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Chicken Supplies

Chicken Supplies

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  1. Rugged Ranch Duplex Nesting Box

    Rugged Ranch Duplex Nesting Box


    The Duplex Nesting Box is a 24" x 12" x 12", two hole nesting box made from 3/8" Ply Wood. When assembled with the provided screws it makes for a very solid nesting box for all weather conditions. Panels come pre-drilled for ease of assembly.

    • Easy assembly 
    • Heavy duty plywood 
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  2. GQF Manufacturing DACB Drop Pan Paper Board 30x36 - 20 Pack 1628

    GQF Manufacturing DACB Drop Pan Paper Board 30x36 - 20 Pack 1628

    36'' x 30'' (Fits No. 0528 & No. 0534 Brooder). -DACB (Deotized Animal Cage Board) is a special Neomycin treated absorbent board to inhabit bacterial degradation to aid in control of disease and odors. Learn More
  3. Nutrena NatureSmart Organic Chick Starter Grower Feed 35 lbs. 46112_35

    Nutrena NatureSmart Organic Chick Starter Grower Feed 35 lbs. 46112_35


    Product Features:

    • For broiler and layer chicks up to 16 weeks of age
    • Probiotics and yeast culture support digestion and immune health
    • Precise blend of nutrients for growth and development
    • No animal by-products, hormones, or antibiotics
    • USDA organic

    Feeding Instructions:

    • Designed to be fed as the sole ration from hatch to 16 weeks or onset of lay.
    • Keep feeders clean and full at all times.
    • Make fresh, clean water available at all times.

    Feeding Tips:

    • Feed may be scattered on a newspaper the first day or two of life to stimulate a baby chick's pecking instinct.
    • After all birds are eating, offer feed in an appropriately sized feeder.
    • Feed is perishable. Store in a cool, dry place and away from insects and rodents.


    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein Min. 20.0%
    Lysine Min. 1.0%
    Methionine Min. 0.32%
    Crude Fat Min. 2.5%
    Crude Fiber Max. 6.0%
    Calcium Min. 0.75% - Max. 1.25%
    Phosphorus Min. 0.5%
    Salt Min. 0.25% - Max. 0.60%
    Sodium Min. 0.18% - Max. 0.24%
    Manganese Min. 110.0 PPM
    Selenium Min. 0.3 PPM
    Vitamin A Min. 3,300 IU/lb
    Vitamin D3 Min. 1,000 IU/lb
    Vitamin E Min. 20.0 IU/lb
    Lactobacillus acidophilus Min. 10.2 mil CFU/lb
    Lactobacillus casei Min. 10.2 mil CFU/lb
    Bifidobacterium thermophilum Min. 10.2 mil CFU/lb
    Enterococcus faecium Min. 10.2 mil CFU/lb
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  4. Whitfield's Golden Flo Liquid Energy for Livestock Feeds 1 Gallon 2002L-032

    Whitfield's Golden Flo Liquid Energy for Livestock Feeds 1 Gallon 2002L-032


    Product Features:

    • Promotes a healthy hair coat and skin condition, with added shine and bloom.
    • Inreases fat levels adding energy.
    • Improves feed consumption and efficiency: better palatability starts baby animals quickly and keeps them on feed.
    • Controls dust reducing respiratory stress for humans and animals.
    • Enhances feed aroma and texture with a "fruity" flavor.
    • Prolongs nutrient stability and improves nutrient absorption.
    • A homogenous blend; the flavors and preservatives won't settle out of solution.
    • Concentrated energy; 1lb of Golden Flo has the energy equivalency of 2½lbs of corn. Golden Fl allows more calories to be fed per pound of feed ingested.
    • Easy to use: Pour Golden Flo over grain or add it to the complete mix. Can be top-dressed at the rate of 2-6 ounces per head per day.
    • More economical than dry fat.
    • Better flowability – less separation and clumping.
    • No clogging in grinder or mixer.
    • Keeps feeds FRESH!
    • Show Tip: Animals not drinking the water at the show? Try wiping a little Golden Flo around the inside of your water bucket!
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  5. GQF Manufacturing Chick-Bator Egg Incubator 110V 9100

    GQF Manufacturing Chick-Bator Egg Incubator 110V 9100

    We can supply Chick-Bator without quail eggs and it can be used for hatching other eggs. (Approx. capacity: 3 chicken eggs, 4 pheasant eggs, 2 turkey or duck eggs, 8 quail eggs.) 7'' Diameter, 6'' Learn More

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Chicken supplies include more than just live chickens, a coop and nesting boxes. They include everything from Egg Cartons to Chicken Incubators and Chicken Containment areas.

The basic Chicken Supplies are feed and watering systems, chicken habitats or coops, accessories such as lights and nesting boxes, and nutrition items such as feed and supplements. Some of our best sellers in Chicken Supplies include waterers, feeders, nesting boxes and brooders. Waterers and feeders come in a variety of sizes from small cage devices to large galvanized systems. For small farms and hobby chickens, our small coops are great for getting started, and for egg or meat production farms, chicken containment can be purchased which is larger . Coops and containment areas are made from wood or metal, can be enclosed or open. Our heat lamps, heated waterers and bedding are items that make winter poultry ownership a bit easier to manage for any size operation.

The various incubators include small sized incubators for hobby farms and educational uses, and larger incubators which will hold up to 250 chicken eggs. Various supplies for incubation such as thermometers, egg hatching supplies, nesting boxes and egg cleaners are also available.