alone or easily blend into feed
    • Use all year round
    • Long shelf life - stays dry with re-sealable zip-lock for pouches & tight lid for tubs
    • Easy-practical storage in either a pouch or a stackable tub
    • Inexpensive-Less than 1/4 of the price of live mealworms, but without the hassle!
    • For chickens 2 weeks and older
    • Also great for Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, and Wild Birds
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  10. Manna Pro 5lb Organic Chick Starter 0010543236

    Manna Pro 5lb Organic Chick Starter 0010543236


    Complete nutrition for young and growing birds, without pesticides, medications, or genetically-modified ingredients. Plus, with a name like Manna Pro on the label, you can be confident that our Organic Starter Crumbles don’t compromise on quality. 19% protein, plus nutritious and wholesome ingredients provide the ideal start for any young flock.

    Product Features:

    • USDA certified organic and non-GMO
    • 19% protein
    • Non-medicated
    • Ideal nutrition and quality for a natural, happy, 
      and healthy flock
    • Safe for mixed flocks including all classes of poultry
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Chicken supplies include more than just live chickens, a coop and nesting boxes. They include everything from Egg Cartons to Chicken Incubators and Chicken Containment areas.

The basic Chicken Supplies are feed and watering systems, chicken habitats or coops, accessories such as lights and nesting boxes, and nutrition items such as feed and supplements. Some of our best sellers in Chicken Supplies include waterers, feeders, nesting boxes and brooders. Waterers and feeders come in a variety of sizes from small cage devices to large galvanized systems. For small farms and hobby chickens, our small coops are great for getting started, and for egg or meat production farms, chicken containment can be purchased which is larger . Coops and containment areas are made from wood or metal, can be enclosed or open. Our heat lamps, heated waterers and bedding are items that make winter poultry ownership a bit easier to manage for any size operation.

The various incubators include small sized incubators for hobby farms and educational uses, and larger incubators which will hold up to 250 chicken eggs. Various supplies for incubation such as thermometers, egg hatching supplies, nesting boxes and egg cleaners are also available.